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  1. Thanks for bringing attention once again. At this point I already switched to Lightning Build, although I don't enjoy it as much.
  2. Confirmed, badge doesn't work with Dark Build after patch.
  3. Not if I already have 2 Asura weapons for my class and discarded 3 more ever since. Please don't try to defend the malicious practice of changing stuff "under the table" and not informing the community about it. Not to mention that the guy will get the weapon switched only because he's specifically requesting it through a ticket. How many people will do that? Where's the convenience?
  4. Time spent trying to get the True Profane stage 10, for a second time, cannot be refunded though...
  5. Sensitive topic, I'd rather refrain from posting private conversations with GMs or game staff in public forums. I suggest you try to resolve your issues with them personally. If you, in any way, try to mock or "expose" game staff publicly I assure you'll be penalized.
  6. Then please explain to me how your previous post contributes to the main question of this thread, which is "Will there be a cost discount or not?" Don't get me wrong, but Mndy is trying to decide between saving or upgrading, yet your suggestion is that he/she should do exactly that. Huh? Where's smoke, there's fire. If there's a rumor, it must have originated based on something.
  7. Seriously though, what would be the point in upgrading now if after 1 month the upgrade cost drops by 30% ? The stats you get from upgrading can hardly make up in terms of gold and materials spent in the span of one month...
  8. There are people running Ebondrake 4-man no stealth for fun... There's a video of warlock SOLOing Ebondrake Citadel. Again, this is supposed to be "end-game content", why should it all be handed out to the masses? If you're not willing to go through all that then you're not going to get far. Seriously, git gut, people.
  9. With the only difference that Poison Breath is put in cooldown at start of casting, and it takes 5 hits to deal its full damage. Once you CC the assassin in any way during one of those 5 stages of the skill, or even pre-damage, Poison Breath is stopped immediately and unavailable for the next 45 seconds. What I'm doing in pvp, in order to "trick" the enemy, is waiting for him to use all his escapes and toss in a Throwing dagger, use Sneak Attack from it to check if there are any "left over" escapes or knockbacks, cast Poison Breath, use Fighting Spirit to buff and become invisible
  10. Isn't everyone punished when they've used all their escapes? This is your punishment against assassins, and that is exactly what I'm using against not-skilled players so I end the match as soon as possible. Something like 100-0 Destroyers. "Nerf Rock, Paper is fine." - Scissors
  11. From what I can see he is using Dark Strike, just not trying at all to stack 5 poison (which is a huge mistake). Given the fact that he's playing with 120ms I would suggest using Bombard+Shuriken instead of Heart Stab+LMB+Dark Strike. So either keep 5 stacks up and go with Dark Strike ; keep 5 stacks and go Lightning ; or go Easy mode with Bombs (this is a totally viable option by the way). Sorry to say this, but all I see is an average assassin trying to stay alive and dpsing from time-to-time. At least he did his job with stealth...
  12. "You have successfully finished Easy Mode. You can now play on other difficulties by selecting a different class."
  13. No, but I never really bothered to right-click an item that I do not have the materials to buy. You are notified only because of your curiosity, not common sense. I'm not at all annoyed by the need of 100 wins in battleground (currently at 60), I just wanted to ask if other people think this should be the way it is. Personally, I would like to see all the requirements for purchase at one place, plain and simple.
  14. C'mon now, you've either tried to make multiple purchases of such items or were told by someone about it. There's no way people, new to the game, would have access to that information.
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