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  1. I have tried to go play on NA ( because most of my previous game guild mates are there) but while playing outside instances is soon as I hit the instances ( like narrow and such) game freezes or slows to a crawl it's impossible for me. And I wonder why, since in CBT1 and 2 I didn't have any trouble.
  2. Account authentication (200 error)

    Just got the same problem, got disconnected and now I can't get back in saying "authentication Failure". The Credentials are right or I wouldn't be posting here ( having logged after it started giving me this problem).
  3. Help Me Settle A Dispute With My Friend

    Proportion wise they are both bad ...but taller is a bit better ( tho I would prefer shorter one), Both arms are too small, shorter one has the tight and calf too big while the chest size (not the breast) is too small for the breast she has, head too big and shoulder too low. Taller one has the legs too long, tight too small (while calf would look better with bigger tights) for those legs and head too small, proportion wise rest is kinda good (like hands and such)
  4. Remove Anti-Class RNG

    KFM took 5 chest for weap WL 2 Sin took around 10 (same one) Sum took 52 (actually soloed him to way after he gave any xp for killing him) Don't remember how much it took for SF to get his weap. Still ...head outfit was way easier and often to get than weapon (on a few I got like 5 head adornment before anything else).
  5. I'll tell you what, today I did 10 runs of ToE with an Alt and 8 out of 10 runs never waited so a few got killed by the fire. I knew it would happen so I never rushed, but I'm not new ....would a real new player do that ? nope ...they wouldn't and then they would get angry about it. Still I got 2 runs that would even ask them if they are ready ...or clear everything so they are safe (and I Thanked them for it, turned out they were really nice guys/gals). I agree with what many said, if you really want to help them out, don't rush ....don't skip will be harder for them (talking about real new players) and you won't really gain anything for it (aside anger from them because they don't have your speed/defense/stamina). At lvl 50 you can solo that easily joining a lfp (f8) and then rush and whining about them being slow's not their just forgot how slow/weak you were at their level.
  6. Soulstones...WTF?!

    Cold Storage is a bit though as I only have 390 AP and mandate ...well I do have one Stinger (from the Story)....but I wanted to start doing it when I was with higher AP/ I'm trying to upgrade first. Besides I just got HM2 so maybe is a little too soon. As for population, I guess Ceruleans just don't go there then, since counting all channels and the time I was there I saw 4 Ceruleans top, compared to the big zerg always present of crimson in the past 2 days. Thx for the tip though, I'll try that.
  7. Soulstones...WTF?!

    Well....I'm trying to upgrade my weapon and accessories so I need almost 300 soulstones. So I went to Skypetal to try it ....most channels full in windrest...of Crimson, get killed after getting a meteor in your own camp, get killed transporting a corpse, ppl waiting on purpose (most of the time in stealth because I didn't see anyone around) that you get them to kill you, ppl camping the entrance of your own camp so you can't even deliver. Is that your fabulous PvP ? Is that the rush and accomplishment you want to get ? Then I think my idea of Real PvP is a bit different. There is no fun imho killing someone that is trasporting a Meteor and minding is own business and is clearly not a pro PvP'er. Changed channel whenever a channel was not full but it was the same. Result ? 3 hours of grief and around 20 soulstone when I was lucky enough no one was near. And that's because you PvP'ers have fun getting a easy kill. I don't know....I think ppl that act like that aren't real pvp'ers and it's an insult to them. And again ...this isn't LoL or any other PVP focused game, and The PVP you so much say this game is based on is Arena, surely not owPVP and surely not the way many ppl play it here, aside for all the good reasons other mentioned already. So yes ....people like me that don't like to PvP are in fact roadblocked or slowed down to crawl for both crafting and upgrading. Mind you ..I don't mind grinding, but I can't grind hours and hours a day to get a few gold to buy a few soulstones. I have to grind a lot already to just get a couple of Tears (unless someone bids like 5-6 gold or more for it, and it happens quite a lot of times). Add to that now Windrest thx to the merge is like 90% crimson and you can imagine how bad it is for ceruleans to do their dailies. And no can't switch as it's chocked full of it already.
  8. OP didn't mention crosserver sends so I thought he meant normal in-game mail fee in the same server. I didn't know you'd have to pay real money for crosserver, but even Tera/Blue Hole asked real money for that (and for each send, not just a one time payment).
  9. I never saw free mail in any game ...and I played mmo since UO. This smells like a Troll ...or a first time player.
  10. I've been playing since CBT 1 and i have a dynamic IP as well. Aside the annoyance of having to put in the code every-time I reboot my pc (and I do that everyday as I don't leave my pc on during the night) haven't got any other problem. Just sharing my experience as well.
  11. My second char is lvl 7 and has +10 weap thx to my main money and weapons drop...nothing really to hard to do. I've spent around the same ...but never got any of the wolf costumes at all in cbt ...and I just gave up.
  12. You get the viridian key from the hongmoon shop with ncoin's (about 40 or 60 ncoin...forgot the exact cost.)
  13. I've done that with 2 chars got it with less that 20 spins, the other with 6 spins, and even got 1 costume each and head accessory for one (using my previous char essences). What I'm having troubles is Pinchy one. Spun it almost 100 times and only got the Tail but not the chest. Edit: yes the weapon can be bought at the market for something like 20 coppers (saw it yesterday when I was looking for one more to use as a skin).
  14. To the closed beta testers

    Never crashed once in any of the 4 CBT. The only times I crashed were in Headstart, because I just updated it (and that's what created that problem and a few other's). Since I've reinstalled it from scratch haven't crashed once.
  15. Weird visual bug (and subsequent heavy fps drop)

    Yes seems that was what caused it's not there anymore and plays normally.