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  1. Thank you so much. I sent you a PM with my top 3 name choices.
  2. I pre-ordered this game and have been playing since the BETAs. On January during early release I came on the forums to see that instead of having a username, I had a string of numbers for a name. Thinking that I could fix this myself I went into my profile to try and edit my name only be told that I didn't have the permission to do this. Immediately after I searched forums for an answer and noticed that a lot of us were having the same problem. Later I went on forums and contacted the devs about it on the 17th of January then later received a reply from a CM on Twitter saying that
  3. I got Fangs of the Ironlord Mask on my FIRST run. I thought it was a trash/misc item and sold it to an NPC. That same day I see someone wearing that sweet mask and I examine them to see what item they're wearing. MFW I sold the item to an NPC. MFW I still haven't been able to get it back
  4. made gif of my character to use on profile
  5. there is a quest called "A Link to the Past and Present" (but idk if its a Zelda reference or not)
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