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  1. This still isn't fixed?

    Thank you so much. I sent you a PM with my top 3 name choices.
  2. This still isn't fixed?

    I pre-ordered this game and have been playing since the BETAs. On January during early release I came on the forums to see that instead of having a username, I had a string of numbers for a name. Thinking that I could fix this myself I went into my profile to try and edit my name only be told that I didn't have the permission to do this. Immediately after I searched forums for an answer and noticed that a lot of us were having the same problem. Later I went on forums and contacted the devs about it on the 17th of January then later received a reply from a CM on Twitter saying that they were aware of it and already working on a solution. Eventually I stopped coming on the forums because having a number instead of a name was too frustrating, but I kept checking on every now and to see if it had been fixed. Now it's been almost 7 months and I'm still known as a string of numbers. May not seem like a big deal but it's kinda hard to make friends on a forum when you have no name :(
  3. Latest Anti-spam patch question

    Edit: As for your questions. Spammers usually make new accounts constantly. So chances are that by the time that list clears a whole different wave of spammers will be around. So no need to block them again as they'll most likely be banned Edit 2: Read the patch notes and turns out that my previous concern has been addressed so I'm editing it out.
  4. 1 - 45 in less than 24hrs? [Guide]

    Ive seen a few of these guides around but this is by far the ones thats easiest to follow :) Will try with Force Master!
  5. Infinite Challenge Costume

    I got Fangs of the Ironlord Mask on my FIRST run. I thought it was a trash/misc item and sold it to an NPC. That same day I see someone wearing that sweet mask and I examine them to see what item they're wearing. MFW I sold the item to an NPC. MFW I still haven't been able to get it back
  6. Gold spammers friend requests

    sounds like the perfect plot for a romantic comedy... lonely gamer meets the bot of their dreams. In all seriousness though this is getting out of hand. I love this game but the bots are killing me.
  7. They're awfully coordinated. I don't know, with real players you tend to see some sort of variation. There is just something eerie about this level of organization
  8. I agree with all of your points except for the loading screen thing. The game is open world, the "portals" are only there in case your computer hasn't finished loading the map. a faster computer will experience no loading screens when going through those portals. Don't believe me? Stand outside of a portal for 30 seconds and then try going through it. the only loading screens I get are when I use windstride or when I try cross-server/arena matching. Most times I can go through these portals without waiting at all.
  9. so, are all costumes gonna be like this?

    Ive seen it. Soulmate for female lyn kinda looks like lingerie too, and I'm sure there are a few others like that too. What I mean is that 90% of lyn's outfits are non-sexualized
  10. so, are all costumes gonna be like this?

    Female lyn is the only female that isn't sexualized. I see what you mean though, as a girl I always either play male characters or girls that are not sexualized. Nothing against skimpy/sexy outfits, I think that they can be empowering and obviously a lot of people like them so its not like I want them removed or anything. I just prefer "cute" over sexy and would like to have more options.
  11. In the tutorial area they teach you that in order to use chi restoration you have to crawl away from the danger zone and then press one. But for some reason I can never get this to work at a dungeon. I've already died twice and both times my entire party runs off without resurrecting and Im just left behind crawling and crawling, with all of the resurrection options grayed off. The first time it happened I was alone and passed it off as "maybe Im doing something wrong" even though the entire room was clear and had no monsters in it. The second time somebody else died with me, they were able to use chi restoration but when I crawled to where they were I wasn't able to do it. Once their chi was restored they ran off and left me alone.
  12. I fell victim to this because sometimes I press "Y" too quickly. We were at a dungeon and this shitty item drops, one of those super shitty items that most people wont even pick up --but I needed it for a breakthrough. Ended up paying 1g for an item thats like 1 bronze maybe.
  13. Issues with new outfits in wardrobe

    I bought My Angel and Ivory Bat, can't store either one
  14. Show off your characters!!

    made gif of my character to use on profile
  15. I see that you guys are full! But I would love to be put in that queue/waiting list ;~; I'm a super casual member, and groups that expect a lot of PVP/PVE out of me sort of intimidate me. HAHA Anyway, my IGN: Ominas