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  1. Patch Notes

    Seriously?... We have been told twice now "upgrade changes!" So what is the point of adding it in here for a 3rd time and still not give us any meaningful detail outside of "upgrade changes!" Could for the love of god just clarify if the changes we are getting will be the same the Russians got or not? I mean seriously I am half expecting us to have these "upgrade changes!" be like -1 PTS but +10 Elements. Specify this stuff for us please.
  2. 3 Months In...

    I block spammers and dont see a new one for atleast 45 minutes. Not sure what you mean by a new one every 10 mins. There has been times where I have seen hours go by without a spammer.
  3. Confirmed Legendary weapons coming to NA! :))

    Sell Treasure Trove Keys. Ive made over 11,000g selling stacks of keys to people. Not saying everyone should spend as much as I have on keys but if you do have alittle extra you dont mind putting into te game it is very worth it to sell the keys. Outside of that. Run 4 mans for gold.
  4. Best class for party contribution - WL, BM, or FM

    WL is by far the best party buffer. Followed by SIN and KFM
  5. Venom Dart drop rate

    I wish we only needed 400 to upgrade everything. Breeze upgrade alone is 190 and extra for stage 5 breakthrough. Then to Scorpio it's 290 plus another 110 for stage 5 breakthrough. Each of the accessories takes like 200+ to hit their last tier available right now.
  6. Best END game LVL 50 SOUL SHIELD + FUSE

    Not a joke. If anyone thinks BSH is still a "best" for crit at this point they are touched in the head seeing as how all 3 pieces you use for BSH get largely out done by the Yeti pieces. Best for crit is full Yeti. Every piece gets crit, every piece has higher max fusion and you get a set bonus. And the piercing it gives is essential for next patch. Though that being said when I posted this I thought I had quoted the person who said "show me a player with 60% crit right now" I linked my stats showing that I was not even in perfect yeti shield or max gear and was CLOSE to 60%. For Sins every bit of crit is very important. While crit is important for all for some classes it does hold a higher value . PS. Also, way to nerco bump to the guy above you xD. This thread was dead for a week lol.
  7. [Guide] How to get True Pirate Overnight

    Here is one. How to grind 2k+ gold in 4 days Get to 50 day 1. Run 4 man Frozen Fang all day long. Scroll drops. Let people fight to 900g + Profit, run again. Next scroll, let the group fight up to 1000g for it. Profit big Go to bed Run next day. Scroll drops. Win scroll for 150g. Sell for 1000. Keep running. Another scroll drops. Win it for 489g. Sell for 900g. Keep running. Keep letting people fight for it if you dont know if you can make a pure profit if you have to fight high bids to win it for yourself. Repeat for 4 days.
  8. no more raids for me

    Im not sure I am comfortable editing files in the game with how trigger happy gamegaurd is ><
  9. Best gold farming method at lv50?

    Reported him twice for trolling. Which is not trigger happy.
  10. Best gold farming method at lv50?

    Oh look another report.
  11. Best gold farming method at lv50?

    Yeah bud ok. You purposely gave bad information and attempted to make the game seem pay to win to someone asking a genuine question. So reported for trolling. I am fairly sure the guy above also reported you. So give it up.
  12. Best gold farming method at lv50?

    Cause looking at all your other posts you are clearly a troll thats why.
  13. Best gold farming method at lv50?

    Report me. You know nothing of it. A 4 man Frozen Fang is 10 minutes for a average team. Scroll consistantly drops on average 1 out of 10 runs. Lowest I ever saw a scroll go for out of seeing 12 of them drop was 300g. Which still nets a players 100g in a 4 man. So say every hour and a half you can potentially make 100g+ is pretty damn good. On top of that bundles of frozen darts up to stacks of 15 I believe can drop which they sell for a gold each, so people tend to fight up to 10g each on those. Honor ournaments drop regularly which sell for 17-20g each. Again another few gold from people bidding on those. Naryu tablets can be obtained which you need many of for upgrades and they are 70g+ on market place right now. In a hour even if you dont get the big drops you can still make a nice 20g+. As I said before there is a RNG factor but it tends to be more consistent then punishing clearly do your daily quests before this though.
  14. Best gold farming method at lv50?

    because you either have no knowledge of 4 mans are you are simply trying to drive someone away by saying he has to pay real money to make gold