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  1. Lol wtf, Are you seriues now? Sins dominate the arena last season and you complain?
  2. I was really hoping to see Rising dragon tier 5 on this patch.. What i can see is all the classes have their core skills unlocked, meanwhile we kfm have commet strike (what is totally useless) and block what is kinda nice, unless you compare what the other classes got its garbage.
  3. Yeah about that, Its rare for me to lag on open world. But when i join the arena, random lag appears. Yeah don't mind us NC$oft. Just put more of those garbage costumes on shop until you ask yourself, Hey wtf where did all the players go. It feels like your sh!ty company ignores everything and just wanna leach money. I'm not a free2play player, i will gladly pay a decent amount of money monthly if things went smooth. its been like 70-80 days sinds release and the game is swarming with bots/hackers with hmlvl 7 etc. But all i can see is: hey pay us because we solve your problems by adding more sh!t in shop so you losers can buy them and forget your problems.
  4. 30 Second CC Is WAY Too Long In PvP

    Lol you must be trolling right? How else do u want to win against summoner with insane heal, invis class with burster. Let alone cats grab which has 10 sec cd and our escape skill has 30 sec cd. You must be really really really be super bad noob to complain about 30 sec stun, what doesn't even exist. You have 2 escape skills and yet u complain? Git gut noob
  5. Just a frienly warning for Ncsoft

    First im not a summoner. Second where are the rest of the classes? all classes have 2 escape skills right? You need 2 learn the basics trash
  6. So basically the rng in this game is low to nothing. I can understand the reason behind it but its getting really absurb. So i saw this balrok costume and i tought hey i want to have that costume. How hard can it be to get it right. Its a blue costume.. So tryd to farm black balrok thing etc no luck. Np dude il just buy essence and get it after 20-50 round by using the wheel. Here is the funny part. IM FCKN at 500+ essence and still nothing but useless garbage items. ITS A BLUE COSTUME come on.. Its not like your chance is getting bigger after how many attempts you do. It might take another 500 essence to get the costume. This is really bs. They really should do something about the rng
  7. Just a frienly warning for Ncsoft

    Are you retard or what? Kfm,bladedancer,blademaster and summoners have one escape. By escape i mean escaping from stunlock. Come with arguments moron
  8. Just a frienly warning for Ncsoft

    Dude this game is most unbalanced pvp game in gaming history. They said lvl 50 patch would be balanced but its even worse. Some classes got their best hm skill while others have crap hm skills.. The most retarded thing i find is, some classes have multiple escape skills while the others are screwed after using tab. Where is the balance in that?
  9. How to beat assassin as kfm?

    Hi OP, As a 1850+ Kfm i know how it feels. But after a lot of practice i barely lose to them(or all the good sins are plat). Start at the match run to them and spam C. If you get them first airbound and knock him down. They most likely backflip so hit them with blazing fist and airbounce him again. Here you have a big advantage start of the match. If they use invis before you can use C then run to them and hit them with ice shield. After hit, They will or block (you counter him) or backflip (you use blazing fist). Step 2, If you get hit by a Dart, wait 1 second and turn 180 degree and block. THis works 90% of the time. Most of them panic and use tab( You use Q/E). If u fail and get caught,Just bait them and time your tab(with daze) and waula 3rf his ass. Step 3. If their block fails and they run, they most likely use furry or the swab thing. So after they run spam block. Their tab(swapskill) will fail and u can use avenging fist with the uppercut as a follow up. If they furry press Q, wait for the 4/5th attack and press E. Here you have a freestun. Its all about practice. If you can predict sins, they are easer then warlocks. Oh forgot one thing, If they use Fighting spirit, dont even try to block. Use your tiger thing which changes your second (nr 2) skill in to aoe. Be aware, it consumes alot of focus. I personaly dont do this. I just wait and use Z or V
  10. Another balance tread

    Dafuq you talking about. Thats still one escape. Your tab with change of effect. U cant count q and e. You might aswell count desto and bd spin aswell then or sins shunpo..
  11. Another balance tread

    Fm. You do know you cant use gapcloser if they freezelock your feet. You need to use SS to escape their freezelock which has 9 seconds and they can spam that sh!t. You dont get the point. Its not that i complain how forcemaster is, i only complain about their second escape. If they freeze your feet only thing u can do is SS. But if you stun/daze fm. They can or tab out or blink. Sin. I agree with you on that point. Each day, they become more predictable. Desto. Im not having hard time agianst them. They can easely do full combo then my 3rf because they have second escape. So cant take them out so easely as you say. Im not complaining about warlock. My alt is warlock. I said it because they are in the list of 4 classes who has 2 escape skills. again im saying its not about a class that is broken but its about that they have more advantage. If they give couple of classes second escape, they should give every class a second escape skill.
  12. Another balance tread

    Prove me that im wrong. Its easy to say random things Sincerenly A random player
  13. So this is another whine topic, My question is this now. Why the *cricket* does 4 classes have 2 escape skills and the other classes don't? For example Force Master. These classes are already pain in the ass against kfm, when they get behind you etc. Now they have 2 skill that let them escape from stuns and sh!t. Its hard enough to prevent getting out of the footfreeze thing what interveres my combos and range nuke etc and when u do get them they escape and freeze them self and after that freeze them self with the heal skill. Mean while their cooldowns will be back. Im not against the freeze stuff and healthing. The only thing that pisses me off is the second escape skill. Sins. God i don't even want to start about them. Winning against decent sin is already 10% with kfm. They already had lotus so can't complain about that but still they are in the 4 classes who has 2 escape skills. Destroyer. With kfm i have not that much of a hard time against destroyers. But they can change the tables in 4 seconds if i used tab after he used tab. Because they have another escape skill which give them extra boost. *cricket* logic right. And warlocks. They are meeh against kfm but i heard they totally dominate bd etc. They do have 2 escape skills(swapping with thrall wich they can summon 3 times if the game draggs) Yeah they started giving some classes 2 escape skills. THis is not balanced at all. They should give the other classes one extra skill aswell or remove the previous skill. After 1850+ mmr its all about who uses tab first. But some classes have more advantage compared to others. THis is one of the reason why there is no balance in this game. If there is a rock,paper,scissors mechanism in this game then sins are fire. Cause fire wins from everything.
  14. Rating is bugged out?

    THis is bullshit. They force you to hate the game. Im a pvp player and i enjoy pvp. Im score addict aswell. today i won 3 game got 6 point each. I lost one game and lost 20 points. I was like whutthefock? Then i pvped like for 2 hours and won more then i lost. As a result my score was lower then before. Now explain to me. What kind of stupid sh!t is this?
  15. Nerf SIN vs KFM

    I know how you feel brah. Im 1850+ kfm player who can beat every class exept sin. Iv tested almost everything. The only thing i learn from other players is when u have that sticky sh!t stuck in your back, you need to turn back and counterblock. But this wont win you the game, only drag it more and get pissed on. OOh the tab thing, even if you force them to tab, they just go invis, slow you,poke you, web you till their tab is back. And the class counters kfm so hard. While they are invis there is a chance they evade aoe attacks, which we have high cd's on. So most of the time i hug corners and pray they wont kick me in the face while i beg god that they dont break my block and countered back. Other then that have fun timing your tab against their cc's, It doesn't matter. THey shit on you if u dont use tab. And if you use tab they kill you faster.. As a kfm lets just pray that we get our rising dragon tier 5 stage 2 asap. Until then just bite the pillow :3