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  1. Again, openings are part of tactic - mastery the game, not learning game rules. Yes, this comparing is great example since BnS in broken from fundamentals. It is bases what means good game, at this phase the genre is not important because fundamentals are universal.
  2. In B&S: You have have 9 classes (6 figures in Chess) Each class have multiple skills Each skill have features like: power (need to know how it work with stats) stats modiffers (like incrased accuracy) range animation speed range of effect aditional effects like: iframes armor direction area of this armor
  3. And what is hard in this games to learn? For example Chess, you have 6 figures: The king moves exactly one square horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. A special move with the king known as castling is allowed only once per player, per game (see below). A rook moves any number of vacant squares in a horizontal or vertical direction. It also is moved when castling. A bishop moves any number of vacant squares in any diagonal direction. The queen moves any number of vacant squares in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal direction. A knight moves to the nearest squa
  4. In that case he have 100% right. Game must have simplest possible ruleset and be easy to learn, hard to master. If any game does not fulfill this simple requirements then just sukcs. To prove it: Starcraft Quake Counter Strike League of Legends Dota Poker Chess Football / Soccer Basketball Volleyball Tennis Golf All this games are highly recognizable. Do even single of them is hard to learn? Do even single of them is not highly competitive? Yes, that's rhetorical questions. Can you post even single good gam
  5. Most people expected action combat MMO and huge boobs, not RNG based instances grinder. While boobs alone is not enough to keep people play. Add to it completely broken class balance, P2W item shop etc. and the game is unplayable for most western audience.
  6. Crap games, there is reason I do not play them. And not only I, this games are true ghost towns.
  7. Huge profits you say. To make huge profits you need to make your consumers scream "TAKE MY MONEY!", not "****** YOU!". that is base rule of every business. MAke your consumers love you is even more important than quality of product that you selling. And there are reasons why all NCsoft games looks like ghost town in the west compared to competition.
  8. Then the deletion of this crap was just a flash of common sense. Sadly designers went retarded again.
  9. WTF? This class completely does not fit to the game. And how they can balance kung fu with guns? This class going to be insanely OP. Where this game designers have brain?
  10. Because koreans balance the game. But MMO is not 1v1. FM is the most OP class in mass PvP. and even in 1v1 hard counter for most melee classes, especially KFM. No. KFM is not strong even on paper: - it have paper defence - only single target attacks, no AoE and most attacks must be manualy aimed - are easy to dodge - No good combo openings, it can only try counter attacks - very ping and hardware depend - increccible weak capacity in mass pvp, even as for melee class
  11. This explain how this crap works. This explain why the KFM is total crap for huge majority of players. But it does not explain why they chose so insane decision. This recipe is a recipe that makes from KFM class: - able to do only 1v1 - only with ping under 20 - only with best PC on the market - best gaming monitor with 2ms reaction time and 120 Hz It is completly isnane game balance design. Completly does not fit in to MMORPG genre. They are doing crap like that and then surprise they losing player base and need to merge servers.
  12. That is true, the Gons boobs have ugly shape in like the half of costumes. That is the reason i prefer Jin and Kun, but they have too small boobs.
  13. Lore says Yun are females only. And they are nice, just need bigger boobs.
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