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  1. Gaming pc

    Not a fan of AMD based systems (Consider me a Intel fanboy). Get a Intel based system. However, the one linked is a 4th generation intel CPU. Get a 7th or 8th generation one instead. Also graphics card will matter depending on the resolution you are wanting to play in. A 1050 TI for example is not going to give you 90 FPS at 4k for example lol. My 1080 TI and Intel 8700K at 4.7ghz isn't going to give me 120 FPS at 4k either lol (Though in not so heavy areas, it does no problem along with playing it at 1440p). In my old system, I had a 1070 and when I upgraded to 1080 TI, my FPS did increase in B&S and that was a 1440p. The real question you should ask yourself is are you planning on just playing B&S solely on this computer or not? If not, then graphics card matters. Seems like the new 1050s are the budget card for gamers, especially if you're planning to play at 1080p. Additionally, depending on your monitor, all that would be needed is to run the game at 60 FPS instead of 120. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if you have a high power system or low end, nothing is going to give you max FPS all the time when you are in a raid or in a 6 man dungeon on max settings. If so, someone show me a video of someone at 120 FPS in a raid attacking the boss all at once lol. Ram? 16 GB of ram should be fine, but overkill regardless if all you're going to be doing on this desktop computer is playing B&S. 8GB would suffice. However, once again, if you plan on doing much more with this computer, then get 16 GB of ram. I personally have 32 GB in mine, but I do more than just play B&S all day lol (I don't play B&S that much as I used to). As far as UE4, don't expect LIFE SHATTERING changes / upgrades. Not going to give you max FPS on some low budget system lol. Be fine with a 1070 if you're not just playing B&S as far as a graphics card. i5/i7 7th-8th generation intel CPU works too. Just that the 8700k is like the sweet spot for gamers as far as gaming / other use.
  2. Worst Trove Ever

    Eh, this trove was boring for me simply because it was a pile of crap and nothing was of interest for me. Nothing worth wasting $ on for me unless I just went specifically for exp charms lol. Try harder next time NCSoft. If the trove was actually any good, I may have wasted a good amount of $ on it. Gilded? Can some of you guys go play at a actual casino and see how it works lol? Just have enough for the car ride home is all I'm gonna say lol.
  3. Having a hard time in F8...

    Heh, some of those folks in F8, I can wait 5 secs or more and I'll still take aggro. I remember one time I purposely waiting like 20 seconds and still took the hate from the tank. While I suggest you check out the tank's gear and skill build, sometimes they can have good gear and build and still suck lol. However, most of the time if they have at least Raven or higher and their legendary bracelet, they can hold the aggro. People without that gear I expect to be tanking. I personally don't mind tanking, but I have to change my game up as soon as I realize I'm going to be tanking most of the fight. I typically have a easier time if I'm on my Shadow build during those times even though I can/do fire most of the time.
  4. new premium worse then the old one.

    Hah. If you think NCW is bad, try Perfect World Entertainment. Whoever does their marketing and business planning are worse than monkeys and hamsters. Makes NCW look like gods. However, I see people complaining but give me your list of what it should of been cause I'm pretty sure the free people would complain. Lets just say, if they started giving you extra stats because you have premium, everyone and their mom would complain lol. I personally never really cared about the benefits of premium simply because most of the games I played didn't have such a thing. Then again, I'm considered a "whale" so paying for a subscription like this is chump change for me.
  5. Straight facts. Stop going crazy lol. Gamers aren't really going to be affected though I'm pretty sure everyone and their mom will blame NCSoft and B&S anyways lol.
  6. Shadow is garbage and Nodah's video pretty much said it all. While I'm not max geared like Nodah, my gear for both Shadow and Fire are on equal levels and there is absolutely nothing that justifies me for maining Shadow Gunner over Fire Gunner. Even in longer winded fights, its still trash and in short fights, why would I even bother spending a additional whatever seconds/minutes to kill something when Fire Gunner would of destroyed ages ago lol? I kill everything in Outlaw Island for example like no other while Shadow feels like its light years behind lol. The people who are defending shadow gunner like in Nodah's video are delusional lol. I started out as a Shadow Gunner initially and was glad when I suddenly wanted to change to Fire Gunner and focus on gear for fire before I got too far in gear wise. Even without the gear for fire back then, it outdid my Shadow Gunner with ease lol. The nerf still makes Shadow Gunner trash. The only point in me playing Shadow Gunner personally is when I'm bored as hell and want to look cool since Shadow's animations and effects are cooler. I guess thats worth the damage loss too lol. Then again, I like variety so while Shadow Gunner is trash, its worth playing every now and again, but for serious stuff, obviously I wouldn't be on Shadow lol.
  7. Maxed out pet: What does guardian shield do?

    This is what it says verbatim when I get hit in game Guardian Shield - Guardian Shield absorbs the full damage of the attack that destroys it. So basically, I am immune to any damage. However, don't get it twisted. If a mob does some kind of knockdown move or anything else, I'm still gonna get knocked down for example. Its not like you're immune to things like that. So you can't just face tank something thinking you're immune to things like a knockdown or being blown away for example lol.
  8. Graphic card advice help please

    Eh, personally I think its going to depend on your "use case" here. However, I'll take you down the road of my thought process as when I built my new rig recently. 1. I didn't intend for B&S to be the one and only game to play - period. Lol why build a rig just to play one game is beyond me. So pretty much, I intended for it to be for all PC games that I may encounter / ones that come out. Too many games are coming out for PC, especially console to PC ports like one guy mentioned here with FF15. 2. I also play games via emulator. So rpcs3 and cemu which are pretty CPU heavy. 3. I want to do more video editing and recording videos. 4. I want to play games at 1440p at 144 fps (I have 3 144hz Dell monitors). Blade & Soul max FPS is 120 which is fine. 5. Thing should be lightning fast as far as storage needs are concerned. 6. I also do a lot of other things such as programming, advanced stuff in Excel, etc etc so a decent successor to my 5960X Intel CPU since that was a 8 core CPU that I had clocked at 4.1ghz. Previous Rig (Not much detail unfortunately) CPU: Intel 5960X - 4.1ghz - 8 core Memory: Gskill 32GB DDR4 - 2800 GPU: EVGA GTX 1070 HDD: Samsung Evo 850 Pro (Main HDD) When I played B&S at 1440p, it was not possible to stay at 120 fps. Sure if you do 1080p I guess. I also had a 4k monitor that I tested on and the FPS was pretty crappy lol. New Rig CPU: Intel 8700k - 4.7 ghz - 6 core Memory: Same as above GPU: EVGA GTX 1080 ti - (AIO, link here if interested) HDD: 2x Samsung Evo 960 Pro (Main HDD) This rig is definitely overkill for something like Blade and Soul only, but for my "use case," its perfect. Besides, I wanted to build a overpowered rig anyways. Since the GPU is a AIO, temps are perfect and fully utilize GPU Boost 3.0 since temps never go above 50C for me. Most of the time, I run a perfect 120 FPS. Of course, in situations where there are a ton of people, its not 120 fps obviously. A test for this is by going to Mushin's Tower. Unfortunately, I don't play Blade & Soul like most of the others here a lot so I'm like super casual with it. Either that or I get bored and stop playing for a few months and come back........kinda like what I'm sorta doing now lol. So I won't recommend anything for your cause I needed more information such as what resolution you want to play in and what kind of monitor you have and its refresh rate. If you're cheap about things, then people already recommended to you the GPU. I will tell you that going from my Haswell Intel CPU to my Coffee Lake CPU has made a HUGE difference for me. The only thing I lost were 2 cores, but in return, I get superior gaming performance and still the ability to muli-task heavily. So people are actually correct when they are telling you that Blade and Soul is more CPU bound than it is GPU. But you can't just slap in a POS graphics card and expect it to give the same performance as my 1080 TI for example. I'll say this though, B&S never looked better for me at max settings at 120 FPS. Thats for sure. Its damned nice is what it is. So much so that i hate games that I play that are even at 60 fps and I used to be one of those people who would say getting a 100+ hz monitor isn't worth it as I wouldn't tell the difference lol.
  9. Why so many ppl left BNS ?

    Guess I'll be that "1%" to whomever stated to someone that the reason why they left was because they were bored is not true or whatever. I left a long time ago and came back recently simply because I was bored. Not like I even did the most hardest dungeons out there or pvp like a madman. Did not care about rng or p2w crap cause I've seen a lot worse in other games and this ain't nothin. So I left, came back, and having a good time. Can't complain. I think the greatest time I have on B&S is trolling the forums. Too bad I'm just not giving a crap about it like I used to since I'm usually in game, but I sometimes come and check these forums to see the usual crap I've seen in 40584085048504850485084 other games. I can find the same topic on Black Desert's forums or any other forum for a game in a heartbeat. Think some folks just need to take a long break and come back, but of course they wont' do it and will complain via forums. And if you're one of those who left the game and continue to troll the forums, well......seems like you got your priorities mixed up since that got old for me after a few wks lol. So its like everyone else said, typical hype > boredom > go to next game > come back > boredom > go to next game > hype > go back to game > boredom > go to next game
  10. Lack Of Endgame

    Took a long long long long break from B&S and came back to the game and these forums once again to see the same stuff lol. Endgame? I got endgame....its called a console game. And once you're done with endgame on it, you can either play new game + or shut it off for a few months and play from the beginning again lol. Oh, MMO? Lets see..................out of all MMOs I've played.....................................................oh rite..........................................................they all the same thing..................... Mindless grinding (We can use B&S example here like HM lvls. I remember FFXI did something along the same lines) Raids PvP PvE aka Story content (Well FFXI was the only game I played that actually had a ongoing story....well good one that is) Anyone ever play Phantasy Star Online? Lol what did we do in that game boys and girls? Run the same mission/area over and over and over and over and over until you got that item you want. I remember in Phantasy Star Universe I ran sleeping warriors mission like over 2k+ times before I saw Psycho wand back then lolol. And when I got it, I said "Lets move to another mission now friends or randoms" who joined the party. Suggest some of you take a long break from the game. It'll do ya some good if you're getting frustrated heh.
  11. Hype? Lol what hype? Only time I was hyped about something from a online game was back when Sega announced PSO2 for the west and it never came lol. Oh right...I'm a console gamer so......I'm hyped for Persona 5 and the FF7 remake. Only have one thing to say. If you (by you meaning anyone) were hyping the game like mad the past 4 years and was begging NCSoft to release this to the west ANNNNNDDDD played the other versions like mad and now you're saying it sucks for all the reasons everyone and their mom knows due to the constant crying on the forums, then you're a hypocrite. Nuff said. What am I talking about? I've seen threads like this in countless other MMOs, including ones I didn't even play and was wanting to get a rile out of people who take everything seriously. What in the world made you think Blade & Soul would be any different LOL? Its like finding the perfect job or husband/wife. It just isn't possible. Almost anything in life out there isn't perfect (including yourself) so its like searching for the fountain of youth. I could see some of you acting like this towards your wife/husband..........oh wait....what husband or wife :P? I'm talking to gamers here :P. So all I gotta say is to deal with the game's problems or cry more because you're never going to find that game that is perfect. And please, for my personal gratification, cry more and more and more cause I love those tears. And ofcourse, I expect each and every person to twist my words like a politician would. I'd say about half of you that post on here should apply for a position in the political world. In order for me not to get into any trouble on these forums and be on my best behavior, I won't go any further on this subject. But do know, if I could.....well shit would of got real.
  12. Greed made the game disgusting

    Too much jargon..blah blah blah blah. However, some of you need to get it right. I swiped not my credit card, but my debit card lol. Why swipe the credit card? No need. With 1 swipe, got about what? 400 or something soulstones, lvl 50 mats, both costumes, and a bunch of other junk. Sold whatevs and upgraded to true pirate. Then I logged off 30 mins later lol. 2nd job I work on Sundays every now and then just for the heck of it pretty much pays for the $100 bux I spent and that $ is my "play $." Do whatever I want with that. Why farm it when you can swipe da card and get it in a few mins lol? Yeah I'm lazy, but at the same time, I get pretty busy at times so I ain't about to go farm like crazy like back in the good ol days lol. Not like I needed to swipe, but like I said, event came and 2nd job paycheck coming. From a business point of view, they had to add rng event to make some $ cuz I haven't bought any of the costumes that have came out the past month. Ain't like they making killer $ off costumes vs rng box lol. They made a killing with this one tho. And here comes the blah blah I can't make $ anymore....oh wait, that was already said.....crap.........well let the forums explode. Not like thats anything new.
  13. I like grind but...

    Wow, a good thread for once :p. For me at least, B&S and many other MMOs that have been out in the past 10 yrs have changed the way MMOs are viewed/played. And by that, it's not good. It started with "dailies." Then it pretty much evolved into everything else, some of which was mentioned in this thread. Like others, I am at that point to where all I do for any mmo is dailies then log off. And when I can't even do that, it's more entertaining playing the game via forums haha. There is only one mmo where I invested a lot of time and enjoy it dearly and that was FFXI. The classic FFXI before they turned that into a solo game. For me, that game had it all.....story, combat (strategic), crafting, drama, and more. I never felt like it was a chore to log in to play. I hate crafting in general, but while it took forever to level your crafts, the payoff was well worth it. Like one other guy said, yes it's all about end game and gear which I partially agree with. The rest I believe deals with the game itself (i.e combat, character progression) and the community. FFXI pretty much forced you to play with each whether you liked it or not and despite all the hate that got, I loved it. Now it's all about soloing and dailies. However depending on how a game is built up, it doesn't have to be that. So all I'm gonna say is there are too many flaws in B&S like all the other current MMOs out there and some of those things ppl have already talked about in this thread. B&S is just like pso2/psu/pso. Fun for a while, but gets old fast. Tho I consider those games better than B&S since I don't treat em as doing dailies and the other junk ppl mentioned here. Would love to go on and on and be even more specific but I gotta be returning to work soon. If I had a time machine tho, I'd go back in time where I was heavy in FFXI and other MMOs.
  14. HUGE breaches in NCsoft account "security"

    This stuff does indeed happen, but at the same time if I believed everything someone said without proper research, then I would be a fool. Take it from someone who has been working with people for too long. People will say or do the craziest things in order to get what they want. This also why I won't believe a **** thing someone says about being hacked on here. True or not. Two sides to every story anyways. Would elaborate further but I'm posting while at work. However, cry more will ya?
  15. Why everyone is quiting

    The denial is strong in this thread haha. Anyways, I could spend all day arguing on the forums like the rest of ya here but....... Same ****** different game. Nothing new here. It's like finding the perfect job. This is why I'm glad I'm a console gamer mostly. Beginning, middle, and end. MMOs are and have been a dying breed as all of em these days have the same issues. I can go to BDO forums for example and see similar issues. im currently on vacation from this game. I could care less about the issues. Issues in every game. It's like finding the perfect wife or husband. Impossible Game is just boring now like any game and since there is no end it's like being a zombie for life. So take a break. Sometimes I don't come back and other times I do. however I find it so entertaining to come on these forums and cry so much. Continue to do it. Otherwise I'd really would leave at some point haha. Cry more kthxbai