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  1. Ever since the May update my ping has been continuously fluctuating between 100-300. The player look-up function, my F2, F10, and Marketplace have been taking forever to load. Loading screens have been extra long. There hasn't been a day where my game does not crash at least once when i'm running a dungeon or zoning into a place. Nothing has changed on my end with my ISP or my PC so the issue isn't on my end. Even when I went to update my game today (May 16) the download didn't even go any higher than 100kb/s. I'm located in East Coast, VA if you need that for what server i'm close to.
  2. This game stopped being "New Player Friendly" a long time ago. They'll still keep pushing Events, F10 marketplace, "buy Ncoin to progress", "buy our RNG box or grind till you die", Trove Trove Trove. Basically at this point in the game if it doesn't make the company money they dont care. But hey guys we're still focusing on our very extremely small PVP scene baiting view numbers with free stuff. ;)
  3. You're missing my point. They want you to grind dailies and dungeons for the pouches/chests in turn making you play longer to get your jewels. It was never intended to have it be cheaper by means of buying mats from the marketplace.
  4. The 20k HP thing wouldnt fly. besides that I feel you have a nice rough out for a new class. Keep in mind consideration of class balance/dungeon participation/overall impact/etc. There's a lot more that goes into class creation than "Here have a combo set, its pretty cool".
  5. Its a pseudo extension on the life of the game. Instead of buying all of your jewels/elements in bulk you're forced to play longer and complete maxing accessories over time. This drives players to participate more in events and dungeons, buy loot boxes with NCoin to shortcut this extension, or quit because "KR grind 2 hard". If they make you play the game longer it means you're sticking around longer for more updates. It goes a lot deeper than "You just can't buy 20g/ea anymore". Pretty sneaky strategy if you ask me.
  6. Maintenance is expected to end in the next hour. Maintenance happens every Wednesday usually at the same time [7:00 AM EST]
  7. I'm sure someone has already said this but its a common courtesy thing due to White Orbs being between 1-5g and the dungeon itself giving next to nothing for loot besides 1 pouch. Get over your greedy self, pass on the 1 pouch, take your FREE clear since it wasn't your white orb, and grow up if you think that its "unfair" to pass loot to whomever is spending their White Orb to also give 5 other players a free ride.
  8. If you die in a boss area typically just stay there dead until clear or reset. Guaranteed quest done. Things that are out of your control are bad mannered players that don't wait for the full party to begin, or your internet is so bad that you take forever in a loading screen because instead of playing BNS in a more native server region aka. KR, TW, JP You decided to play NA and screw everyone over with your bad ping and long loading screen times. Also on a side note, if you dungeon leech you're a piece of garbage and deserve to be reported. This thread isn't some "how
  9. Still have the old 30 jewel option of making a maxed out bracelet/belt and salvaging it. Haven't done the math on it but I know its always been cheaper than 20g/per
  10. And now that they posted what they're gonna do it's already set in stone. They cant take this back as it would further ruin the integrity of their company (What little they have left). So all we can really do is step back and watch everything just fade away as we picket fence and riot, and begrudgingly farm all the stuff back.
  11. Not to mention they already put up an unlimited buying for "Zakhan's Claws" way back and it just glazed over the community like nothing happened and now you do the same with "Hands of Xanos" And suddenly it was a "Mistake". Total Dirty marketing here. I don't believe that this was a mistake. It was "Working as intended" as you say to many of your already broken things in this game :)
  12. I made a BM that looks like Afro Samurai
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