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  1. Not a fan of AMD based systems (Consider me a Intel fanboy). Get a Intel based system. However, the one linked is a 4th generation intel CPU. Get a 7th or 8th generation one instead. Also graphics card will matter depending on the resolution you are wanting to play in. A 1050 TI for example is not going to give you 90 FPS at 4k for example lol. My 1080 TI and Intel 8700K at 4.7ghz isn't going to give me 120 FPS at 4k either lol (Though in not so heavy areas, it does no problem along with playing it at 1440p). In my old system, I had a 1070 and when I upgraded to 1080 TI, my F
  2. Eh, this trove was boring for me simply because it was a pile of crap and nothing was of interest for me. Nothing worth wasting $ on for me unless I just went specifically for exp charms lol. Try harder next time NCSoft. If the trove was actually any good, I may have wasted a good amount of $ on it. Gilded? Can some of you guys go play at a actual casino and see how it works lol? Just have enough for the car ride home is all I'm gonna say lol.
  3. Heh, some of those folks in F8, I can wait 5 secs or more and I'll still take aggro. I remember one time I purposely waiting like 20 seconds and still took the hate from the tank. While I suggest you check out the tank's gear and skill build, sometimes they can have good gear and build and still suck lol. However, most of the time if they have at least Raven or higher and their legendary bracelet, they can hold the aggro. People without that gear I expect to be tanking. I personally don't mind tanking, but I have to change my game up as soon as I realize I'm going to be tanking
  4. Hah. If you think NCW is bad, try Perfect World Entertainment. Whoever does their marketing and business planning are worse than monkeys and hamsters. Makes NCW look like gods. However, I see people complaining but give me your list of what it should of been cause I'm pretty sure the free people would complain. Lets just say, if they started giving you extra stats because you have premium, everyone and their mom would complain lol. I personally never really cared about the benefits of premium simply because most of the games I played didn't have such a thing. The
  5. Straight facts. Stop going crazy lol. Gamers aren't really going to be affected though I'm pretty sure everyone and their mom will blame NCSoft and B&S anyways lol.
  6. Shadow is garbage and Nodah's video pretty much said it all. While I'm not max geared like Nodah, my gear for both Shadow and Fire are on equal levels and there is absolutely nothing that justifies me for maining Shadow Gunner over Fire Gunner. Even in longer winded fights, its still trash and in short fights, why would I even bother spending a additional whatever seconds/minutes to kill something when Fire Gunner would of destroyed ages ago lol? I kill everything in Outlaw Island for example like no other while Shadow feels like its light years behind lol. The people who are de
  7. This is what it says verbatim when I get hit in game Guardian Shield - Guardian Shield absorbs the full damage of the attack that destroys it. So basically, I am immune to any damage. However, don't get it twisted. If a mob does some kind of knockdown move or anything else, I'm still gonna get knocked down for example. Its not like you're immune to things like that. So you can't just face tank something thinking you're immune to things like a knockdown or being blown away for example lol.
  8. Eh, personally I think its going to depend on your "use case" here. However, I'll take you down the road of my thought process as when I built my new rig recently. 1. I didn't intend for B&S to be the one and only game to play - period. Lol why build a rig just to play one game is beyond me. So pretty much, I intended for it to be for all PC games that I may encounter / ones that come out. Too many games are coming out for PC, especially console to PC ports like one guy mentioned here with FF15. 2. I also play games via emulator. So rpcs3 and cemu which are pretty CPU
  9. Nah that doesn't do it for me. Virtual reality tho....another story ;P. People want Yura and the other chicks as real as possible along with great interaction.
  10. Lol.........when I saw this topic it sounded like yet another broken record? Why? Because 4058405804504805 other mmos have the same topic. For example, BDO players have posted this on their forum. Is this your first mmo lol? For me at least, it sounds like a broken record like the 5 billion other things I hear such as: OMG Bots bots bots x company sux no GM eVA blah blah omG never Ban Cash shop p2w OmG no Content, game sux no Endgame just do dailies log off X game coming out its way better than this go play its gonna be the best X company sux, they
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