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  1. First question is, will you be able to do VT? If yes, then the sky is really the limit. If you cant, then you have more limited options since atleast for shadow, your playstyle is quite different. Earth not so much since its progression is linear. Earth Badges ~> Primal Force is nearly a must. It gives you 3 seconds of wrath with directly helps skyrift. Shadow ~> Both Magnum and Blue Moon are really good, i play earth so as for what is better of the 2, i cant really say. As for damage.....this is always a toss up. Personally id say play what you feel like, a
  2. Good idea, bad design. Pvp is fine, open world pvp is fun. Trying to get something that takes 18 seconds to do, while not dying, is impossible. It doesnt matter if people have however many kills are needed to get to the title, they will simply do kills just for giggles. Move the pvp to a different area, and let people spin w/o being harrassed.
  3. Temptation was re-released later on as an account bound item. Pistachio Dream i dont think was ever re-released, but honestly, i dont see the reason why you need to have outfits on specific chars. The likely hood that you are going to wear them is little to none.
  4. This isnt about elitism nor is about unfair programing (ill leave ToI out of this) its about setting a bar and making you jump over it. The point of the time limits is to make you better, not give you the ability to derp around in it all day till it dies to a 200tick of a bleed. And honestly, if you are getting timed out on naksun, you might wanna consider playing a different game. Or spend more time in F12 and actually learn what you are doing with your class, since you are possibly missing a huge part of what you need to do for a rotation.
  5. A friend of mine is a shadow des and im an earth des. Both of us have high VT gear, his is higher due to having luck in a rancor drop (my group has only seen one and a ton of barbs) And we both do comparable damage. He has tried earth, but found it hard to use since the lack of mobility + damage affected him since he has been shadow since it became really popular in BT. He did say that the VT shadow gear really messes up your rotation since you lose pulse effect when using the VT badge. And having to re-learn how to manage your execute cd is a challenge but once you do learn it, its not much d
  6. From what ive have seen: Fire Gunner Lighting Sin Wind KFM Fire FM Lighting BD Fire BM Ice WL Shadow Des Wind Summ Ice SF These class/Spec Combos are insane in the first 10-15 seconds of a fight (during SB) After that from personal experince (not complete due to lack of raiding with some specs) Fire Gunner Everyone else Due to the burst that fire gunner is pushing out, their damage range is not even compairable to everyone else. With enough gear, anyone can top the board, but if you are partied with a Fire
  7. if you are trying to put this towrds a MOBA then an ADC doesnt have an option to just run away endlessly with immunity skills. Being able to drop anyone that isnt in an immunity in 2 seconds while being immune yourself is busted. As soon as that immunity is over, they just run away, usually with 2-3 kills in their pocket.
  8. But here is the problem with WL air combo, you cant leave it once it starts. The damage is higher then anything another class can pull while you have the option to escape.
  9. Duriensbane


    The NPCs are moving, they are programed to do everything possible to slow you down, so if it is possible, they will do it. They will even ignore a "global cooldown" to do it. I just find it funny that they are going to ban players for editing files to lower this number, but allow their AI to do the exact same thing. Then yet, when you throw ticket after ticket after ticket to support, and their replay is always "use the forums, the dev team reads them". When myself and a handful of others have posted over and over how much of a pain ToI is and how it is impossible for some players to actually
  10. Duriensbane


    Their skills do have a CD but it is reduced the higher you go. For example a Sin used a CD on me which was 18 seconds on paper but in game it was 6 seconds faster then it should have been but did not get a reset. They have stated before that ToI AI does have shorter CDs the higher you go up on the floors but the main issue i have is the perdiction and avoiding abilities while having 0 ping, you have to remember that the AI is based off the server, and your commands have to hit the server before they do anything, so when you imput a command, the AI already knows what it is. The only way to "fix
  11. What the post above me stated, Currently fire gunner is broken beyond fairness. Their burst is far to high to be considered inline with anything. And ill have a small smile on my face when its nerfed to oblivian and people cry that they cant just hit tab and kill everything in 3 seconds.
  12. ok, and when a person with great gear and alot of experince is being punished by having to carry deadweight players through a what should be a 10min instance for 20-30mins, it makes sense that they leave. Im only short on a few items from being completely maxed, and unless its a EL or IF run, i feel like 85-90% of all the damage is comming from me, and only during hardmodes do i see that maybe 1 other person is doing about what im doing, and i leave runs all the time. Mostly due to i personally am just getting tired of having to carry people. Few examples - DT, ill clear the first
  13. Only came in to share my recent experince of an Asura run while doing F8 LFP. I am a hm14 1072ap Des. Everyone in my party minus 1 was below hm8. In which im completely fine with. I can solo the instance quite easily, and i do not have a problem carrying people, since i do it all the time. What i do have a problem with is when people decide that since im already doing all the damage, they can just AFK parts since im already doing all the work. That is a no go. Im not there specifically to carry you, your friends or anyone else. I expect you to participate in all parts.
  14. Duriensbane

    Des vs BD

    Twice I have said that....simply because the ones that are making the arguments never post anything other then comments....no parses...no screens...nothing. As I said when comparing des to bd it is the same as apples to oranges. Having 2 abilities that function the same does not make them the same class. BD pve damage is slightly higher but not by an amazing amount. Certainly not 1.5x what a Des can put out as you claim. As for pvp a bd friend of mine, who btw is a top 30 all areas, says that des is stronger. Which does go against what I had said but I do more pve then anything. Thus if
  15. Duriensbane

    Des vs BD

    Shouldnt make personal attacks on the fourms, thats getting off topic. And ontop of that you are compairing apples to oranges. And looking back at your last posts, they are angry retorts to other posts, nothing constructive. IF you want to make a choice between the 2, play through the story on both. Pick the one you liked. Asking for opinions is like asking someone to squeeze the trigger on a loaded gun.
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