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  1. .... You literally just messed up the whole outfit with your idea on how you think the outfit should be. You scribbled green stains on the outfit and a kindergarten drawing on it that doesn't even look detailed enough. What you should have done either put a panda's paw print on the back of it or a panda's face that looks adorable or completely re-drew the whole thing since you're so "good" at drawing and draw it to how you envision it. The colors you put on are out of place and they do not match... The only thing I can give you props for is putting blush on the panda hat and the button to give
  2. Did I offend you? I am sorry if I did. Because if you look at my post was no way I said that "people" don't like full fursuits. Where is the "people" at? Hm... Guess I was not being very clear about what I had meant about the whole suit thingy. I was comparing it to how the panda is superior towards the whalesuit. I think the whalesuit is cute but it is something I would not wear. That doesn't imply that I don't "like" it because it's just a fur/whale suit. I can say the same thing: that's a very long way to say that other than some lyns. When the lyn community has been very vocal about a
  3. This is a finalist and it had used the base template... look at the male & female back designs.....
  4. You wish to know why the panda outfit is superior to the whale? Look at this: https://i-cdn.embed.ly/1/display?key=fd92ebbc52fc43fb98f69e50e7893c13&url=https%3A%2F%2Fi.redd.it%2Fve4hqf0uqke11.jpg And then look at this: and then you tell me the difference of these two? Because I will tell you if you have not realize it. Look at the female costume of the panda and then look at the whale female costume. Look at all of the "animal" suits and then compare it to the panda one. Do you see it now? Do you get it now? They're not wearing a fursuit/whalesuit or however you want to c
  5. What the person had quoted to you is on par. Another game company (not saying their names here due to violation), had stated once that they are only game publishers, not developers. They just can't go out their way to fix or revert changes right away especially if it came from the original devs themselves. Someone has to contact the original devs and simply play the "waiting" game for the original devs to respond bringing them whatever they need to revert/fix things or simply tell them "no". Keep in mind that the devs themselves usually have to create a fix at times. So It is possible we migh
  6. They have... Check a couple of pages back. If you see the NCsoft icon beside a topic, it means that a CM/dev had posted on that particular topic.
  7. I find this to be the exact opposite because there are new players in my discord in fact, fussing about how it is not fair that they have a "chance" to get good soul and is bashing on NCsoft for this type of event. -face desk-
  8. Yeah I was thinking the same, the whole just cancel it if you move but let the animation play out if you want to see it. I honestly wish there were my sync animation between the master and the cat as well.
  9. Coming soon in the spring time RNG box right after trove.
  10. It has been removed from the from this region, I am not sure about the other regions it has been awhile since I played the other regions. Reason for this... and coming from my own experience. The animation is waaay to long. Yeah it's cute to see your character having a bonding moment with your partner in crime, but the thing is. When reviving your cat you could not move at all unless you get hit, the same was applied to the whole revival animation of your cat. So if you are in the middle of a boss fight and try to revive your cat in a bad spot nine out of ten you will likely die even if you
  11. I read it. I've been up literally eating popcorn and munching pizza all night long having movie night & reading constant replies of one side attacking the artist, the middle saying they do not care and will still throw money at it and then we have other side that is bringing their books and knowledge about the world of art and how it is not acceptable. I had already lost faith in NC's art costume designs. I knew something like this would happen again. If NC did not clean up the last mess with the costume designs... It will just give other artists like this one in particular the idea to
  12. Okay so the TLDR: Had she made her costume a different color, made her adornments slightly different (which she honestly did with the string ribbon on her yukata sleeves, hers has multiple loops while the one from the mobile game does not). Replaced the rope loop behind the girl's back and made it into a ribbon or simply not color/ have it the exact same style and color from the the artwork of one of the characters. She could have gotten away with it. The artist Apologized according to Zuzu's post. That right there should have been this thread's killer. I rather have artist go out her way a
  13. ^ Right here. I have close to 80 members in my clan, but so far only 10 - 15 comes on. If we're lucky, at night it is usually 20 members online. I have tried to get my clan to go to BT and we are always successful in clearing stage 1 first hand and then cheesing through stage 2. When it comes to corridors and trying to attempt stage 3, that's when majority of the raid falls apart. Outsiders or someone in the clan cries about that they have to go, when we announce for sign ups we get people to sign up, or they haven't seen any posts being listed. Or some kind of excuse is being brought up about
  14. Lol... I cannot wait to see your gunner complaint thread. Boy are you in for a surprise if you're complaining about wls 100- 0 aborning you. They're basically them but with guns.
  15. It's not hard making account on there. Some posts requires you to comment on their page in order to get their presets, you can just use an emote.... others however ask that you private message them and pay for the preset they worked on. You're basically out of luck on that end unless you have someone that can buy it for you. http://imgur.com/a/jFGY9 ^ There's your preset from that site. If you're wondering about his hairstyle he's wearing the raven one... most likely had changed his hair color and this must be an outdated version of the guy inside the picture.
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