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  1. Make Outfits/Items shareable between characters or at least a shared bank!
  2. What is the chance from the chest to drop the outfit? I bought alot and still no luck....
  3. prob fixing the bugs ... I dont know what else
  4. 2 hours and 30 minutes more to go I think, not sure exactly what time.
  5. Servers are down for maintenance
  6. Just send a ticket and they will help you to change it :)
  7. Now my outfits are grayed out cant place them in wardrobe, also to log in to forums took me couple of times it signs me out :)
  8. Seems that I cant use my wardrobe today... anyone got the same problem?
  9. Im new to the forums so I logged in and I was asked to put a display name and I put this. But i would like to change profile picture.
  10. Trying to see more options to edit my profile and same thing happens ......
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