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  1. 48 hours and still no response to my ticket
  2. I find it really sad that they add more stuff to the store and not fix the broken stuff first.
  3. also look at dev tracker 5 post yesterday and 2 of them are useless.
  4. If it will be the same translation as 1-45 than i would rather not have it translated. that is some of the worst translation i have ever seen
  5. if its already in the game they are just waiting to make more money
  6. What i hate the most is there are items in the game that i cant use because the content is not out yet it feels stupid that i get items that are worthless. like warlock weapons
  7. Bots The Disconnecting People getting banned for buying ncoin Support takes a long time to get back to you also support not reading the tickets just copy paste. there are no devs here talking to us telling us whats going on outfits are not account bound Having to buy $20 of ncoin to get 1 month of premium The bad translations and voice acting Cross server dungeons leader can just take all the loot (ncsoft said this was ok) marketplace always crashing we are missing out on content server stability (mostly EU) "bugs"
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