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  1. Where is the Whale Costume?

    .... You literally just messed up the whole outfit with your idea on how you think the outfit should be. You scribbled green stains on the outfit and a kindergarten drawing on it that doesn't even look detailed enough. What you should have done either put a panda's paw print on the back of it or a panda's face that looks adorable or completely re-drew the whole thing since you're so "good" at drawing and draw it to how you envision it. The colors you put on are out of place and they do not match... The only thing I can give you props for is putting blush on the panda hat and the button to give it a more "kawaii" look. You were saying that you can do something better on MS paint and here you are... Admitting that you cannot draw worth to save your life and yet you trash talk the Artist. One thing that irks me as an artist myself, is that I cannot stand people that sit there and critique someone else's art when they, themselves cannot draw anything but a terrible stick figure/a kindergarten's drawing. I'll take back what I say about the kindergarten part. because when I was in kindergarten, my Pikachu drawings were better compared to what you slapped on the back of their shirts. Unless you can do something better I would like to see you submit into the next costume drawing contest and if you make it to the finalist I will give you respect and apologize and give you some gold if you're on the same server as me. But if you cannot? Please just stop being salty that the costume you wanted didn't get in. The artist that you like is not salty about it and had asked to not hate on the ones that made it into the final. Least you can do is respect their wishes instead of forming up a witch hunt which NCsoft will ignore.
  2. Where is the Whale Costume?

    Did I offend you? I am sorry if I did. Because if you look at my post was no way I said that "people" don't like full fursuits. Where is the "people" at? Hm... Guess I was not being very clear about what I had meant about the whole suit thingy. I was comparing it to how the panda is superior towards the whalesuit. I think the whalesuit is cute but it is something I would not wear. That doesn't imply that I don't "like" it because it's just a fur/whale suit. I can say the same thing: that's a very long way to say that other than some lyns. When the lyn community has been very vocal about always being forced to wear shorts. See? I can start assuming things too now. :P Like the old saying goes: Sex sells. The whale costume is a joke but in your own opinion, the panda outfit is a joke as well according to you. But in my opinion... The Panda outfit looks way better than the whale suit and doesn't look like a joke. More like a childish theme... However, there's another artist who posted their animal inspired outfit and I have to say that one looks better than both of them and should made it as a finalist. It appeals to both genders. Yet it's not in the finalist when it should've been. If they had to pick one animal theme for this contest. But I am not crying about it. Point is: Panda expresso is in the finalist whatever we like it or not. The whale costume isn't.
  3. 2018 Cosmetic Design Contest

    This is a finalist and it had used the base template... look at the male & female back designs.....
  4. Where is the Whale Costume?

    You wish to know why the panda outfit is superior to the whale? Look at this: https://i-cdn.embed.ly/1/display?key=fd92ebbc52fc43fb98f69e50e7893c13&url=https%3A%2F%2Fi.redd.it%2Fve4hqf0uqke11.jpg And then look at this: and then you tell me the difference of these two? Because I will tell you if you have not realize it. Look at the female costume of the panda and then look at the whale female costume. Look at all of the "animal" suits and then compare it to the panda one. Do you see it now? Do you get it now? They're not wearing a fursuit/whalesuit or however you want to call it. That whalesuit might be popular on reddit and if it did somehow end up being voted and won. Yeah it might be popular, but I guarenteed you that the hype would not be as high as it is put out to be, once it is delivered in game. It is nothing more but a meme this happened before... When people were screaming bamboo outfit NCsoft did indeed hear the player base cry and eventually got the devs to put it in game after teasing the outfit for sometime, (giving it in contests, promoting it in pvp events etc) they finally had released the costume to the public. And up till this day I have not once seen someone wearing the outfit ever since it was released to the public. The duck outfit was also part of the last year's design for winner vote contest or the second winner vote costume contest and people were upset that,ducks r us got in as a finalist compared to other costumes that looked better than that costume. The pig/plogge and cow outfit is rarely worn in game as well. I see at the most one or maybe two players wearing those costumes but that's it. The same with the horse mask. I only come across one or two people wearing it. Out of all of the fursuits/beanie baby costume I say the whale outfit is the most detailed one. But it is something I would not wear or vote for in game and I honestly think that something like the panda outfit would be my vote of choice if I had a gun pointed to my head and the person whos holding it told me that I have pick one of those Animal style/ beanie babies/fur suits for my wardrobe. Second of all if you have not watch the second aniversary twitch when they had showed us what free costume we would be getting for our aniversary. They had clearly said that the community has shown that they favor outfits that looks sexy/show a lot of skin. "Panda express" shows that. Whalesuit doesn't. Or if you want my side of view: It could be the fact that, that outfit offended NCsoft. You know that "whale" term comes into play.
  5. What the person had quoted to you is on par. Another game company (not saying their names here due to violation), had stated once that they are only game publishers, not developers. They just can't go out their way to fix or revert changes right away especially if it came from the original devs themselves. Someone has to contact the original devs and simply play the "waiting" game for the original devs to respond bringing them whatever they need to revert/fix things or simply tell them "no". Keep in mind that the devs themselves usually have to create a fix at times. So It is possible we might not get a word from it until the 20th or the next big update.
  6. They have... Check a couple of pages back. If you see the NCsoft icon beside a topic, it means that a CM/dev had posted on that particular topic.
  7. FREE Awakened Hongmoon Energy/Awakened Ascending Soul

    I find this to be the exact opposite because there are new players in my discord in fact, fussing about how it is not fair that they have a "chance" to get good soul and is bashing on NCsoft for this type of event. -face desk-
  8. Wish animation

    Yeah I was thinking the same, the whole just cancel it if you move but let the animation play out if you want to see it. I honestly wish there were my sync animation between the master and the cat as well.
  9. When can we buy this costume?

    Coming soon in the spring time RNG box right after trove.
  10. Wish animation

    It has been removed from the from this region, I am not sure about the other regions it has been awhile since I played the other regions. Reason for this... and coming from my own experience. The animation is waaay to long. Yeah it's cute to see your character having a bonding moment with your partner in crime, but the thing is. When reviving your cat you could not move at all unless you get hit, the same was applied to the whole revival animation of your cat. So if you are in the middle of a boss fight and try to revive your cat in a bad spot nine out of ten you will likely die even if you have a few seconds to escape that type of situation you simply will not be able to move until your cat actually stands back up. This was also an annoyance in PVP as well. The animation can be still be seen on rare cases, just don't move your character if you catch a glimpse of it.
  11. Golden Flower - Copied?

    I read it. I've been up literally eating popcorn and munching pizza all night long having movie night & reading constant replies of one side attacking the artist, the middle saying they do not care and will still throw money at it and then we have other side that is bringing their books and knowledge about the world of art and how it is not acceptable. I had already lost faith in NC's art costume designs. I knew something like this would happen again. If NC did not clean up the last mess with the costume designs... It will just give other artists like this one in particular the idea to continue to make a mess. Also to quote you about what you have wrote about the whole art theft vs art plagiarism Art theft and Art plagiarism have both something in common... Here is a quote from DA: • Plagiarism Plagiarism, also called "copying" or "tracing" when referring to drawn works, is the act of using third party content without adding any creativity of your own, and/or using material without credit to the original artist or copyright holder. Plagiarism is a form of copyright infringement; it is not considered a derivative work and is not protected by the fair use claim. Shall we go after the people that sell fan art next? I am not talking about original characters, logos, books etc. I am talking about Third-party fan art. I already put my two cents in this though. It is honestly pointless trying to educate the community about knowledge of plagiarism vs art theft, Derivative Works, Parodies, Transformativeness, Fair Use, The "Gray Area", The "Gentleman's Agreement" , The "Unspoken Rule" & Cease and Desist. Like someone stated in this thread: Majority will not care because they do not understand how much this means to content creators/artists, unless they are in our shoes right then and there. You're just blabbering out of the mouth just to get shut down by a brick wall with written graffiti saying : "I don't care". Trust me... Me and a few others have done the exact same thing you are doing but with last year's costume design contest. Bringing a whole encyclopedia about art is not going to get the majority to open their eyes. Slap them with a lawsuit right then and there... And maybe... Just maybe will open them up.
  12. Golden Flower - Copied?

    Okay so the TLDR: Had she made her costume a different color, made her adornments slightly different (which she honestly did with the string ribbon on her yukata sleeves, hers has multiple loops while the one from the mobile game does not). Replaced the rope loop behind the girl's back and made it into a ribbon or simply not color/ have it the exact same style and color from the the artwork of one of the characters. She could have gotten away with it. The artist Apologized according to Zuzu's post. That right there should have been this thread's killer. I rather have artist go out her way and apologizing instead of OP making a topic on here and create a bunch of petty drama. I have been in a similar situation this artist has been when I was still learning about how the internet works, I saw an outfit I liked and "heavily referenced" a neko girl outfit for my OC and post it online. I was hoping to get some nice comments about my work, but instead I gotten attacked by the whole community. The outcome was pretty much similar to this thread. I apologized and did come up with the whole "inspiration" excuse. I honestly needed to learn the difference between tracing, Inspiration, referencing, heavily referencing. I hope the Artist will eventually learn from her mistake as well... But can we stop trying to claw each other throats out? She apologized. The debate should have ended right then and there. Besides what is NC going to do? They let wonderland whose outfit was heavily referenced from multiple outfits of games and an actual original made Illustration artwork. Yet, we got it in game this year. I am glad it looks like crap in game, The art thief deserved that one. The outfit isn't winning anyhow so it is whatever at this point.
  13. [Update] Raid Sizes in Dark Origins

    ^ Right here. I have close to 80 members in my clan, but so far only 10 - 15 comes on. If we're lucky, at night it is usually 20 members online. I have tried to get my clan to go to BT and we are always successful in clearing stage 1 first hand and then cheesing through stage 2. When it comes to corridors and trying to attempt stage 3, that's when majority of the raid falls apart. Outsiders or someone in the clan cries about that they have to go, when we announce for sign ups we get people to sign up, or they haven't seen any posts being listed. Or some kind of excuse is being brought up about why they cannot join, yet they pressure me (and still do... ), to keep doing 24 BT man raid with them. As a leader of a clan... BT and now VT 24 man is going to be the downfall of my clan. It is not because the raids are "hard" it is because we have to rely on outside forces due to one side of the clan are casuals. The other side are hardcore/elitists and the elitist/whales have already ran off to do raids with other clans. Not to mention when having a national clan, timezones are a huge issue for us. We have players from AUS, SEA, OCE, PST, CST, EST & many more. Lot of them cannot make it due that sole reason. Do not even get me started on the FPS issue we have in there... When 12 man was announced it honestly felt like a godsend. Me & my clan was happy about it. We had made rules and priorities for 12 man... Then... Just to get slapped in the face with this update regarding to 12 man. I have been stressing a lot over this game. Being pressured by clanmates that want to do BT but does not show up majority of the time. I had gotten into an argument with an ex clannie over past month. Due to him not showing up for our raids, I mean that's honestly O.K. with me if you're not going to lift a finger to help your clan out... But it was the fact that the moment a friend of his offer him to join his BT raid with his clan, they breezed through stages 1 - 4. (Keep in mind this ex clannie was new to the game...). Our clan mate decides to come to our BT run for the FIRST time and after all was said and done, he Insulted me and the clan. We took too long to start up the raid. When we were gathering only like.... Ten or seven of us actually showed up. Then we had to wait for subs and backups to arrive. Having to constantly replace people with new subs and back ups, due to some of them having to leave during mid fight of stage 2. Now keep in mind (some of the subs were NEW to BT and they did not even say anything until some of the vets got a bit frustrated). I decided to call off the raid after being stuck on stage two for more than five hours That ex clannie left the clan saying that we are slowing down his progress. Players like him are the reason why my clan slacks when it comes to BT. All thanks to a few clans selling/offering free clan runs to the other clans/certain players. Like I had previously stated, I have nothing against other clans wanting to sell raids or pick off a select few of my members. What urks me is when we have players like him, who gotten that "red carpet" treatment and runs off to get carried by an EXP clan and then turn around and talk crap about the current clan he is in, because they cannot breeze through BT like the other clans did for him. Me and many others that have small clans should not be having to feel like weights are being stack upon them NC. I know some of these decisions are not always your doing, but if a dev is the actual reason for this update, I hope that you are honestly begging the Devs, on your knees for them to give us 12 man. I do am not really concerned about VT at the moment but it would be nice to at least give us BT to 12 man, I said AT LEAST! Both would be great.... But clans like (mines) can progress faster with BT 12 man since we do not have to rely on an entirely different group to beat the dungeon. Luckily, some of my members have backdoor sources and offered the ones who is running around with raven or is close to it to join their raid. This is nice and all but, I have a few that remains loyal to the clan and refuses to join with another clan unless I am conducting the whole thing. So I am being ripped and torn to shreds. Heh, I am always feel like I am pressured to make others happy in my clan and yet I am not happy.

    Lol... I cannot wait to see your gunner complaint thread. Boy are you in for a surprise if you're complaining about wls 100- 0 aborning you. They're basically them but with guns.
  15. Do You Need A Character Preset? Inside For Details

    It's not hard making account on there. Some posts requires you to comment on their page in order to get their presets, you can just use an emote.... others however ask that you private message them and pay for the preset they worked on. You're basically out of luck on that end unless you have someone that can buy it for you. http://imgur.com/a/jFGY9 ^ There's your preset from that site. If you're wondering about his hairstyle he's wearing the raven one... most likely had changed his hair color and this must be an outdated version of the guy inside the picture.