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  1. I'm positive that they do follow any law regarding what information they collect and monitor. Again I'm sure Blade and Soul has a team of lawyers that protect them from any possible lawsuits that one can come up with. Lawyers (in most cases) are the ones that drafts ToS in the first place to cover the legal issues. If that poses a problem to anyone then you can remove the "issue" by removing the game, plain and simple. Its just an alternative to Game Guard, or any other anti-cheat software out there and no one complained what they did.
  2. The point I'm getting across is than an individual said in thread said that them monitoring pc was illegal and used murder as an example in attempt to support their reasoning. which I responded that if you click "Agree" you are saying that the can monitor your HDD, RAM, CPU, and a couple other things. That individual later brought up Blizzard and Data collection. It went from monitoring to data collecting which was brought up, and me saying collecting data on 3rd party programs (that was my bad), but they do when it comes to storing your credit card info (how else can you buy NCoin in game qu
  3. I know nothing of EU law and if xigncode3 some how violates that then they have almost a year (when they enforce it) to change that. However they can continue with what they are currently doin. Personal data (data the identify a neutral person) shall be adequate (acceptable quantity), relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes (detection of unacceptable 3rd party programs) for which they are processed. Correct me if I'm wrong, according to what you said, if BnS tells you that they will collect data for detection of a cheat type program (which
  4. There is a law that says murder is illegal. However there is no law that says its illegal to provide information willingly. If there was then things like Anti-Virus, job applications, giving your info (name/address/phone) would be illegal. Its only illegal if you DO NOT consent, which you do consent by having the software installed and clicking that "ACCEPT" button. Blade and Soul had a team of lawyers that made their ToS for them to make sure they can't be sued. Regarding BLIZZARD, the only reason they had a lawsuit (almost 20 years ago) is because they didn't have a c
  5. It's perfectly legal if you have Blade and Soul installed on your computer and agree to it since you click the "Agree" button. If you don't agree to this then you have the right to uninstall the "Game" (Since game is defined as any software provided by NCSoft which includes Xigncode). That ToS is typical for any online game that detects cheats including Call of Duty and Battlefield, yet they can't be sued because you agree to their Terms. A good example is trespassing is illegal, yet if your invited on to the property its perfectly legal until you are no longer welcome. Same with
  6. @AmatsuDF First off Its not a "rootkit." Look it up. Secondly, you should Read section 7.d in Privacy and Data Protection when you log in. Long story short, they NCSoft has the right, but not Obligated to monitor Communications, Storage Devices, RAM, or CPU from a machine that you use with the game and by clicking accept your are agreeing to this. Its even in all in caps. Its been like for as long as I can remember. So read the ToS before you (try to) start a lawsuit.
  7. I didn't even know this was replacing game guard. I personally haven't noticed any performance changes after patch. I'm using a laptop with a 970m at max settings. o.O
  8. Or when they AFK cause their clan is on the opposing team :(
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