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  1. Crimson: Bloodless Order - Serious Casual Players

    im interested in joining your clan
  2. question

    IF i buy ncoin and buy something will it still announce it in guild chat? i herd it was like that before
  3. The tower floors NEED a repair fire.

    get field repair tools
  4. was just about to post this also
  5. try and sue me i will win (once my lawyer get out of jail)
  6. indeed, let the hate flow. but the character showcase is a very good idea, do send a suggestion ticket :D yes see i knew it was a good idea im going to ask ncsof t for $1000 for my idea /s (i will send a ticket or a tweet so to know they look at this)
  7. Something i think that every mmo should have and would like to see in here also is that you can test max level toons. if you ever played an mmo before get high level only to realize that you hate the class and have to reroll so to help you test out the toons in a place full of training dummy and try out the class for a little bit to see if you like it. I dont know how well it would work but i think it would help players pick classes easier and not get discouraged when they level up a class and find out you hate it.
  8. We ARE getting v-day stuff!

    i was not the twitter person but i love you too <3
  9. item level up

    thank you
  10. item level up

    my necklace earring and ring are all awaken infernal 10 and my weapon is true profane 10 what one should i be leveling up first
  11. 1v1 arena stressful

    there could be a multiple different thing that could be making you feel this way. first is that there is rank dont want to lose rating. second might be because its vs a real player. its all in the mind i was the same way when i started playing ranked in league (i know not same game but same concept) it took me a while to get my nerves from getting to me in that. one thing that helps me is music it clears my head and helps me concentrate also take a deep breath before you queue up. there is nothing wrong with this its human nature to get nervous especially when there is something on the line (like rankings)
  12. other payment method :(

    Do you have a store like a gamestop they might sell ncoin cards there where you can put the coins on your account
  13. other payment method :(

    i dont know anything right now i can look and see if i find anythting