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  1. Dang books still drop from dungeons? lol. Got all mine about a year and a half before I quit, thought they were done with it now. Remember getting the most expensive one from treasure trove (BD) right before I quit, sold it for 150g. Was huge profit.
  2. Just noticed they put the costume I bought 1 and a half year ago in the upcoming event tab in dragon express. This is how they earn money on costumes, making people think they're bying limited edition costumes. Not that I expected it to never come back lol..
  3. Is jumping that difficult? Just hit the spacebar man.
  4. I love this game but I wouldn't give it a higher rating. There are still so many ways the game could be improved.
  5. Should have checked before you tried it. There is no guarantee of actually getting anything out of it.
  6. It seems to be quite random. I'm from Norway and I've never had problems with any other EU MMORPG's, but here I've recently noticed massive spikes. When doing dailies my ping can jump up to 900+ ping. And It's not just lag in-game, my entire internet is going crazy. And I know it's because of the game, cus when I log out or go to character screen, my ping drops from 900 to 6. The weird thing tho is that logging out and in normally solves it (sometimes for good and sometimes only for minutes). Weird stuff going on. I'm on Windrest btw and I only have problems in certain
  7. 1. I've never had any problems with my inventory space and I haven't bought any pouches. Just know which items to throw away/put in wh and salvage whenever you can. 2. You don't need "Real Cash" to unlock more spaces. You can get bags from spinning the wheel(daily dash) + you can buy them with Hongmoon Coins.
  8. Yes it's in-game. Screenshots are taken simply by pressing the "PrtScn" button, unless your client is bugged or something. Pictures are saved in a folder called "BnS".
  9. You'll get a whole bunch of costumes from quests. Some of them are pretty good looking aswell.
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