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  1. brought to us by greedy, inconsiderate prix.
  2. Nice troll. Over 6 months and over $20M USD, yet they can't even be bothered to acknowledge half the problems, never mind accept any responsibilty. This.
  3. Hah you did this too, calm - polite and plenty of info in the tickets, jumping through all their hops, and the same crappy copy pasta responses ending in "we can't do anything, but you could try the forums". I wish someone would rent a decent box to host the game; making it actually worth playing again, NCSoft cleary don't seem interested in fixing theirs. Edit: LOL I just noticed that : "We are on top of this issue and we have also received multiple reports similar to your issue. We will be posting updates on our forums regarding this so we suggest that you
  4. 1: Download PingPlotter 2: Trace Target: 3: Routing issue would look something like: With steady routing NCSofts potato server looks like: TFW 423ms should be sub 40ms:
  5. Not defending macro users so don't take this the wrong way. But it is literally impossible to learn consistent timings with such a constantly-heavily fluctuating ping. I used the SS macro until I heard on one of the streams it wasn't allowed, at which point I bought a mech keyboard which helped a bit, but there are still occasions my chars will just move back in small steps when mashing SS.
  6. I guess you used the in-game profile portrait camera as it appears they will only except those. r.i.p
  7. After pingplotting lots of different Germany based servers, hosting games from various genres, I have been unable to find any that performs as (consistently) crap as these Blade and Soul servers. There's a 20 page thread started in 2014 from Wildstar and countless other similar threads. Blade and Soul and Wildstar are sharing the same toaster as they were pinging the same target. Random quote from Tera EU forum: Travor Intermediate Posts: 213 13
  8. I had one that didn't get removed the first time but did this time. :( It was a screenshot of my character cropped to size in paint.
  9. So never then, as that'll only happen when they close the servers for good.
  10. DayZ, arguably one of the most broken PoS games ever, in Alpha; has more stable servers. Here's a relatively cheap to rent, full, 50 man server, hosted in Frankfurt: 44ms max over 10 mins.
  11. Wasted enough money on the game, not willing to pay for a service that isn't honest (free trial should sell me the product, not put me off it). I don't have any problem relating to Dynamic IP.
  12. EU: NA: Same spikes but much less frequent.
  13. Tried it, the only thing it succeeded in doing was increase base latency by ~20ms and mask the spikes within it's UI output, but they were still there.
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