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  1. Very good 1v1 PvP, extremely high skill cap. Some solo PvE content can be neat sometimes, requires mastery. Looks overall pretty decent, though boob physics are bad to the point of being distracting. Story is a bit generic and hamfisted, but it at least drives the game much better than most MMORPGs -- game feels better for having it. Group PvE is generally mediocre. Lacks real challenge content in that realm. Super grindy, standard NCSoft fare. Crafting is progressquest garbage -- literally click button and wait 20 hours. Build variety is terrible; not going to spend much time theorycrafting here. Despite the great 1v1 PvP, the group PvP is not so hot.
  2. Where is everyone?

    B&S is too grindy for alts, and it therefore relies almost entirely on new players going through content to supply parties for early- and mid-game content. As a game wanes in popularity or reaches its niche audience -- an inevitable outcome for all games -- new players become scarce. There are also various peaks and troughs in a game's lifetime where there are many or few new players available. Right now, if you're a gamer not already into B&S, you're probably trying out the Overwatch beta, then Tree of Savior launch the day after Overwatch beta ends. B&S is not built with sufficient robustness to handle the wax and wane of MMORPG player numbers, so at least right now (and likely until Soul Fighter launches, by my wager), it might be a bit trying to find others.
  3. got scammed with bid system

    I don't think you understand what the word "toxic" means. Failure to meet your arbitrary standards for personal responsibility does not qualify.
  4. got scammed with bid system

    No, your bid is adjusted upward immediately unless you manually edit the bid amount before bidding. If you ever bid the minimum amount, you risk hitting the button at the exact frame it updates, giving you a much higher bid than you intended. This is not avoidable with human reaction times. That's a janky workaround for a fundamentally broken system.
  5. Qi master/ soul fighter if anyone have idea?

    Soul Fighter has the offensive-defensive Elbow Smash, like KFM's form 2. The class also enjoys a good share of iframes, so it's defensively rather capable.
  6. You can 3-man Necropolis at 430AP. One Assassin with 430AP and a properly fused shield can melt off half the scorpion's health alone. Someone posted a video of (better-geared) players doing it duo with a full minute to spare. 6-man Lair and Necropolis might as well have no AP requirement at all, and I've never seen a group fail for having missed the DPS check, no matter how terrible the players may have been at hitting the opponent at all.
  7. Content creators now quitting

    BDO has little content to speak of, just old-fashioned grind to use in open-world PvP. PvE is genuinely terrible in BDO, far worse than B&S. Anywho, people will always move around. I came here via dozens of others MMOs -- The Realm first, then UO, RO, PSO, FF11 (notable because it's the worst MMO I've ever played), L2, DAoC, WoW, Rappelz, FlyFF, ROSE, GE, BP, Atlantica, Vindictus, Cabal, PSU, PSO2, TOR, FF14, ArcheAge, Skyforge, and Christ knows how many others I've played for varying periods. I won't be here forever. Such is the nature of being a lifelong gamer. Honestly, the grind approach just doesn't work in the West for pretty much that reason.
  8. Psh, that was the part that was mostly the same from Garuda HM. Tank and spank -> tele (hide) -> sisters (tank takes one, OT takes other, DPS kill OT first) -> phase 2. The fun part was the spiny, where if the tank screws up on the aggro, it blows up and kills everyone. That, or if someone kills it, Garuda wipes the party. I was a tank, of course, so I did the hard part of avoiding double slipstream (non-telegraphed cone AoE) and doing spiny/sister swap. Made it really easy to pass with pugs, since you just had to teach the OT to do two things: grab the sister (prep 1 and 2 on garuda, finisher for aggro seal when sister appears) and provoke/tomalob the spiny. Mark the spots on the ground where everyone is supposed to go, and it's all easy-peasy. It was a "hard" fight for many players because they don't think about how to make the job easier and instead just blame gear or incompetence. I would actually say the largest obstacle to success in group content in any MMORPG is the unwillingness of people to communicate. Those who do not know are unwilling to confess their inexperience. To avoid having to confront that weakness, they seek simple indicators behind which they can hide. It has nothing to do with speed. When most of your time is spent traveling between opponents or waiting through mechanics (leaps, immune periods, etc), there's comparatively little gain to be had in terms of speed. Moreover, the addition time waiting for a group far outweighs any gains you could otherwise have. Most people are aware of this, which why people with gear and skill tend to run with fewer people to maximize their personal reward rate rather than seek higher-DPS companions. Again, this goes to the communication problem above. The reason people look for high gear scores is to excuse their own lack of knowledge. If you know how much it actually takes to win, you don't so much care about your teammates' gear because you'll get done faster with existing randoms than by cherry-picking groups looking for super-high gear score.
  9. Yeti Soul Shield - How much is it worth?

    Actually, it's quite possible to meet all checks anyway. Having 110% accuracy doesn't magically make you hit for 1 damage with all attacks. What you mean is that it's not BIS for one specific encounter that will be released on the 27th due to missing accuracy breakpoint. It's more valuable than other stats up to that breakpoint, but that does not mean it's an on-off switch. Easiest to just do most yeti + 124 scorp and call it a day. Full yeti is still fine. Hell, full scorp won't even kill you, even if it's not all that good. Asura is the hardest thing we'll have for a good while, so you hardly even have to work past the yeti/scorp shield you can easily get soon after hitting 50 (because seriously, you can do 6-man Yeti with 300AP, no matter what idiots in cross-server dungeon think).
  10. You are suggesting using a rate to define an amount. Your proclamation is no more useful than saying "I sold a skill book for 200g in 1 second; therefore, I made 720,000g per hour and 17,280,000g per day!". It is technically true, but totally useless and generally nonsensical. If you want to say that you can make 200g at a whack, that makes sense, but a one-off gain is not a valuable indicator of gold acquisition rate. You must consider the rate at which that incident occurs, which is very rare. Farming 4-mans generally rewards with you 2-4 stingers per run, with other drops divided out among the number of participants and the rate at which they are found. For example, 4 players farming a 200g book with a 1% chance of dropping only earn an average of 50 silver per person per run -- that ain't a whole lot.
  11. That is not making 600g per hour, that is making 600g from 60 hours of investment. There is no activity which provides anywhere near 600g/hour of rewards, or 200g/hour. Farming 4-mans with good gear is not going to earn but about 20g/hour on average, and that requires that you already have invested 500+ hours of grind getting yourself up to spec to do so. Two important factors: Most people have lives and jobs which are a bit more important than grinding. Sorry, but your need to feel special for grinding all day is outweighed by the public good. Grinding is not challenge in any way, shape or form.
  12. Unlock the Chi Master

    While that does seem to be the case, I think people will reasonably expect that Chi Master is coming sooner than later. It is necessary due to the use of Chi Master in the upcoming World Championship in November. We cannot feasibly have this class for 3 months and expect to compete. If they decide to split the difference between when Korea got the class (Dec 2011, 11 months before tournament) and when we get the class, then we should expect it some time next month (6 months before tournament).
  13. That is not the case. You must use a Dragon Certificate to trade for the pouch, and you can only acquire 4 per day. You have to do Junghado or one of the 6-man heroics to get a cert. That's a maximum of 200 soulstones per day, or about 40g worth. Doing the quests themselves are worth less than 10g, plus the stingers you can sell (5-10g or so average). That's going to land you at 55-60g max, and take you 5-6 hours to accomplish. You'll be doing tower for 15 minutes, heroic dungeons for at least an hour, then you have to gather 8000 zen beans. 3v3 gives maybe 250-300 beans per 10 minutes on average if you're gaming the system efficiently (play with preformed diamonds, wreck your way up, derank back down). That's another 3-4 hours at least. It's maybe 10g/hour, assuming you're geared for PvE in addition to being competent at PvP. I was a diamond Destroyer. It's not as profitable as you think. You can't magically remove queue times, make deranks go faster, or make your opponents all ready up instantly. You don't need more than 400 AP for anything right now. However, you might spend 30 minutes queueing for each of the 6-man heroics because the auto-assigned party leader will cancel and kick you, or 2-3 people will leave immediately. A semi-competent Assassin at 400AP can deliver 500k damage per minute, yet even 6-man Necropolis may take you an hour to complete due to the examine/quits.
  14. Assasin, Destroyer, or Kungfu master

    KFM and Assassin are polar opposites. Assassin is usually easier for dungeon solo due to extremely high single-target DPS and tendency for opponents to lack truesight or good ways to punt you back out of stealth. It's also very squishy and can't tank more or less at all. KFM can tank, is OK-ish at solo stuff. Both KFM and Assassin are rather strong in PvP. Destroyer is very much a support class, poor DPS and extremely low durability, and decidedly weaker at PvP than Assassin or KFM -- not what you're looking for at all.
  15. It's fairly difficult to get a fully-dressed one, given our current costume selection. I'm aiming to have my jin female wear Sealed Palace Raiment to avoid that.