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  1. Yes, yes there is. ALOT of people wont be able to get NCoin or contribute to the prize pool because of Summer Sales. Sure they can suck some money out of few people anytime but insead of doing that, just wait for the right time and suck even more money out of a lot of people insead.
  2. as long as you have the permission from the original account holder, it should be fine . You cannot get banned by sharing your account with someone else. It Clearly states in ToS it is OK.
  3. This game is not THAT kind of MoBA.
  4. ANY game should have exchange feature no matter what. I cant effort cash shop items, but I can give my ig currency and buy the stuff I want. I never spend a single cent in this game, yet Im walking around with my fairly high-end gears, having one of the most expensive skill in the game (Blade Master) and total of 67 Outfit in my character. Just read the comments and ''learn'' the defination of p2w. Theres a huge diffrence between p2progress faster and p2win. If this game is alive right now, its just becouse that people who buys NCoin. Bless them.
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