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  1. Well the thing is the charge disables. SS doesn't remove the charge disables but E does. So sometimes you can't use shadow dash, which is complete ass. Tab switch supposedly dispels charge disables but it really doesn't and that really hurts us with that when we can't follow up with shadow dash. :(
  2. https://bnstree.com/tree/AS?b=ryXZm7SNl Lightning Build. In my opinion, and as someone who has been using Dark Build longer than Lightning, Lightning Build is the BEST build to go for an Assassin. I have tested Dark and Light numerous times and they are on par in terms of DPS. But Lightning is more stable and constant as it doesn't rely on critical hits as much as with Dark Strikes. You also get movement speed bonuses in stealth to catch up to the boss if you aren't tanking, plus evasion if you mess up. Getting 5 poison stacks is very easy on both builds in this patch and its use
  3. TLDR, low cooldown, poison stack for combos, disable block skills. Extra damage too.
  4. HM LMB is unnecessary now since venom pierce also procs on stealth RMB.
  5. You need to upgrade that old siren weapon in your storage. Keep upgrading it until it gets better than your current weapon. It's expensive but that's your only weapon that you get to upgrade. Same with everything else, upgrade all your old things that have replaced with the event items you got. For starters you want to run Awakened Necroplis, Avalanche Den, and Lair of frozen fang. Those three are the essential dungeons for newer players.
  6. Yes it is very possible to tank with assassin. It is easiest to tank as a sin with dark build because you have access to decoy. You will be using Q/E, SS, C and decoy a lot for that. That's really all there is to it. Poison stacking shouldn't be a problem with your acrid stars from resists. Also need to remember that venom pierce poison will proc when you crit in your RMB F's in stealth. There is no particular rotation as long as you get your poisons in. If ranged classes have better gear than you and are taking aggro, then lightning build is recommended for sure as you get movemen
  7. I don't think this is hardly a nerf. Maybe a fix so you can't cancel lightning pierce resulting it in doing no damage.
  8. Sooo you're saying you are too wimpy and dead so much to use the legit way to play? What a SCRUB. Lol, don't even involve PvP, we are talking about macros in general here. Nigguh sins like these ain't good enough to handle rotations with no macros repeatedly without help. "OOOH MY HANNNNNNDS HURRRRT!!! I'M SO TIRED OF PRESSING BUTTONS!!!! I NEED MACROS SO IT'S NOT SO BORING!" I'm not even trying to say you are bad in performance, just pathetic to be using macros.
  9. Ninjas are assassins though lol.
  10. So.... Are you trying to say, you are garbage at playing sin and need macros to DPS? SMH. Scruuuuuub. "The only right way to play bns", use cheats suuuuure....! It's not about highest DPS, it's just that only scrubs use macros and cheats. PvE included. Get gud with your hands.
  11. Now with this yeti HP nerf, you will need about 590-620 as the BARE MINIMUM to solo yeti, depending on class, and play must be PERFECT. You might need slightly more. Also requires to have a good amount of crit damage. At least 200-230% along with 50%+ crit. Done it myself with 583 AP and 227% crit damage with 53% crit. It was quite difficult as I had to play perfect. I played as an assassin. I used a bruiser charm to reach 593 AP, friendship charm to increase critical chance and life drain, Mamosu stew to reach 598 AP which adds 5 AP and increases all stats too.
  12. A lot of people who play assassin spam and mash the RMB button in order to DPS, which of course is what you want to do. But there is a way to make RMB hit even faster. Mashing RMB will make it slower. Well not slower per se, but you could be going faster. TLDR: Hold down your RMB and time your key presses. Lightning: In Lightning build, hold RMB while finding a good rhythm time for pressing F and 4, you can strike a LOT faster. One major advantage is that RMB will actually hit TWICE, rather than RMB-F-4... it will come as... RMB-F-RMB-4. If this doesn't happ
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