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  1. Can you implement auto HM 10 and all skills unlocked with like a token of some sort that is sold on the website for like 10€ / month. Ofcourse make it only for for that char to be able to enter arena only while the token is active. And when it isn't, char is back to HM 1. It's like premium, but only for peopel that want to PvP. I love PvP in this game, but PvE is a boring grindfest.
  2. Just refund. You're going to get banned for it. But it's not like you're planning to play the game anyway.
  3. They're strong when you know how to play them, like any class. But they're as hard to master as BM.
  4. It's not that you can. You MUST. As this game has shittest servers ever.
  5. They said on one of the streams that they're going to wait a bit with esport so people get better? Isn't that a nice way of saying, thatn you can go cricket yourself if you want esport?
  6. Do 200k worth of dailies per day and you'll be done in around 3 months.
  7. Forget bots, make more soundtracks am I right?
  8. So I started playing again after short break. And what I noticed it ping spikes and BIG ping spikes, from 20-> 400. So I get Pingplotter and I start pinging. This is from Ncsoft: NCsoft ping This is from FFXIV: FFXIV ping This is from Aion EU: AION ping This clearly shows that it's problem on your end or in between and is your responsibility to fix it and don't give us crap to contact our ISP. Adding more pings: Ping_1 Ping_2 Ping_3 The only ping that has no issues is Ping_1 and that is located in 'Murica.
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