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  1. I wouldn't call it a paywall, but a little unfair maybe. However, I do believe the paid max is like +5 or somewhere around that line. Now, something that a lot of people forget is AP means nothing sometimes if you can't control the character you play. BnS is skill based, and those who are very skillful tend to get a lot more out of it for free. Granted this does put a small wrench in for casual players, but even they can get to learn a character through time enough for it to be beneficial. As for the p2w comment, I just wished to clear that up before it was used. In today's g
  2. -takes a deep breath- Allow me to explain a few things. Many have seemed to not realize that this game is very skill intensive. And many still use what are called cookie cutter builds. Being a player from other servers i can honestly say that ont the NA version each class is as equal as the other. On RU Warlock had to be nerfed, on NA it came pre nerfed. The reason being is the only other character, and it too professional competitive players to beat it was FM's when it came to Warlocks. Many may still say summoners are OP, but in truth they are quite easy to take down. In most instan
  3. Jaite, trust me it's not the ISP, it's network optimization issues on NCsofts end. The packets being lost is not coming fromt eh client to the server, it's coming fromt eh server to the client. Read the disconnection thread with graphs and you will see exactly what the 1000 and 3000 errors are. You will even see how the tech support reacts. Because a few people, including myself have posted the tech logs. There are various issues at play, and very few are from the client side, and even those are minimal in impact of resolving this issue.
  4. WHile I do agree with the first and third bullet in this list, the second one is interesting. First, there is no paywalls. Second there were RNG boxes but they were removed... thankfully. Also people tend to forget that granted it's a pain in the rear to do. You can get hongmoon coins that will buy essentiallyt he same stuff as Ncoin. Now granted the prices are lower than Ncoin,t hey can be reletivly harder to farm sometimes depending on your luck with RNG. Some get them all the time, some do not. Still the ability is there. To expand further on paywall. Think content on SWTOR, where
  5. It's the 1000 and 3000 error I am guessing. If so it has nothing to really do on the client side, well near to nothing. Tech support will tell you to contact your ISP, however your ISP will say that there isn't much they can do unless you actually are having issues on their end, but the issue may still presist. For some reason the servers are optimized, but come every new patch these errors keep coming back. Not everyone gets them. But what it pretains to is a massive packet loss durring loading screens. To put it simply a great deal of information is being dumped on the loopback. or in
  6. Before the whole 50 patch and before blackram I played quite religiously on this game to the point I got a 37 FM on taywong rather quickly compaired to the constant idling and chatting I did while I helped people whom haven't played other versions of this game. Explaining how this game was a bit diffrent than most others in terms that practicing a lot with a character and finding builds that suit them was sometimes the best choice. In this event of sharing knowledge I was running around and just hit about 20ish and got to the point the quests asked me to enter Blackram Narrows. They realize
  7. Q: When will Server transfers be allowed in the US/EU BnS? Or is there a way we can actually get that done now without the use of having to press a button? Explination: I have a lvl 37 FM from when I started this game, and it's tedious to send things to my alt on another server where I have long time friends who I just recently got in contact with again. Some account bound items and other things like keys made from Radiant rings and other things can't be mailed cross server causing a problematic result in terms of giving both characters the necessities they need to progress fu
  8. I do agree with this. Being a former elitist(though not a prick) you don't have to be a complete asshat to get the job done. The original idea of elitists was that they were the ones you went too when you wnated to know more about a character or dungeon. These days, they are nothing more than people with 5 year old mentalities fighting over the same lego when theres several thousand others sitting beside them. Game after game I have proven that for starters "Gear points" Levels and items mean total crap if you have the skill to accomidate for the lack of. Just because you are (overexader
  9. On my FM I could easily solo narrows at 37 without an issue and I tend to help newbies out for this very same issue when I am on it. It is true however that not just as a faction or as a guild you should be willing to teach when you are higher lvl. As higher lvls you are defenatly known for knowing the game more than most newbies. With how versitile this game is, even just dungeon runs are blatently shown with disrespect. Personally I do have to inch myself in instances otherwise I risk a 50/50 chance of dcing, so I diliberatly wait for the newbies to load so they can be ready to take on t
  10. Jan. 30-Feb. 13 2016 Tech log. I hate to admit this issues been a problem for a while. And it is the only issue that seems to be getting the worst rep. Many issues have been fixed since the time I first started playing. This, however, has stayed an issue. Being an IT myself I can honestly say that this is not on the client side, and what little is, isn't the main issue. Nor does it show to effect the problem more or less in terms of a solution. I don't have my graphs now due to a few optimizations and what not to this computer.(deleting old files, cleaning registries, fixing various i
  11. There is a difference between suggesting and 'telling'. However, with so many not knowing their classes full capabilities, sometimes explaining to them the various setups and how to use them accordingly does come in handy. Not just for you. But also for them. Also, if you mean the list itself, it's what you call party etiquette. Something MMO's have lost a lot of over the years. There are very few in terms of having these traits these days. I could understand the anger too, however as you said. There are lines you shouldn't cross. When in a party, it's proven that the
  12. When I mean hardware, I am not saying it is your side alone. Since OB Launch the games been having various performance and network issues. However, only the few who know their ways around a server can realize them sometimes. In truth I think they should hold off on content for a little bit and do some transitioning and optimizing so that when content is released. it's more enjoyable for everyone, expecially them. Cause let's face it. Bug reports that are constantly being resent only takes more time from them and what they really want to do. And we have to stop to give themt o them and s
  13. Okay, I am writing this in hopes that there is a way to contact support and have a character transferred from one server to another. However, it may not be possible just yet. Hence the question. If it is not, this is a request to allow it to be done. I have recently changed servers due to having old friends whom I have played with on other games on it and I would like to bring my first character over as well,t hat way I don't have to worry about cross server mail restrictions, as well as being readily accessible to help with another class if need be.
  14. I do know that, I was just explaining the various issues of why he could have that issue. Saddly I had to contact support a while back myself about the 1000 errors durring loading screens and I even advised them as an IT that my side was pretty much perfected and optimized. And what was causing issues on my end was fixed by the time I got done with them, however they still happened at enough times to rule out my end.
  15. IE a joke about how not to play. Because in the end this causes fewer and fewer people that you can play with and farmw ith in the end. The end result becomes an absolute forever alone. But all jokes aside, I played on taywong for a while before switching to Poh. and I came from playing the RU version when the US was finally released. The toxin that has effected this game has only gotten worse from that time and now. I was actually teaching people on Taywong in my faction about how versitile FM's can be. Explaining that each class may seem simple but there is still an ammount of learning
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