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  1. hello i used to play wind bd since i created my bd but now i am switchin to lighting i have bt earing stg9\ring stg6\ vt badge\courage badge i do around 130-160k dps am stg9 raven \ awak cosmic soul stg1 and i got a feelin my dps is low can someone please tell me how do i start\rotation \opening ? ty in advance ^^
  2. hello guys i am a summoner with 734 ap hm 12 stage 6 balful i have clan and i have friends i run dungs with my ping is around 190-230-240 ingame ms and i do around 15-17k dps not buffed \buffed 39k dps my problem is my friends who i run with latly been sayin like i am kinda bad at my class . am a half player and i shud do more dmg than that i keep telling em i do my best when i do 15-17k dps but it feels like they think i am just bad is there any exp summoner with close to my ap can tell me how much dmg they do buffed and unbuffed and after i heard there is even more
  3. hai everyone i am trying to change my faction in Oakshade Village but it wont let me for some reason i am not putting my outfit on its in my inventory + i have gold and i typed the first capital letter " Change " but nth happenes any idea ?
  4. hi all i am trying to play b&s on 64bit but i get this message ( the 64-bit client cannot run because windows 7 service pack 1 is not installed Please Switch to the 32-bit client from the launcher Or install windows 7 service pack .(2004) ) ....... i have windows 7 ultimate installed system type : 64-bit operating system anyone else with the same problem as me ?
  5. so 2day did 4 tag matches in arena me summoner 1612 rank bd 1577 kfm 1544 with the same group of enemy and they were sin 1822 summ 1750 sf 1793 now u guyz tell me is this rly fair ?
  6. hai all i need ur advice to pick a main support one of those 2 classes a wl or a bd for pvp support wise i love tag matches in arena and 6v6 but i always try hard to help my friends teammates tbh i like both wl and bd but i am still not sure on wich one to focus on from now on so i can train harder on the one i am focused on am currently at hm 8 on both classes but i have no hm skills yet cuz i dont wanna waste all my gold i saved but then i switch to other class please help me with ur exp suggests thank u in advance ^^
  7. anyone heard anything about b&s anniversary ? i am searching for any clues but there is nothing and there is only few days left like wt events we will be having !! patches and stuff !!
  8. been 3 days did 12 mandate run 7 cold storage runs 4 necro runs 6 gloomdross runs 1 merchant and the best item he has for me was 3 soulstone bundle is it worth it to spam necro or gloom to farm merchant ?
  9. as the title says why not give us a merchant of wonders event its been a long time :c
  10. well hello everyone i am a summoner with 685 ap playing on eu windrest i loved summoner and all but everyweek and so i am like oh wait i need a new character and then i level a char to 45 but then i am like oh wait what about all the work,,money,,achiv points i need for that alt ,not to mention the lvling of hm wich can take sometime i rly worked hard on that summoner but at the same time i am like ( i've been playing summoner since the release of the game ) so i wanna try sth new and maybe makin it my main but when i think about all the stuff i've to do makes me lose
  11. its been awhile since we got one and to be honest that event was actually cool and lots of ppl loved it too and better than the whirlwind valley event e.e it made some dungs like necro more alive that time " i enjoyed spammin necro alot " like lots and now gloom with the same stuff like necro is almost forgotten dung i rly hope for a merchant event to make some dung " More Active " any opinions ? what do u guyz think ? share ur thoughts ^-^ thank you in advance
  12. yes myth wt i see in the screen is 250ish ms or around that
  13. rappel idk why this high ping i got internet speed of 2mb speed i am from middle east and i am on eu servers lee i tried summ but i am gettin some hate / bad comments on 4man dungs with clannies or randoms on cross server since i cant do super sunflower alot like rest of the summ's due to my high ping
  14. i used to be a bd and a sin and summ but the 3 classes r painfull to play with high ping ( 250ms+ )most the time some ppl told me to go for a bm but i am still unsure any bm can tell me r they playable with 250+ms ?or around that ping ? ty in advance
  15. i am at 564 and i am still trying to get better gear i have crit def but not that much and still workin on gettin more and no the matching system will never be find (not me) u r prob one of those wallet warriors
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