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  1. Items Shareable

    Make Outfits/Items shareable between characters or at least a shared bank!
  2. [Wardrobe] Bunny Fluff

    Yes I noticed, same problem
  3. Winter Chest

    What is the chance from the chest to drop the outfit? I bought alot and still no luck....
  4. Cant play

    prob fixing the bugs ... I dont know what else
  5. Cant play

    2 hours and 30 minutes more to go I think, not sure exactly what time.
  6. Cant play

    Servers are down for maintenance
  7. Account Name

    Just send a ticket and they will help you to change it :)
  8. Storing Outfits and forum bug

    sure I just did :D
  9. Storing Outfits and forum bug

    Now my outfits are grayed out cant place them in wardrobe, also to log in to forums took me couple of times it signs me out :)
  10. Wardrobe error

    Time is money friend :D
  11. Wardrobe error

    True lol
  12. Wardrobe error

    Seems that I cant use my wardrobe today... anyone got the same problem?
  13. Can't change forum Nickname

    Im new to the forums so I logged in and I was asked to put a display name and I put this. But i would like to change profile picture.
  14. Can't change forum Nickname

    Trying to see more options to edit my profile and same thing happens ......