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  1. You can 3-man Necropolis at 430AP. One Assassin with 430AP and a properly fused shield can melt off half the scorpion's health alone. Someone posted a video of (better-geared) players doing it duo with a full minute to spare. 6-man Lair and Necropolis might as well have no AP requirement at all, and I've never seen a group fail for having missed the DPS check, no matter how terrible the players may have been at hitting the opponent at all.
  2. Psh, that was the part that was mostly the same from Garuda HM. Tank and spank -> tele (hide) -> sisters (tank takes one, OT takes other, DPS kill OT first) -> phase 2. The fun part was the spiny, where if the tank screws up on the aggro, it blows up and kills everyone. That, or if someone kills it, Garuda wipes the party. I was a tank, of course, so I did the hard part of avoiding double slipstream (non-telegraphed cone AoE) and doing spiny/sister swap. Made it really easy to pass with pugs, since you just had to teach the OT to do two things: grab the sister (prep 1 and 2 on garuda,
  3. You are suggesting using a rate to define an amount. Your proclamation is no more useful than saying "I sold a skill book for 200g in 1 second; therefore, I made 720,000g per hour and 17,280,000g per day!". It is technically true, but totally useless and generally nonsensical. If you want to say that you can make 200g at a whack, that makes sense, but a one-off gain is not a valuable indicator of gold acquisition rate. You must consider the rate at which that incident occurs, which is very rare. Farming 4-mans generally rewards with you 2-4 stingers per run, with other drops divided out among
  4. That is not making 600g per hour, that is making 600g from 60 hours of investment. There is no activity which provides anywhere near 600g/hour of rewards, or 200g/hour. Farming 4-mans with good gear is not going to earn but about 20g/hour on average, and that requires that you already have invested 500+ hours of grind getting yourself up to spec to do so. Two important factors: Most people have lives and jobs which are a bit more important than grinding. Sorry, but your need to feel special for grinding all day is outweighed by the public good. Grinding is not challe
  5. While that does seem to be the case, I think people will reasonably expect that Chi Master is coming sooner than later. It is necessary due to the use of Chi Master in the upcoming World Championship in November. We cannot feasibly have this class for 3 months and expect to compete. If they decide to split the difference between when Korea got the class (Dec 2011, 11 months before tournament) and when we get the class, then we should expect it some time next month (6 months before tournament).
  6. That is not the case. You must use a Dragon Certificate to trade for the pouch, and you can only acquire 4 per day. You have to do Junghado or one of the 6-man heroics to get a cert. That's a maximum of 200 soulstones per day, or about 40g worth. Doing the quests themselves are worth less than 10g, plus the stingers you can sell (5-10g or so average). That's going to land you at 55-60g max, and take you 5-6 hours to accomplish. You'll be doing tower for 15 minutes, heroic dungeons for at least an hour, then you have to gather 8000 zen beans. 3v3 gives maybe 250-300 beans per 10 minutes on aver
  7. Remember how epic mounts were totally necessary for basic progression? Me neither.
  8. One thing about OP's level 49 party: the group composition is comparatively low DPS, has a BM as a DPS, still thumps DPS requirement. Good group with right comp (dump BM and a DES for WL and Sin) could do it around 350 AP. Anyhow, the asinine behavior of people demanding high AP is exactly why they have bad groups. Back in FF14, I used to teach people how to do content. I pugged literally every piece of content through 2.1, duty finder EX primals and all (obviously had to party finder BC, since you couldn't DF it then). Knowing your job and being willing to teach others would make
  9. "Tab" is shorthand for universal escape. In the case of Summoner (and Warlock), it's actually bound to the 2 key by default. Sorry if that wasn't clear. Stun isn't quite as important against Destroyer, per se, because Hurricane (white spin) and Fury both prevent stun, daze, and knockback. It's a lot harder to get at a Destroyer with that, especially since your cat's attacks rarely penetrate deflect or block. Oh, and note also that a Destroyer can block your cat's attacks with your body if he's holding you, an it is not considered "defending", so you can't tackle past it. Those are
  10. I will offer some advice from a Destroyer perspective. Please don't waste your tab. That really shouldn't need to be said, but yeah. Don't waste your tab. Keeping on the move is important vs. Destroyer -- a large chunk Destroyer's damage is coming from Cleave, which can't even be used while moving. You want to hold on to two things: your tab and your cat's knockdown. You can use Anklebiter or Surprise Gift, but make sure you know what to do with it. Most of the time, you will see Destroyer using "white spin", or Hurricane. That's the one which deflects attacks. It prevents st
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