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  1. I've done event (2/4 and 4/4 daily challenge) on 4-5 character every day but this event sucks so hard, I'm not even gonna bother logging on my alts. Please change
  2. Why do they have to add one terrible event after a good one? I want to play my alt but hell no am I gonna do 6 daily quests. They should at least add celestial basin, solo dungeons and toi back to dc.
  3. I just bought a slot voucher 3 days ago and upgraded from 11 slots to 12
  4. It has been some time that Catwalk was purchaseable in the dragon express and I have 1 exemplar on my alt and want it to send it to my main but the sending costs are too much. I get it that people were abusing the achievement that you get from wearing Catwalk but can you just remove the achievement please? Just remove achievement and make the mail cost 6 stamps again please. Would be awesome
  5. Failed to upload photo

    Yea I have this problem too. Custom or normal taken picture won't work to upload :S I just payed 50 bucks for a nice custom f2 pic and can't upload it >.<
  6. Suche TT Raid Sonntags

    Hi Da ich wegen der Arbeit nur Sonntags 100% mitkann suche ich einen TT Raid der jeden Sonntag läuft. Auf dem Server Eisenherz. Mein Gear: Kid Parse;
  7. The Reason behind the decrease is people know trove is coming so they don't buy anything at all from f5. They don't upgrade at all. Why should they upgrade when there is a cost reduction event right next week. When there is VT Mat in trove next week. The People know they will get a lot of mats from trove, that's why they don't buy. This leads to a Deflation which will decrease price. It's logical Economy
  8. You're not explaining yourself very good. Last Trove we got an Inflation from Secret Safes and not as usually a Deflation. Getting a lot of mats is good for the economy, because then the prices will get down. But last time we got a lot of mats and a lot of gold. You could buy 100 keys and after using them u had more gold than before u used those 100 keys and that is wrong. This will lead players to buy more mats to upgrade more. Which results in having less mats in the Market. Having less mats in the market will make the prices rise up. And this is logical economy. It's not even hard to predict. Having more gold will even mess up F9 and we will have again a ratio from 1:1. They need to nerf Secret Safes or remove it.
  9. Guys, I saw it and you saw it :S The Secrets Safes are coming back. These SECRET SAFES who destroyed our economy last time and now trove will drop VT Mat. Our Economy will perish again and I think now harder than last time. Pls Jonathan remove it from the trove PLEAASEEEE. I'm not a Prophet, but I can see how many f2p Player will quit :S Jonathan please remove it from the game >.< PS: Guys by all means, I'm not a f2p player. I will trove myself with 400 keys or whatever. I will benefit a lot but other People will get ****** up
  10. Rotation

    - Till you get you're VT Badge or Tiger Bracelet V is not important. - You can use C to get some free explosive Rounds, but need to consider movement from boss. - Wenn Tripple shot procs allways prioritize. - Use 4 on CD. Just don't forget that you need it for u're tab. (Raven Weapon resets 4 and V) - you want to use 3 x 4 in one time to get 3 explosive rounds. - U're rota is rmb -> f for animation canceling
  11. Ping Pong Pang enjoy
  12. Rotation

    I think I should explain myself better, than just giving one advice. At that point I want to say that you're doing this very good, showing multiple ways and explaining them. I wanted to give him advice as he looks like a beginner. So I know you want to go Limitless with VT Gear, so you need Holy Fire for that. You can go Primal but I still think primal can only exceed on Patchwork fights, where you stand still and don't do much mechanics or you play perfectly and know excactly when to Bullet Storm, which I don't think many people can. So I'm still advising every gunner to go Holy Fire at this point. Since Movement > DPS and the Punishement of failing you're Bullet Storm feels so Bad and is big with Primal. So I still think Holy Fire is the best choice for every beginner in this class. For the bracelet after some thinking I can agree to you that tiger is a better start than dragon. But when he has this setup: - Holy Fire Badge - HM Secret Technique RMB - Legendary Soul - 8 BT SS - not near to raiding VT he should just change the Soul to short cd and change Bracelet to Dragon since this Setup is a big dps increase and a very nice way of playing the gunner. After getting vt badge and 3 VT SS pieces you should go indeed Tiger. I've seen People with full VT set, Vt badge und Tiger bracelet still going for short cd soul. So I don't know which is better. I think this just needs internal testing with you're current gear. But I think when you want consistent dmg you should go short cd soul, cause the long cd soul has potential to fail, when there's movement involved and you can't do your burst. The whole Primal Bulletstorm build needs a lot of preparation but it's that punishing that I just don't advice to go.
  13. Rotation

    With the current Patch you should go Holy Fire Badge. Skyrift and Enigma are both good. I would go for Enigma. I go Dragon bracelet, but many says Tiger. ( Absolutely Tiger with VT Badge). I play with Holy Fire Badge and short cd soul, so the Dragon bracelet gave me more dps. I tested both. I made a Guide how to play the current Gunner pre-VT. Maybee this helps you more -> Holy Fire Build Gunner Guide Keroppi did a Video how he talks about the changes and how he changed his gear -> Keroppi Guide About the leggy accesoires, me don't know :S I hope this can help you
  14. Rotation

    It depends a bit on you're gear. What Soul Badge and Mystic Badge you're using. So yes it can change from bt to vt. I made a video guide with the current Patch. It can work for you when you have BT Gear. Holy Fire Build Gunner Guide But if you don't have that gear and are like MSP Gear follow these rules: - Animation Cancel you're RMB with Unload - Use Firefall to get some Free Unload - Open the fight with v (if you have Tiger bracelet), use just 1 time 4 (for the buff on add) and then Tab + F so V -> 4 -> Tab -> F ->LMB -> F -> LMB -> F ->LMB -> F etc - Allways use Triple shot when it procs to get 5 explosive Rounds. So 3 -> F -> RMB -> F -> RMB -> F etc - Use V only if you have tiger bracelet, else don't bother These rules should be enough The Rotation can change when you get vt gear. But now don't bother when you still have like MSP Gear.
  15. Holy Fire Build

    Thx for you're response. I started a lot of thinking and talking with People and I get you're point. After some test I changed my gear and made some test, dragon bracelet is better for me, till the point I get VT Badge. So with my current Gear I adapted my Gamestyle with short cd on Soul, Dragon Bracelet and Holy Fire Badge. I made a video Guide for this Gamestyle