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  1. Hello, The activity of MSP parties in some servers are pretty low, maybe in all of them i am not sure, however players are not actually doing MSP that much anymore. I would like to suggest that you increase the chances of Magma spawning in MSP, so we can get our dailies done pretty please.
  2. 300ms, because i am an EU player and sadly i cant transfer :(
  3. Wls are not being nerfed at all, they are being adjusted, and they are actually getting buffed on KR test, just some skills were removed, some skills were added and some skills were merged!, the only nerf that is coming is the BM' dragontongue on pvp.
  4. man, i thought you're joking, i giggled big time.... but you were actually serious!!!
  5. Hello, i work in that field, and let me tell you this honestly. 1: Its not your ISP. 2: Its not the server's hardware. 3: Its not their network. That's how the story started, when this game was 1st released the ping was perfect, even tho there were an insane amount of players that joined - you could actually see many many players and you would never ping lag. The game didn't actually have any delay, or lag issues like we have now, i am from Egypt, and i should play on EU since i have good ping there, however i started to play on NA, and my ping was 150ms, believe it or not, i could
  6. I only have one question, will the dragontongue get the balance patch or not..if not then oh well, another season wasted.
  7. Blade and Soul is the best so far, however BloodLust is doing a great mistake everytime they delay a skill balance patch, they have no idea how the players suffer when that happens. One of the mistakes that will always make at least 1-2 players quit every month because of it.
  8. There will be a server transfer, they are still working on it.
  9. No improvements at all, the critical skill update are ignored completely, they don't care about the PvP player community base, for example BMs now have a fire build that can kill you in pvp within 2-4 seconds if you're stunned. Its nerfed and balanced in other regions but not yet nerfed on NA/EU.
  10. They used to have really good ping, but then they added some firewalls and stuff i dunno, after tht the server became pretty laggy. That was long ago when they were fighting against the Bots.
  11. Okay so when are we getting the nerf? are we going to keep fighting BMs with OP combo, that drains your HP in a matter of seconds? where is the fair?
  12. There are many EU players who play in the NA Server and the opposite, even when its NCsoft's problem from the start to do the BETA only in NA and not EU. Many players posted asking about Region Transfer, asking and seeking the Staff's help, but guess what they said? no its not possible etc. Take that and apply on many other issues community asked and they refused to do it, ofc many will leave.
  13. After the next patch. Tier 1 : WL, FM , SIN. Tier 2 : KFM, BD. Tier 3 : Sum, BM, Destroyer, SF. next patch BMs getting a nerf on their firebuild, so they won't be Over powered anymore. In the near future when we get the KR latest patch, WLs will be on top, period.
  14. Hello Bloodlust, Can you please increase the drop rate of the Mysterious Crystal in the ColdStorage?
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