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  1. Nice excuse destroyer, as i said, only who use unbalanced classes think the game is balanced, nothing new, every class have ani cancel ? are u dumb ? oh no, u are destroyer, got my answer.
  2. Not every class are like cancer destroyer with ani cancel, don't come with this crap ''game is balanced'' only who use destroyer with ani cancel or kfm with macro inc think the game is balanced, the game is not balanced, the game will balance only with HM skills and still with be unbalanced against some ani cancel classes.
  3. the game allr give % about everything, EVERYBODY know have more than 50% crit rate is the deal, its not hard to know, what if u allr do better ? because lol, blade dont have all this potential to be better and better, pve is easy , and dps can ''teach'' high ping players to build a better combo, but not how to play, at the end dps meter is more to calculate some % about jewel with x crit dmg against jewel with x crit rate etc, be your teacher.
  4. You allr don't know which combo is the best for your class ? srsrly ? if u don't, well, i think dps meter can't help you lol
  5. If u don't even know if u are doing great or not, maybe u should unnistal game, is insane and idiot how some ppl say ''i need dps meter to know if i'm doing very well'' like, for real ? i'm a fm with 150/200ms (sometimes less sometimes more) and ofc the game make me do less dmg than fm with 10/50 ping, but ik i'm doing well, if u need dps meter to know it, u are just bad and dps meter will not fix how bad u are.
  6. What is all this garb....talking ? for real ? with dps meter carebears with 10ms will complain about players with 200ms dps, get out, ppl asking 470/480 for yeti 6man lolololol, noobs without hability will aways search for more dps to beat dungeons not with hability, but with dps race, aways noobs.
  7. Ohh i can se..here have much useless players wanting to use macro, get good noobs, hope it ban u all, pathetics.
  8. yeah macro is illegal, but u know ? that doesnt mean that the players can't use, the game is full of bot, script and macro, you can't try fix and ban the macrohero and let the bots stay free, i'll never accept kfm as true player, either destroyer, but well...i just want to be top 5 one season in my life for outfit and then never again XD
  9. No one will give u free cash, and you will never be able to buy premium with hongmoon coin, free users...the currency excharge with this idiot rate 1:65 allready make u all free user richs, if u want to have more ''cash'' than ncoin buyers, well..not gonna happen.
  10. Major problem is...the class is *cricket*ed up, the sifhen (dunno the correct name, the F that allow u to cast dragon and wingstorm) are bugged, in all versions when u use F u can cast dragon and wing instantly, but in our version we need wait the F come back to allow us to use dragon and wingstorm cast instantly, thats really bad or a bug, but if u watch warlock pvp in youtube (not na or eu version ofc) you will notice that after u press F u can cast instantly, this rly mess up with warlock since took 1 to 2s to the F effect come back to warlock and allow to use insta cast, enough time to sna
  11. No solution because nothing (pvp open world and quests) is wrong.
  12. No, the op and u are offering solutions to your gameplay, the op are forcing what they want to ncsoft mouth, and nothing will change, all BS are like this, Americans are not especial, Europe players are not especial, the game will stay, pvp will stay, do not like ? move to one private-myserver-mygame and be happy.
  13. Since the carebear never understand when we say no no and no, more easy say NO YOUR PIECE OF (censored lalala) deslike it ? good, so DON'T FORCE WHAT U WANT TO OTHER PLAYERS OR COMPANY, got it ? no ? big text will come again to make u mad =P and yes, a cute and beauty night here, raining :3 and good the rain is not forcing the water in me lol, joke -q
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