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  1. This gear though

    gold buyer, ppl who change loot leader, all this crap, no honor, just ignore, 580ap and still wipe in yeti 4man, nothing new.
  2. Silly why ? here have nothing to be fixed, fabric will stay the same, coming from cash shop, are u just mad because u can't control the price of the fabric in market like you do in currency excharge, but ohh look, atm i'll just sell more fabric for high price, because i buy ncoin, i can salvage, i deserve the fabric, its a feature to make me happy, not to make you happy, want to be happy ? buy from market or hongmoon coin.
  3. get a job, buy hongmoon coin and salvage outfits, free user aways complaining, want everything for free, fabric is a cash shop user feature, to transmute exclusive outfits, you can still sell gold for hongmoon coin (which are very cheap....) or buy from market, don't want ? so no fabric for u.
  4. Mandatory Chapter 17 undoable for an assassin

    The class is fine, your gear is not, your fault only.
  5. Achievement Vendor

    Ehhhh, what is wrong with u ? cash milking ? you dont need use real money to buy the outfits, are u crying because the fabric is out of free user control ? buy hongmoon coin, since its very VERY cheap, the price will not go down and i'll sell more fabrics with high price, justice.
  6. So don't buy, no one are forcing u, you need know that the game allow u to have everything without real money, but that doesnt mean you will able to gathe everything just farming, fabric as i said i cash item, i like to have all my transmuted outfits and free user don't, but even free user can enjoy cash shop using hongmoon coin, don't come here say smthing like ''yeah, ineed waste gold for some hongmoon coin'' because its insane the rate the free users put in currency excharge, its totally easy to free user farm hongmoon coin (yes, farm..) but still, want to have everything for free ? fabric will be more expensive, i'll make it be expensive, that a feature, if u can't afford, bye.
  7. There's nothing to fix about fabrics, that cash item, why free user aways want to have everything for free, fabric is to cash user transmute rare outfits, ofc cash user and me, sell the fabrics to money, free user make the currency excharge price, free user increase the materials needed to upgrade weap expensive, and us, cash shop users sell fabric for expensive price to make you know how we feel, its all about economy, and thats our way, thats the game way, to make the cash side economy works, you will never, NEVER get fabric for free, but you can (and i dont like it) buy outfits with hongmoon coins and salvage, u dont want to do it ? well, get stuck.
  8. Grand Harvest Event is stupid ...

    You can skip it, no problem, only farm hard players will do it.
  9. FM - Royal Zen Bean

    You neeed eat the full royal zen bean, which means u need stay sit and eat till the time (some seconds) end.
  10. Nerf the Summoners

    Nice excuse destroyer, as i said, only who use unbalanced classes think the game is balanced, nothing new, every class have ani cancel ? are u dumb ? oh no, u are destroyer, got my answer.
  11. Nerf the Summoners

    Not every class are like cancer destroyer with ani cancel, don't come with this crap ''game is balanced'' only who use destroyer with ani cancel or kfm with macro inc think the game is balanced, the game is not balanced, the game will balance only with HM skills and still with be unbalanced against some ani cancel classes.
  12. Evolution Requirements/Costs Problem

    83g in one server, 50g in other, see the problem ? the COMMUNITY is the problem, deal with it, community increased the soulstone price even with now we being able to farm more soulstone than before, but if u farm ur own soulstone, thas remove this garbage 97.5g u write, every mat price , even to make silverfrost stone is made by players, accept it, deal with it, the community will kill the game, and after that, the ones who killed the game will complain to ncsoft, well, we will see how players with the power to change the economy of a virtual world, can kill this world so fast =P
  13. Evolution Requirements/Costs Problem

    Nice excuse, u miss the point its exatly what bots do ? one premade guild, farm farm farm, and put silvesfrost stone to sell by 50g each, hard work dont mean u can increase the price by 10000%, its called be greedy, you don't buy one candy for 1us and sell for 15us and come here saying its ''fair'' we are in a MMO where we need players and need help each other, but all we have are greedy players that dont like to read the truth like u, selfish players who outbid by 60g just to see players missbind and lost gold, players changing loot to leader, don't come say about ''crying'' because the truth about almost every MMO is that the playerbase, the community kill the game, not the developers, not the publisher, only.the.players and alot will quit because of that but some high ego try hard players maybe like u will think they are wrong for quit and u are right for increase the price of everything, but what i know is, game is not only about gold, and alot of these greedy selfish players will quit sometime, and i'll be very very happy.
  14. Evolution Requirements/Costs Problem

    Do you guys know, its community fault right ? the blade and soul community are soo greedy, they increased the moonwater trans stone by 30%, same with soulstone (in Mushin) even when we will no longer need mts, and now they put that high price in new mats, because u know, the game don't have one ''based price'' to u sell itens, the price is only made by the players, by the community, so yes, its the community fault, if one guild with 12 members do premade and farm everyday, they can have resource for theyr own gear, and to sell, so they put it to sell for like, silverfrost stone for 50g, every other player will put more or less this price, its not bot, its the community, real players, greedy players, i'm ashamed, i'll make my jewels with time in true pirate and one day maybe go to true brezze, WE ALL KNOW, that the players with 5/6k gold are the ones who changed loot to leader only when the game started to sell mts recipe for 90g, are players who bought loads of gold from 3rd parties, only a small % of the rich players ingame are rich by selling ncoin, SMALL, thats the truth, the community of this game don't even try help the next, its only about me me me me, fk you, its me, i dont give 6 months to we have like 50% of the playerbase out of the game, a mess, but its not ncsoft fault, its the players fault.
  15. the game allr give % about everything, EVERYBODY know have more than 50% crit rate is the deal, its not hard to know, what if u allr do better ? because lol, blade dont have all this potential to be better and better, pve is easy , and dps can ''teach'' high ping players to build a better combo, but not how to play, at the end dps meter is more to calculate some % about jewel with x crit dmg against jewel with x crit rate etc, be your teacher.