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  1. Hello BnS Community, I have taken the liberty to create a "Massive Character Preset Bundle" for everyone to enjoy. Mind you, I did not create these but rather I was collecting them for the community. Creating a character is tough for some and the time it takes is even longer. Fear not players, as this bundle might help you in your next character creating. I have included a "ReadMe" text inside this bundle and I urge you to read before exploring any further in the folder. Total Character Presets: 1,102 (with exception to that there might be some repeats by accident)
  2. @BlazeeHell Please CLICK HERE to obtain the preset. Enjoy! ;D @Moonrider Check Below: 1. First preset has been deleted from POSTER, I believe he or she wants to PM them, but I can't do that. Sorry. 2. For the second preset CLICK HERE to obtain. 3. Third preset, I have to PM the poster, but that is something I can't do. (language barrier) sorry! 4. Fourth preset, that topic is dead, so I don't think its obtainable. Sorry. 5. So sorry I can only obtain 1/4 of the ones you wanted. Sometimes I am lucky and sometimes I am not. Hope you enjoy the one I could at l
  3. Every post I make is like two points I think. Might take a week, I don't wanna spam their boards lol. Might raise suspicion.
  4. Welcome back to Blade & Soul. I am sorry to hear that you ran into these issues and NCSOFT swiftly deleted your support ticket without reasonable cause. My recommendation is to send another support ticket. Perhaps on their end, they made a mistake and deleted the wrong support ticket. Another suggestion would be is, 1. Uninstall game (Completely remove all files related to B&S) 2. Clear Cache, (use CCleaner if you have to, it helps) 3. Reinstall the game. 4. Hope that it works out. This is the best I got. Hopefully someone else has b
  5. @Fenix1983 No problem :]. Hope it works out for ya.
  6. Another Round of Requests: @Naeza I am sorry to inform you that, this preset is available for certain members only. I am not quite sure what that means on their site but I cannot obtain. @Fenix1983 First one cost money sorry. Second one, CLICK HERE and the third one is a password protected zip file that needs to be purchased. This is all I can get. Sorry! @Kalnu Will have to give me some time to rack up more forum points on this site. Some require higher points before I can get them.
  7. While part of me does agree the other part is that, there is always going to be new players signing up to play and if we remove that part of the story or tutorial, then they won't get to experience the whole storyline.
  8. Hello Folks, Thanks for your requests. In advance I do apologize to some of you that I cannot obtain the ones you requested. @SauronTheGreat Sorry I cannot obtain any of the ones you requested. The first one has no image, the other two require payment for password before unzipping the files. Perhaps another in that site might suit you? @Naeza Find the exact same preset you found, and then copy the link address above the webpage. (ex) forums.bladeandsoul.com @Akiyoshi The first one you requested, I cannot obtain. Requires some kind of number of s
  9. NOTE TO MODS: If you feel this post is not appropriate, feel free to remove it. Thanks. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi. Are in you in a hurry to play Blade & Soul? Don't want to spend to much time on creating your character? Or perhaps your you lack the skills enough to create a character of your dreams. Well then, I believe I have a solution for you and that is Character Presets from bbs.17173. This website contains plethora of Character Presets to choose from. Of course its
  10. Unfortunately the change is correct --> http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/soul-badge-blitz-patch-notes/
  11. This patch is just a whole level of messed up lol. I just logged in like 30minutes ago and no "Todays Special" outfit lol~. They need to do another maintenance lol
  12. @IskraXIII Oh didn't know but the keys are still available. At everyone else, your welcome. Enjoy ;D
  13. Only 1118 keys left! (AS OF THIS POST) HURRY ITS RUNNING OUT QUICK! Hey All, I am not sure if this was posted here but it looks like Alienware is doing a giveaway as well. Take a look below for details and instructions how to obtain code. I promise it is legit. No money required Premium Membership (7 Days) – Get bonus gold and XP plus extra benefits Traditional Hongmoon Dragon Soup (x3) – Increases the XP gained from combat by 100% Invigorating Mamosu Stew (x3) – Recovers HP and provides stat bonuses Dragon Trade Pouches (x3) – Expands inventory,
  14. I can vouch that this is real and 100% legit. It worked for me and got the items it said it would come with. As a refresher to what comes in the bundle here is a more understandable list and instructions how to obtain the code. Shadow Guard costume Feline Frisky hat Traditional Hongmoon Dragon Soup Hongmoon Brilliant Silverfrost Key Hongmoon Unsealing Charm Hongmoon Key 7-day Premium Membership 1. Visit Humble Bundle Here --> https://www.humblebundle.com/e3-digital-ticket 2. Scroll all the way down the page (like literally) hard to mi
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