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  1. Then just not intervene on others problems or situation and go and enjoy your game. Anyways keep going maybe you can be the next community manager. I am out now , forums in not my thing. P.D : He wants enjoy the game but not support new players or low gears players for what i see in your posts T.T
  2. Maybe your real account are one of those gg , well good luck with your forum crusade.
  3. He even have to use an alt account to flame in forums cuz he is afraid of people looking for him on his real account lol.
  4. Just look at his history , 172 posts , he spend more time in forums than playing , is a forum worm.
  5. that is not stole goods, he/she buy those pets from market or people, cold be from exploit could not. Stop answering other people post when are not directly to you @Uldrum you have been playing this game for 1 year only , there is people here that have been for almost 4 years.
  6. @Hime Ticket# : 23597705 Character : Astartey Server : Yura
  7. Where are the pet pods, outfits, materials and gold that you guys took from people without say nothing. If you want to close the game in the West just openly said it , don't be so low like this.
  8. Are you blind? PVP are the reason why those whales that support BnS with their money try to get even more gear more gems to have an advantage in 6s related to gear, now that that advantage is gone they will spend less. Battlegrounds is not intended to be equalizer for that there is arena and for a time was Shakles Islands, is not funny seeing like a player with low gear can survive a full combo and more from a max gear player is just stupid, I am not saying to 1 shoot people but even in arena if you do a good combo you can get someone from 100-0% hp , now in BGs is impossible.
  9. In the last patch we received a nerf in 6s but the amount of damage that people do even with max gear is ridiculous low , we got a nerf exacly as Korea have when we have like 50% damage than korea players , if this continue like this more than 50% of the pvp community (the few that still remains) are going to quit the game, also the BP are the principal source for moonstones and now you spend more time in a single battleground and that implicates less batte-points to exchange for materials. Please reconsider those changes in pvp skills.
  10. Are you guys for real!!! 390 pet pods that’s just stupid , i can garantee that around only 200-300 players in NA/EU have max pet , is already hard enough to upgrade pet and you adding 390 more pet pods when there is no way to get those from the game. I am not F2P , i have spent in the game for 3 years now and still don’t have max pet, if you guys just want to shutdown the game to focus in your bad mobile games just do it now but stop ripping the people that actually want to play and progress in the game. Or just make pet packs more accessible in the game, for example: make an item from
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