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  1. I wouldn't call it a paywall, but a little unfair maybe. However, I do believe the paid max is like +5 or somewhere around that line. Now, something that a lot of people forget is AP means nothing sometimes if you can't control the character you play. BnS is skill based, and those who are very skillful tend to get a lot more out of it for free. Granted this does put a small wrench in for casual players, but even they can get to learn a character through time enough for it to be beneficial. As for the p2w comment, I just wished to clear that up before it was used. In today's gaming community when you use things like as you stated, paywall. People automatically throw the words out. As for the story, I had a friend finish it with 300 AP as a challenge from one of the guild mates I was running with. But, that is beside the point. The guy spent days doing nothing but practicing his character to get ready for that challenge. Needless to say the friend got 300g from the guildie for completing it and the satisfaction to say he was one of the lowest in AP tio do so. Again, there is still an ability to get all these things with hongmoon. As for buying gold or selling gold with Ncoin. Once you hit 30, farming gold gets easier, byt the time you hit 40 it gets even easier. By 50 in it, if you knwo what you are doing. Willing to spend a couple hours doing so. you can pull at the very least. 100g an hour. As for what this game is, it's a PVE, with a side of PVP E-Sport. So essentially it is both. Both sides are equally played, and people complain cause they have to PVE so they can PvP. As for hongmoon skills, yes, they take forever to farm. But for due reason. They are not skills that you see every day because they are rather powerful. The necessities for that is done through The Tower and Zen Beans. As for pets, There are pets that drop from what I have heard. NCsoft are going to be making more pets drop as well through out the game. Granted they work in Faction, however in the arena, you gain no stat bonuses what so ever, just visual. So if you have a lvl 10 Lycan pet like my friend FLora on Poh has.(cute and shiney) All that health, defence, and other stats are disabled while in the arena. The bit part of this game is it's easy to get to XX level, but there are what you call skill gaps. Anyone can rush through the content, but you really need skill to pass specific aspects. Yes I say this alot, but I can't stress it enough. This games system isn't like most where AP and HM means everything. I've seen 35's out do 45 HM5's in both DPS, as well as survivability. Same with the various HM's in the 50 catagory. Seen people taht knew what they used, and people who just sucked and thought that they were good just cause their lvls and AP.
  2. -takes a deep breath- Allow me to explain a few things. Many have seemed to not realize that this game is very skill intensive. And many still use what are called cookie cutter builds. Being a player from other servers i can honestly say that ont the NA version each class is as equal as the other. On RU Warlock had to be nerfed, on NA it came pre nerfed. The reason being is the only other character, and it too professional competitive players to beat it was FM's when it came to Warlocks. Many may still say summoners are OP, but in truth they are quite easy to take down. In most instances, the pet is only a distraction, and each class has ways around them. Blade Masters are by far the HARDEST in terms of playing due to it takes tons of paitence training, and stance switching to propperly play them. FM's and Warlocks hit the highest in DPS when it comes to full bursts. However they lack in other aspects. FM's are very versitile, but can be very hard to learn and always have to stay on the move. Warlocks are more stationary with low health/defence traits but have a pet to compensate for that in PvE. KFM's have what are called blindsides, making them unable to counter, Destroyers, are simple to play but hard to truly master. Blade Dancers are much liek a melee version of FM's, always having to be ont he move, but dealling a fair amount of sustained damage. Till you experiment fully with each class, you cannot really say whats ballanced and whats not.
  3. Jaite, trust me it's not the ISP, it's network optimization issues on NCsofts end. The packets being lost is not coming fromt eh client to the server, it's coming fromt eh server to the client. Read the disconnection thread with graphs and you will see exactly what the 1000 and 3000 errors are. You will even see how the tech support reacts. Because a few people, including myself have posted the tech logs. There are various issues at play, and very few are from the client side, and even those are minimal in impact of resolving this issue.
  4. WHile I do agree with the first and third bullet in this list, the second one is interesting. First, there is no paywalls. Second there were RNG boxes but they were removed... thankfully. Also people tend to forget that granted it's a pain in the rear to do. You can get hongmoon coins that will buy essentiallyt he same stuff as Ncoin. Now granted the prices are lower than Ncoin,t hey can be reletivly harder to farm sometimes depending on your luck with RNG. Some get them all the time, some do not. Still the ability is there. To expand further on paywall. Think content on SWTOR, where you have to pay to apreciate it at all, on BnS, as a free player, yes you will be limited. But you still can do it. As a payed player, things like the infinite tower, you can pay for extra tickets... though again they are limited per day on how many can be used. So, the term paywall is defenatly out of the picture. In conclusion, there are two verry verry insightful words that need to be addressed. First, I already adressed. Paywall. Second is P2w and it's variants of pay to Win. There are no pay to win instances. Everything can be gotten for free with enough hard work. On top of that, nothing int he cash shop is exclusive to people who spend money. Everything can be farmed up or crafted, even the consumables through dailies and wheel spins. The term that should propperly be used for a game like BnS and many MANY other true FtP games is P2A. Or Pay to Advance, which means if you have the money and wish to proceed quicker than others. You can. Or if you wish to "donate" to the devs to keep the game running but find nothing you want, you can buy these things and sell them on the market for profit to those who cannot just buy Ncoin and do have hard times with RnG rolls for hongmoon coins.
  5. It's the 1000 and 3000 error I am guessing. If so it has nothing to really do on the client side, well near to nothing. Tech support will tell you to contact your ISP, however your ISP will say that there isn't much they can do unless you actually are having issues on their end, but the issue may still presist. For some reason the servers are optimized, but come every new patch these errors keep coming back. Not everyone gets them. But what it pretains to is a massive packet loss durring loading screens. To put it simply a great deal of information is being dumped on the loopback. or in simple terms when the information is being sent back from the server to your computer. It's presisted since open Beta from what I know, and before then from what I've heard. They patch it only for it to return. Part of it is due to how the servers are optimized, and part of it is due to well the coding translations that NCsoft has to do for the code to work propperly on an NA/EU based server given the original coding is in Korean. If it is not this issue then a bit more info would be more than apreciative. It may help you find the answer through the community as it seems you guys have not been the only ones with similar issues. We do have a few that are like myself IT's by trade, and a few who are also working in the ISP sector of work as well.
  6. Share your story about meeting good players

    Before the whole 50 patch and before blackram I played quite religiously on this game to the point I got a 37 FM on taywong rather quickly compaired to the constant idling and chatting I did while I helped people whom haven't played other versions of this game. Explaining how this game was a bit diffrent than most others in terms that practicing a lot with a character and finding builds that suit them was sometimes the best choice. In this event of sharing knowledge I was running around and just hit about 20ish and got to the point the quests asked me to enter Blackram Narrows. They realized I was the one talking up a storm about how some classes and how they work in terms of the various classes they can excell in, and sharing my knowlage about FM's expecially. THey partied up with me, and we got a team running. Not all the team was 'great' in terms of the various common respect ideals of MMO's but that was part of the trip. Anyways, durring that run we had a rusher who thought he could solo Narrows at lvl 25, only to find out the first boss and the trash mobs ate him up in seconds. Me and this destroyer, the one I mentioned earlier. Came in, cleaned out the room of the trash mobs and he took aggro while I took my FM to pick up the guy up and explain what he did wrong calmly. As he watched us not only clean the room out, but also pick him up in the process he thanked us and politly moved to aid in the first boss. I took the role of CC so I worked for the majority of the time halting the trash and burning them down so the destroyer could stay alive and the other guy who rushed aided with DPS. The other team mate we picked up was still learning the ropes himself, so the destroyer stopped the team from proceeding and asked the guy to ask any questions he wished. Between me and the destroyer we were able to help the guy out, including letting him realize you can switch roles even in a dungeon for free. Once he was straightened out the whole team of nothing more than a Destroyer, FM, Sin, and BD made short work of the run till we got to the end boss. Of course, witht hem not knowing the mechanics yet, and I had played on teh RU version before. Only to wait so long till this version came out. I told them to be careful, and that I couldn't remember exactly how it worked anymore. Our first attempt was a full wipe, but me and the BD stayed down there due to the 1000 error. The destroyer and the sin carefully made their way to res, and we explained a little about joint attacking. Seeing that that was one of the major mechanics. After that we made it to hsi second stage and stood there for a second due to lag only to be wiped again from being suprized by the second stage. Which again I completly forgot about. Then as we rezed up again I explained exactly how it would work, and told the destroyer to try to keep the boss from being near the dragon blood just incase. The sin and BD pushed the DPS, as I flipped to hybrid building and worked to help with minor DPS to burn it quicker. In the end we all finished our first NA narrows, and the destroyer ran a few more runs with me even though he was the lucky one as well as myself to get the weapon. But his willingness to take the aggro even though he was at the current time build straight DPS made a rusher go from toxic to thankful just because it gave me enough fo a window to pick him up. He also gave me time to explain to a BD a few minor early game details about his class so he could learn more about it int he long run. For a more recent one, I returned after 4 months of not playing due to rl issues and found four good players. Two on each server of Taywong, where my FM is, and Poh where my new WL is due to having old friends from games before I played BnS. First the Poh guys. As we all know, right now there are very few new players coming in, and if they are, they are swarming the newer servers over the older ones. With having a brand new warlock to play with I realized the server was rather empty int he early game. And unfortunatly the 1000 errors have become frquent once again. Proboly due to the new update. I met two destroyers. A lvl 20, and one that was the same lvll I was. We randomly found another via the Jangshi Stalker at the graveyard. And we partied togeather from then on. For the whole night we worked to lvl myself and the destroyer and catch eachother up on quests. WIth both being fairly new to the game I offered advice as I normally do and explained some of the quests. However witht eh 1000 error they were willing to wait so I can get in without too many loading screens. And when I did get one, I would always DC. Trust me it's just as frustrating to be on the receiving end as it is to be on the side watching it happen. We eventually set up a TS3 temporarally to let eachother knwo when I DC'd and moved on to our way to Jadestone. Hitting every dungeon in the way as carefully as possible. Now the lvl 20 Destroyer tended to help a bit witht he bosses, but let us do most of the dmg while he just stood there staring it int he eyes and hitting it a couple times to keep aggro. Where eh could have gone off to lvl himself, he spent 5 hours with me and this new destroyer while we lvled. Eventually he had to go to bed, and me and the low lvl destroyer proceeded on. Finishing each daily in the jadestone village area before logging ourselves out. Their paitence alone and willingness to learn a few things was nice on it's own. Then there was the two in Taywong. I almost forgot to post this one. Anyways, as we all knwo FM's are very perticular on many things. Creating a little bit of interesting skill capping to be in place. You can know them inside and out, but when you pick one up at lvl 37 after 4 months of not playing them. You tend to lose muscle memory. Being the player who don't follow cookie cutter builds. I ran a hybrid build that was a bit more advanced for my own good in terms of coming back. Making my way to a quest while I waited on crafting to finish, only to find out what I was crafting couldn't be sent cross server mail to my WL that I stated above. I went to just do some quests and see if I could still pull off playing the very versitile but hard to learn FM of mine. Saddly I was in Razorpine, and we all know hwo Yes Men are in terms of damage output for chars of their lvl. Needless to say I died, and went to chi... only to draw aggro right as I got back up and died again. To attempt to get away i crawled downt he cliff by the Fight Club and was spawned on top of basicly right as I hit the 1 button to chi. I called out in faction saying if anyone was int eh area I would apreciate a res basicly. Not my actual words... more like a distressed sigh and somone replying in faction chat. Only for me to explain the issue after they asked if I needed help. Come to find out the help was a 48 or 49 Destroyer. They cleaned the area, due to the area in question was always a pain in terms of being over populated with Yes Men. Resulting in overlapping LoS. Then proceeded to pick me up. Though I asked for a res, the destroyer stayed and asked if I needed more help and I told them I had a quest in the fight club. Like me they too had the 1000 error so we talked about it while we waited a few minutes to let the buffer to kick in for a smooth transition. Then we moved forth to dot he quest, well I was more trying to remember my combos while the destroyer kept too many mobs from aggroing on me. Finishing a couple missions int he club in total before we were done. We talked about a few issues this games had backa nd forth between updates, like more about the 1000 error and what it was as well as a visual bug that she(chara wise) had when I used meteor storm and they not see it. Upon exiting I got a bit of rubberbanding and went to find an NPC to sell my almost full inventory too of junk items only for me to be killed by the elusive invisible yes Men. Then be dranw back tot hat little camp by it.Again the destroyer tot eh rescue. Helped res me while I chi'd up. And trust me I used to solo witht aht FM a lot. Nothing worse than feeling like a Noob on a character that you once knew every littl trick on. They DCed saddly and their guildie came around the same time to pick up the pace, and again mainly due to my death. Then being respawned on when I thought I was safe. This was a lvl 50 Sin, and I never did catch the HM lvl on either. The sin helped me out and realized just how squishy FM's could be at lvl 37 by how much HP the Yes Menw ere taking. The sin aided me in making a path so I can turn int eh quests and proceeded on to help with getting me to the next. Which was one of the solo zones. Finding the solo zone a bit eaisier I worked to regain my understanding of my build as I talked to them, by this time the destroyer had returned and was reinvited tot he party. The casual talk while I grinded the solo dungeon made it go a bit quicker than it actually was. I don't mind soloing when I must, but sometimes a party run in event he easiest of things can make it much more enjoyable. I do applologize for the typos, but at this point I am too tired to correct them. I will proboly fix them when I wake up or something.
  7. Producer's Letter – 6/09 Livestream Questions

    Q: When will Server transfers be allowed in the US/EU BnS? Or is there a way we can actually get that done now without the use of having to press a button? Explination: I have a lvl 37 FM from when I started this game, and it's tedious to send things to my alt on another server where I have long time friends who I just recently got in contact with again. Some account bound items and other things like keys made from Radiant rings and other things can't be mailed cross server causing a problematic result in terms of giving both characters the necessities they need to progress fully. It would be nice to have that option here in the US/EU version so I can directly switch chars and just mail the items I need back and forth, as well as play both chars with my friends.
  8. How to play Blade & Soul (Parties)

    I do agree with this. Being a former elitist(though not a prick) you don't have to be a complete asshat to get the job done. The original idea of elitists was that they were the ones you went too when you wnated to know more about a character or dungeon. These days, they are nothing more than people with 5 year old mentalities fighting over the same lego when theres several thousand others sitting beside them. Game after game I have proven that for starters "Gear points" Levels and items mean total crap if you have the skill to accomidate for the lack of. Just because you are (overexaderating here) Lvl 50 HM20 with an AP of 9000, don't mean a lvl 47 HP1 with a gear rating of 380 can't out do you simply cause you have the AP and lvl. I've shown people up myself with low lvl chars before, and even I have been shown up a few times myself by lower lvls. The point is that it don't matter how OP you think you are, someone will always come up and show you up. Never assume that you are better just because of some picture in your equipment or some numbers on your screen. Also, never ever... EVER think that you know everything. On the opposite side of this, be willing to always learn and do whats instructed when somone takes charge in a team. If they botch it, you can take over from there. But don't be a arrogant little prick when doing it. Always be willing to listen and do whats told, or take the reighns and lead. But if you lead, you need to know the ins and outs of every roles needs. Not just the basics.
  9. How to play Blade & Soul (Parties)

    On my FM I could easily solo narrows at 37 without an issue and I tend to help newbies out for this very same issue when I am on it. It is true however that not just as a faction or as a guild you should be willing to teach when you are higher lvl. As higher lvls you are defenatly known for knowing the game more than most newbies. With how versitile this game is, even just dungeon runs are blatently shown with disrespect. Personally I do have to inch myself in instances otherwise I risk a 50/50 chance of dcing, so I diliberatly wait for the newbies to load so they can be ready to take on the stuff when I do load. Witht aht said though one major issue with people is always pointing out what are called cookie cutter builds. As they do work, there are of course times other builds are needed in dungeons. With how versitile and how easy it is to just hit K and change your spec. This shouldn't be an issue, except for getting used to the combos. In that case it's good to know a little about every class, and what they can do sometimes so you can help another outt. However some learn slower from sites and videos and need to apply it first hand like myself. I've been called a hands on number cruncher, and most sites do not give exact numbers and it hinders my ability to actually build correctly for the situation. I test diffrent builds, no matter what class I run all the time, but I also try to keep in mind of what I am needed for. TThe point is, just giving somone a link and saying go there, rather than taking the time to explain why it works sometimes is the worst option. Expecially when you are playing with the two skill intencive classes. BM's and FM's, being their level of skill to master is literally throught eh roof. Dungeons are not always the only thing needed to be learned as a newbie, and sitting by them and explaining things if needed about their builds can really be benificial later on. When it comes to kyting with an FM, sometimes not even full circles are needed but do take some extra work and a few advanced tactics. As you stated after this post that you do try to keep out of the AOE's but still try to stay close. You are still attempting to do as requested. FM's have an ungoddly amount of iFrames but at the same time diffrent situations require diffrent movements. The Q/E/SS should also apply in their kyting along with circle running. Given they do hold a small iFrame window for those really sticky situations. Another tip is when you DO grab Aggro with a FM, go towards the tank so he can catch the mob. It may be times in which you are panicing when you grab aggro way too hard, but at least this way the tank knows you are acnowlaging that you did so due to FM's ungoddly bursts. As an FM player myself, I know how tedious it is when you get the aggro fromt he tank. However the aggro system is very interesting. It isn't just about taunting. As you said it's also about DPS,a nd FM's WILL take aggro reguardless with DPS builds. Expecially their pure fire builds. With an FM it's literally all about timing. Knowing when you are about to take aggro and acomodate for it. One thing I do try as an FM is the second I am about to take aggro I move directly behind the tank to compensate for it. Howeveer it's not always easy to do. So I do feel your pain. So let me get this straight, people were complaining that a sin was not taking aggro? And they were constantly running the boss away fromt he tank instead of meeting him half way? First Sin's are not meant to have aggro, they are to avoid it at all costs. They are a support and DPS frame for the most part, causing status effects like poison and bleed, while doing some fairly heavy dmg. There are some other builds for them, however this is the most common and typiclyt he most perfered build set of a sin. They are quick in and out attackers, they hit and run constantly. Tanks can only do their job if the mob can be gotten too without having to waste combos in single hits while they try to run after the mob. This is where knowing your roles comes into play at times. On that note I did a local server run with my lvl 20 WL, I knew it wasn't going to do well because well for starters we had no tank, and my specialties are of course CC and DPS as a WL. Granted I could spec my thral into tanking, but at this current stage it wouldn't be of much help. Needless to say a single member did one of the worst things you can do. Luring a mob right into you while you are getting to safty so you can Chi up and get back int he fight to help them out. The only thing I can say on this is try not to do this. Some members literally can not risk hitting the 4 button just to get back intot he fight due to the risk of disconection errors that have been in this game since OB launch. I being one of them, I had to explain that. Also it is faster for a player to chi up than to load in and run all the way back in. Expeciallyw hen the dragonstone is right there beside them... or in my case about 5 feet away.
  10. Server/routing issues (with graphs)

    Jan. 30-Feb. 13 2016 Tech log. I hate to admit this issues been a problem for a while. And it is the only issue that seems to be getting the worst rep. Many issues have been fixed since the time I first started playing. This, however, has stayed an issue. Being an IT myself I can honestly say that this is not on the client side, and what little is, isn't the main issue. Nor does it show to effect the problem more or less in terms of a solution. I don't have my graphs now due to a few optimizations and what not to this computer.(deleting old files, cleaning registries, fixing various issues that randomly pop up. And of course just a general temp file cleaning and so on.) However the tech support ticket has been quite interesting. Above is a pastebin of the tech support for it. And you will see that I even hinted through the process that they may have some issues on their end they are overlooking as well. I talked to them with respect and went into detail. Probolly so much detail, it isn't funny. I didn't mind the copy paste reactions, however, what I did mind is that in my tickets this is currently classed as "Solved" even though they even admit that it is not at the end.
  11. How to play Blade & Soul (Parties)

    There is a difference between suggesting and 'telling'. However, with so many not knowing their classes full capabilities, sometimes explaining to them the various setups and how to use them accordingly does come in handy. Not just for you. But also for them. Also, if you mean the list itself, it's what you call party etiquette. Something MMO's have lost a lot of over the years. There are very few in terms of having these traits these days. I could understand the anger too, however as you said. There are lines you shouldn't cross. When in a party, it's proven that the second it becomes toxic is the second that things become worse. Being respectful adds to a progressive additude. There have been many times in many games where a team wiped several times due to one thing or another. The times that things were calm, or rather as calm as it could possibly get. Eventually we were able to finish. Though there have been many times people get pointed out, and that brings the domino effect into play. Expeccially with Healers and Tanks. The blame game can go both ways, just not in the case you are refering too. Though as I was stating. The two roles that get the most flack is the healer and the tank. And when they get fed up with it, they have the power to show exactly what happens when it is actually their fault for wiping. Which can defenattly go both ways. For instance an FM saying a KFM can't hold aggro.(as we all know FM's love stealing aggro on accedent. And it's literally not even anyones fault.) The FM bashes the KFM whos playing in the tank speced role. And after a while the KFM just says "Alright, enough is enough." and just simply avoids taunting and countering forcing the FM to wipe intentionally before taking aggro back to attempt to save the rest of the team. Logicly it would show the FM that no matter what an FM will steal aggro witht he right combo sets. And to not judge a KFM whos propperly doing their job. That said, it can go just the opposite and cause the FM rage harder. Resulting in a similar case you just posted. In which I would personally just say screw it and disband the tea,r eform with the ones willing to try and understand that the games aggro system isn't absolute. Then grab another whom is willing to run. The same goes for healers, spot healing and no healing is just as much acidic as these comments, but it does sometimes get a point across. However, like the tank, it's a huge gamble. Instead, just calmly explain tot he guy that the error isn't in that you can't tank or heal, but that some systems don't always work on key. If he proceeds to moan like this post. Leave, and let him suffer while you grab a new party member. As for the rusher, this guy could have been a bit more productive by asking the guy to wait so everyone can heart up before going in. If he proceeds to rush it. His loss. There are still several others who would be willing to run.
  12. Upgrade servers please...

    When I mean hardware, I am not saying it is your side alone. Since OB Launch the games been having various performance and network issues. However, only the few who know their ways around a server can realize them sometimes. In truth I think they should hold off on content for a little bit and do some transitioning and optimizing so that when content is released. it's more enjoyable for everyone, expecially them. Cause let's face it. Bug reports that are constantly being resent only takes more time from them and what they really want to do. And we have to stop to give themt o them and sometimes stop playing completly due to some of the issues that's been happening witht he game.
  13. Server Transfers?

    Okay, I am writing this in hopes that there is a way to contact support and have a character transferred from one server to another. However, it may not be possible just yet. Hence the question. If it is not, this is a request to allow it to be done. I have recently changed servers due to having old friends whom I have played with on other games on it and I would like to bring my first character over as well,t hat way I don't have to worry about cross server mail restrictions, as well as being readily accessible to help with another class if need be.
  14. Upgrade servers please...

    I do know that, I was just explaining the various issues of why he could have that issue. Saddly I had to contact support a while back myself about the 1000 errors durring loading screens and I even advised them as an IT that my side was pretty much perfected and optimized. And what was causing issues on my end was fixed by the time I got done with them, however they still happened at enough times to rule out my end.
  15. How to play Blade & Soul (Parties)

    IE a joke about how not to play. Because in the end this causes fewer and fewer people that you can play with and farmw ith in the end. The end result becomes an absolute forever alone. But all jokes aside, I played on taywong for a while before switching to Poh. and I came from playing the RU version when the US was finally released. The toxin that has effected this game has only gotten worse from that time and now. I was actually teaching people on Taywong in my faction about how versitile FM's can be. Explaining that each class may seem simple but there is still an ammount of learning curves that do need to be hurdled for later content. Event hough pre Mushin Tower seemed easy. Now people are seeing what I said and are paying the price. Still many of my friends on Taywong seemed to have took my words to heart. Or at least realized what I said was true and started to learn a bit more about their classes. Unlike most MMO's out there, BnS has a skill scale, and it was something that brought my attention to it over other games. Because I missed skill based MMO's. I love them witha passion, because levels don't mean anything without understanding. Most games in todays age, you could power level to the max level, gear up in the process, and you're a pro. Games like BnS, it takes a little devotion to understand fully. As for the blame game, thats been around for a while, however as stated. WoW syndrome made it much... much worse. For some reason, a game that became so popular also created some of the worst players, and even made some of the best of their times become toxic themselves. And not a single person can explain how or why. In today's MMO world, it's like reteaching ediquite and respect to 5 year olds all over again. Except they are 15-40 year old people. Worst part is, I don't even think half of them realize how much more benificial it would be to actually take the actual notations placed in this and put them to use.