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  1. Something Entertaining

    For some reason, this blade dancer decided in a dungeon called brood chamber to call me a trash blade master after our first attempt once we cleared the dungeon because someone drove the boss to the respective locations that time. I obtained the mark and disposed of it accordingly. I did not tank the last boss the second time because a clan member that had been in voice chat with us asked to do so. The point we are making is that each class can put some points in threat and tank bosses if the person behind the character chooses to do so. I suppose that makes the person who doesn't put points in threat trash because of reasons.
  2. Mail restrictions

    Okay, so right after contacting Ncsoft about their placing mail restrictions on me? https://prnt.sc/gd74m9
  3. So Whirlwind Valley Cheating Is It?

    I suppose you call anything lazy, it really can be helped by making a cap on the stats they need to get inside the queue. I think that would contribute to getting the right stats, and at least more people might pull their weight. Not that the will, I never put faith in lazy people that only want to stay with the same rhetoric. Well, I am off to bed everyone, and I had a nice time talking with you for now.
  4. So Whirlwind Valley Cheating Is It?

    Meese, people are allowed to do this since NCsoft does not want to manage it better, and accuses one over the other. People desire to have competent people on their team, unfortunately, I agree with some of what you said. I feel the higher end players only leave, due to how it does help, but the cost for materials they spend on keeps going up too. Keeping that in mind? It doesn't have to be about a few repair tools, but it depends on the one you want. I mean, feel free to laugh at me, but it all adds up to the right stats on a character. That's mainly the point I want to drive out there, but if they'd match people up against their level of statistics? Who knows, maybe they would all be equal, and go up in ranking faster. I mean, attack power are stats for PVE dungeons. I mean, people request six hundred attack power for yeti. I mean, I did Desolate Tomb at five hundred and eighty attack power on my sin. I believe we beat the boss, so you know what really turns me off? People who only want an easy run, that's what upsets me overall about this game. I mean, battlegrounds are more getting the stats you don't have I mean, stats you need are the one's you buy primers for. I mean, that infinity tower rng sucks, but you gotta do it. Well, then when you do it is rewarding, but you gotta have the patience others don't have. Otherwise, these are simply the results without mechanics, or knowing what you're paired up against. PVP "Duh, what just happened? I got one shot!" "I got stunned locked to death." PVE "It's a bit slower depending on the dungeon, then the seriousness of the mechanic you don't complete."
  5. So Whirlwind Valley Cheating Is It?

    I think a good solution would be to make a permanent cap that all players seem to revolve around for battlegrounds. Then reinforce that solution, with a backup solution like a persisting kick from the battlegrounds if you do not have the right statistics on at that time. Or, match us up with the people our statistics level in general. It's not about ranking at that point anymore, but can become since there is room to grow.
  6. So Whirlwind Valley Cheating Is It?

    No harm was done this might make sense too. Your comment did help a bit with a few things, most high-level players grief by having the statistics you don't have, or obtain eventually through gearing up. It goes both ways when you just don't equip something because others don't have what it takes. Then, it doesn't have to be about your team, it can even be the other team they want to win. For example, they have a guildie on the other team, and they're in discord. They talk, they want him to win, because their team is really stupidly low in all their stats. Knowing that, he takes off his armour on one side, then his weapon as well. This implies a bit of arena logic which you mentioned but mixed with the players that shouldn't have to carry others. Then, the one's who just cry willy-nilly for carries through battlegrounds in general. They don't have to grief you, they just are allowed to by not establishing a cap that will persist to keep others out of the queue.
  7. So Whirlwind Valley Cheating Is It?

    Raizou, stop it.You're going to give him the wrong idea like he can just join without stats. Wink-wink Raizou, the problem isn't wearing the items. It's not wearing what you never had, to begin with, therefore put a cap on it. Sorry, bad puns here amirite? It's simply because you wouldn't have it to put on, and therefore the stats reflect that. Although, that is the issue really in a nutshell. Not being equipped in general to do the right thing in WWV & Lagoon.
  8. So Whirlwind Valley Cheating Is It?

    AP can be around five hundred and fifty. You really just want to get the soul shields from infinity tower, then get some piercing, and even it out with the critical defence. That's mainly where you want to be at. Other people are going to have their galaxy weapon, also more crazy stuff like that. So just come prepared, maybe they won't have one thing like stats, and that offsets the entire thing. Basically, consider this world PVP, and you're just in a dungeon queue for it. You're going to need stats regardless for it, because that's what people will look at before they afk if the whole team doesn't have them.
  9. So Whirlwind Valley Cheating Is It?

    Pretty much, you got the right idea. My opinion is that under geared players shouldn't be there in the first place.
  10. So Whirlwind Valley Cheating Is It?

    Basically earlier today NCsoft was saying: "People were cheating to maintain their place on the leaderboards within WhirlWind Valley." When in reality, the problem is the under geared players ability to just walk in, and make our job twice as hard. It's kind of a double-edged sword, so they decided. Hey, why not quit the game, and log back in? Which I don't blame them to a degree, people cannot afford to pay for the events of this game twenty-four seven, and seven days a week. By doing this, they maintained their status on the leaderboards by working around NCosft themselves. As well the other players holding them back, but really you should have critical defence. Then go for piercing on your soul shields, but what they're doing is calling those people cheaters. When in reality, they're not cheating, because others cannot progress fast enough. I really think there should be a cap on critical defence, and on piercing before they claim who's cheating. Let alone entering whirlwind valley expecting a carry. People tried to ignore me once when they didn't even have three hundred critical defence. So the whole team was on me, and I would drop due to their inability to stay alive in general. I personally would quit before hand, knowing that my team would only be losing, and I wouldn't be wasting money on them. It just depends on who we are up against.
  11. You will have to excuse this snide comment Cricket. To me, this isn't what you would call cheating. Whirlwind Valley is a team effort, what do you expect people to do when your team does not come in with proper stats? It's kinda stupid that we are cheating apparently, by dropping out of the group before we die needlessly wasting our time on people like bots.This kinda goes for higher end players using programs, sitting at their office, and playing somehow magically at the same time. Must be a bad joke NCsoft, because if nobody aims to let people progress? Is it not cheating to let people into whirlwind valley unprepared, or to not let us make premade groups? "I don't take advantage of leaderboards, I take advantage of people who shouldn't be there without piercing stats, and some critical defence. I'm not a robot, that's why I wouldn't make one do my dirty work. Feel free to judge this comment, or make a meme as you see fit. It's simply boring without opinions, people live at others expenses anyway on this game."
  12. Server transfers & Old Server Issues

    The Naga mouse issue is solved here, common sense. I still get disconnected without it, so it is a server saved file issue. Via lag then creates a dump to kick you off the server, and an error message pops up. Such is the DLL error, but that's a simple guess via updated software. Content, producing it too fast, and never monitoring server behavioural patterns. Therefore, the servers are a problem for us all, and the time it takes for a slower form of technology to read we left. It's not my naga mouse or the build of the computer. Simply, the older servers with the delay hitting you offline. Therefore, NCsoft has yet to fix this issue entirely with spanning frequencies and making time to stabilise their connections for all users. Including their content.Takes of the same screenshot for about five minutes and the timing belt can be determined by the delay. That's five minutes almost, of stupid going full circles before you get to the server. http://prnt.sc/dfgufw http://prnt.sc/dfh9ls http://prnt.sc/dfh9nr http://prnt.sc/dfh9y2 http://prnt.sc/dfha3n This is a test with fewer people, we actually lived longer, and turned off most of our graphics powering the quality gaming experience. Then hit, Ctrl-F to shut off all the extra animation this server could not hold for our smaller frequencies spanning into one big frequency itself. A problem we call tilt-differentials, because the tilted lower frequencies get hit offline. Well, everyone does, and the server crashes. Because it has insufficient space for putting all this data in the proper locations. Going across the servers, now we meshed them into one big server. Basically, a mega server, if you will? Due to how some realms are connected. So, are they stable enough to connect them all, and run accordingly? My answer would be:"Not currently, but minor functions add to the total stress of everyone's PC connecting to the server. In order to play blade & soul, but the server hits them off as one whole group. Sort of like when MSP first came out, but you get what I mean. It simply hits a limit, then applies that to a flip of a switch, and the content wasn't stable enough to push more out in two days. Eh, who am I to say this will be good, or bad anyway right? You don't read up AM-FM frequencies on a daily basis, or look at hysteria the same way? Oh, sorry the wrong topic, but hope this helps people. It's like a flip of a switch, and you created a short circuit. The fuse being smaller, the bigger components get fried and jammed. Then, short-fused the computer, but to me? NCsoft needs to sort this out beforehand. Then delay the new content a bit, and give proper timeframes before it creates three problems for the sake of one. I mean, we could've fixed a lot by now, but never cared to fully address the issue itself. " See my silver frost revival charm, that's what you're looking at. Instead of making a finding waldo, and sorry for not pointing that out sooner. The cooldown shows the delay was at least a minute, and we still didn't kill the boss the first time. Thank you all, I shall reply when I wake up.
  13. A list of older issues, that keep trending to the system, or items we plug into our PC's? The simple explanatory issue is the DLL files of a server. The server itself is simply the file holder, but knowing this doesn't solve the physical idea it cannot process the DLL files themselves we use. I began to think the technicality of a saved file or alteration of saved files keeps people able to alter the chemistry of the game. Three ongoing issues kept me from saying this. Old servers, often find newer hardware incompatible, but forcible compatibility is a bit different than most people would like to hear.This often gets into the chemistry or makeup of a server with registering information faster than it can handle. Aka, the GPU on a graphics processor, or performance graph can be monitored by the PC working to an extent. Therein lies the problem, backwards compatibility by forcing something to stay within the logistics of a system, but never doing what people would in an organisation like IMVU. Personally, shares actually make people able to sell or buy gold from the seller in shares for an easier price. A saturated PVP, PVE, and Gaming environment are simply able to understand. So, hope you can keep up with me, but my mind is that computer. The components are not the issue, the setup is the issue, and the server is 90% to blame for the delay. A list of issues, I have a pretty badass build. I even lag in MSP, but you know I have noticed these select issues. Even with friends, then it could be backwards compatibility with the server, and your computer registering there is a delay. This is a million, and one issues with free to play games. Due to how I use the term:"Pay2win." Pay to get faster, pay to win, but the whale is the term we use. There are simple issues registering the saved files, then you can even get characters stuck in place, but that were defeated before in the same arena fight. A simulation is like so does not mean this is your naga mouse because the company has to adapt. So keep that in mind, the spanning is your issue, and the internet itself can be so far away it makes you unable to play. Buying gold is not fair to a player based system, but sharing profit by a percentage with them might be ideal for taking their game? See, that's twice the profit, but you know they're making this game an option at our own choice to hold others back. Rather than progress, stay stuck in the past, or move forward.That simple, because does the company have to adapt? Yet, of nobody can play due to server related issues? You could fry our PC's back to the root of the cause, and forward on yourselves by stressing everyone out in a microwave theory. A smaller, yet congested bigger output can fry itself as fast, and maybe just as fast as the smaller output due to that much information not having a cutoff switch. Round one Player one dies Round one Player two wins The joystick logic, there's a delay to pick up the lost data, and you have to wait for the server to catch up. The delay is often 15seconds or longer depending on the maker. These are a list of issues, via second round. Second round Player one, is still on the field. Player two, is still registered on the field as well. So, the bot or file itself says:"In my dungeon, you just have a delay, and due to the connection going full circle? This is simply an older server, and not compatible with all the newer technology. That's my average guess or the transmission back out is all wacky." Reason:"Clicked too fast for the server, or backwards compatibility to read the fight started over. Really, it just thinks you started over, or will eventually be an obstacle you must overcome. Or, the delay finally gets back to the server. Not just your computer, and data reads successfully that the DLL saved file is removed, or delay was the cause of this issue. Due to how the fight started, but the characters are still on the map from before." Player Two is still on the field. Reason:"Clicked too fast for the server, or backwards compatibility to read the fight started over. Really, it just thinks you started over, or will eventually be an obstacle you must overcome. Or, the delay finally gets back to the server. Not just your computer, and data reads successfully that the DLL saved file is removed, or delay was the cause of this issue. Due to how the fight started, but the characters are still on the map from before."This is just a simple problem with the connectivity, and servers having such a large delay when hosing up in MSP. One area, the spanning of your internet, and others can impact a lot that goes on via servers. To servers, this isn't a big issue, but to the player based system it is? So, it takes the willingness to improve the connection of the server, and everyone's as needed from their computers at home. Therefore the DLL file is an error with the server seeing you online. Then it boots you off, by spanning into a larger delay, but cannot register via strain on the servers themselves. Not just your connection, everything adds up, and when you take servers?" Consider a perfect circle, then you're fine, but if you don't have one? How do you connect, how do you transmit a signal, and everything is simply traceroute out. Rather than just traceroute out, trace it back in, and your speeds can impact everything the server cannot handle. Even if you are an Overpowered PC gamer? Yep, this happens to be an ongoing issue, because I use the term.."Your PC is a microwave, and really buy a better PC." However, not all people should have to do that. It's simply the servers spanning because we span them out so much with twenty-four man content? You are simply loving ranged classes because these patches must be better prepared for melee classes. Thanks, the idea of all this is a perfect circle, and cycle for everyone's hardware to be compatible with this old server one day. As a new server, but the content just gets released in a rather bipolar method. You have to afford better servers, and their compatibility with newer age technology beforehand. Then, it was the problem, or your PC can be just a solution to a different problem as well. Later on, not being compatible, because the spanning is to open. Then, everyone else has a great experience, but you refuse to upgrade. So, right now? 6700k Krait motherboard GTX 970 Geforce video card 16 gigs of PC memory SSD and using that for my OEM currently. I need to add sarcasm here because it is constructive. Just to fix my grammar, I have to wait for longer loops in seconds. Translate one-hundred seconds, and two minutes just to fix a simple mistake sounds like server's are too old.I mean, honestly.
  14. So are there going to be server transfers?

    Thanks, I agree with so much that's been said:"It's like the bread, then the butter of the gaming community."
  15. I feel like, nobody likes blues. Sorry, had to joke there, but you know too many blues are simply like saying? Hey, we all swapped to enslave you, and another joke comes out of this little witty laugh. Okay, so if you need that many people to kill me? Oh boy, come at me! Anyway, I swear this is just a little laugh, but at the same time my attempt to wonder when server transfers are going to be brought into this game? I feel the realms, not just the linked realms? Would be better, if people could invite anyone cross-realm, but for some odd reason? I cannot, so humor me a bit okay? I feel, the realms themselves should all be linked to one group, but this way we can simply all PVP on a mass scale. So, why not be able to transfer to Yunwa, because your friend plays there right? Rather, a whole guild plays there, and many more.I would like to transfer there, but the problem is we don't have that option yet do we? It's not like guilds are condoned by servers, yet they are simply a minority of the server rules. So, if you have this many blues, or that many red's We lack in competitive ways to get that one thing we love called a faction tabard! I believe, this would be nice because there is a time limit already for changing factions right? Yep, about seven days..Say, you have many toons on one server, but you have the will to transfer them to another server. Two of them, are your money makers, and the other the producers? How can you get good benefits, other than to grind, or make things easier? Simple, make more options, or make them transferable at a cost right? Like a character, just make it cost more, but in all reality, this is kinda just faction problems in general, and simply put in my views? "Work is like playing with things that easy if you don't have a challenge? A game gets boring if they don't help others challenge them? Then, how is that even a way to challenge the structuralism? So, if you are the only structure, because of majority rules? Should I not just transfer this, to produce things for a lower end toon anyway? With a toon that can, it makes things a lot easier, and the structure is simply. An, alternative way to say..I can't help this toon directly, nor my friends while being cut off from doing so, but I would hope that NCsoft takes this into consideration soon. People hate change, yet love it seconds after. Like, this makes me think..WTF!?!?!"