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  1. Valor stones?

    Valor Stones are indeed still a requirement for Achievement vendor items. Lucky for you, this is an error, and NC is fixing it on Wednesday. Anything sold by the achievement merchant that requires Valor stones will require naryu coins instead.
  2. Why you quit?

    I didn't fully understand this until I got into CBT2 for BDO, but yes, I realize this now. Honestly I'm not against group pvp or a little friendly sparring. getting pked while grinding mobs definitely doesn't sound fun, but I suppose in a way it breaks the monotony of grinding mobs. Regardless, after playing BDO I can say I'll be sticking to it at least until I've hit a point such as with BnS. The issue I have with pvp in BnS is that content is locked behind it: soulstones. (again, faction dailies may be pseudo-pve, but I have to flag myself, and therefore risk pvp) I never liked 1v1 arenas. I prefer group pvp by a long shot (I did plenty of CS/Fraywind and gvg zerging in Tera). BDO does not lock my blackstone income behind pvp I thought I'd never return to Tera but honestly, BnS just isn't my kind of game after 45, and BDO satisfies an entirely different itch than Tera or BnS so that really isn't even relevant. Will probably just wait for Ninja and start from scratch. That's fine and dandy, and a respectable choice. However, I can be just as willing to let NCWest imrpove the game while also not endorsing the current state by not playing. If level 50 comes around and I can get soulstones without ANY form of pvp or faction dailies, then I will absolutely return.
  3. Why you quit?

    I wouldn't say I've quit for good... but I've definitely quit for now, and the reason is that the game felt like a repeat of Tera when the new content was released. Basically, for two years I spammed dailies in Tera and farmed the HELL out of the end-game dungeons for my equipment. I had plenty of gold, costumes, was well-geared (not BiS, but second-best). Finally, last October, after a slew of both game and personal related reasons, I quit playing, because the content was meaningless and all my friends had quit. the game was stale. I will admite, however, that I recently re-installed Tera because I saw the Ninja class and got kinda hype. Now, come to Blade and Soul, and through the levelling process the game was an EXTREME breath of fresh air. Combat felt better, enemies weren't constantly rehashed, the story wasn't NEARLY as terrible (still bad tho). I enjoyed it very much, and made a goal each day out of hitting a milestone, or getting a certain soul shield completed, etc. $Even after hitting 45, doing BSC and E Fleet was still fun, even if getting to Profane was a bit of a struggle... didn't even bother with Siren. Then came Rising Waters... and that's where I lost all interest. Moonwater stones being restricted to a shoddy crafting system is just blatant disregard for the NUMEROUS OTHER, FAR MORE FLESHED-OUT mechanics and content the game has to offer. And being forced to, otherwise, purchase them off of another players seems just a little ridiculous to me. Then, after discovering the sheer, mind boggling number of materials and gold I would need just to get to Siren, and THEN to Pirate? That would have been fine and dandy if I could have gotten soulstones and Moonwater stones through pure pve, rather than forced pvp or pseudo-pve faction dailies that require you to flag yourself. The struggle is not the mats required, the struggle is the means with which I get them And so, due to a mixture of being overwhelmed and being reminded of why Tera was so bad, I quit indefinitely. if Black Desert is a disappointment, then I will return and grow a pair. otherwise, it collects digital dust on my desktop.
  4. I figured I'd break the monotony of complaint threads and other related bs to have an actual "general discussion" about mmos... generally speaking... in general My question is basically the title. In your IDEAL MMO experience, you have reached Max level, you have arrived at endgame, and are now trying to get yourself geared for what seems like nothing because you did all of the end-game content in crap gear anyways. cougheverymmoevercough. 1. HOW did you get to max level. did you quest until you forgot the plotline? Did you grind mobs endlessly? or did you do it some other way, like recreational activites (fishing, mining, etc)? Or was it a bit of everything? 2. At Max level, do you prefer that the game give you basic starting equipment? Or would you rather the game not hold your hand? Or does it matter? 3. What is your ideal Party structure in a dungeon? Trinity, or no? 4. What is your ideal range of dungeons? Raids? How many party members in a run? 5. And the question I'm most interested in getting answers for: How would you prefer to obtain your gear? Spamming dungeons? or the BnS method? (aka do these 15 quests over and over so you can afford it to begin with) For me personally, it goes something like- 1. I prefer to quest, unless questing feels bland or gives little xp compared to mob grinding... looking at you, Tera. Though, if I had a game where I could reach max by doing basically anything, that'd be fantastic. 2. Personally, I'd rather have some kind of backbone than have the game basically tell me "Congrats on hitting level 50! Good luck trying to run content, because you're gonna get flamed for THAT equipment" 3. After playing BnS, I prefer the anything-goes party structure. Imo, the trinity system hinders creativity, and healer classes usually lack in... oh, what is that word... ah yes fun? 4. Raids are the BEST thing about mmos, really. Sure 4-6 man parties are more focused and rely more heavily on teamwork, but a raid is undenyably the most chaotic, headache-inducing amount of bs you will ever experience and it's amazing and terrible at the same time... mostly because of the other people you're running with. 5. This one I figure will have the most individual answers, rather than everyone just agreeing on the same concept. I absolutely HATE grinding, spamming the same quests for days, and doing the same dungeon OVER AND OVER again simply because I have to do it for my equipment. thank you, modern MMO, thank you. If I could have it my way, my gearing path would start with me being at point A. a small village that everyone gathers at because it is one of many starting points, which you will eventually leave to find that piece of equipment you always wanted. I pull up my map, and according to RELIABLE NPC sources, one of the MANY BiS weapons is located at point B, which would take me, IN REAL TIME, 10 hours to get to. I speak to the NPC and accept his quest. Fast travel is now disabled for me. I am forced to do whatever is required of me to make it to point B. The journey is perilous, and the path I must take leads me through heavy mob-infested regions, and even the lairs of some rather OP world bosses. "Go around?" you might say. You and I both know that 10 hours is long enough. I'll walk as straight as I can, thanks. In addition to the weapon at the end of the line, defeating the world bosses and certain mob groups along the way will reward me with additional items and money as I progress, so, ideally, dodging enemies is a terrible idea. Now, I have traveled with a group of like-minded friends who wanted this particular weapon as well, because we all decided to play a ranged Caster, and this weapon's "enhanced" attribute is Crit Rate. However, I know that we cannot all take on the world bosses. Thankfully, hundreds of other players have taken the same path, so we easily duke it out with this thing that looks alot like something out of Resident evil before it went to shit. Huzzah, it died, we all get useful junk for participating, as well as an extra 5 BnS gold to our quest reward. We ancounter 3 more world bosses on our joureny, and here we are... a giant ruined fortress guarded by an undead dragon and its necromancer. The boss fight is INCREDIBLY difficult. there are numerous mechanics that cause insta-wipes, and knowing most of NA's PvE playerbase, everyone dies at least 3 times. But, after an hour of battle, it's defeated... and what do you know. The quest reward changed yet again. "Take the dragon soul" is the final objective. The quest is finished. I have my weapon. as do the other 452 players who came along for the same reason. On the way back to the small village, my friends and I all revel in our accomplishments and start to rant on about how ridiculous that world boss was, and how it needs to be nerfed. Through the entire journey, we spent 10g on healing supplies, 2g on lodging (because this game has a decaying HP mechanic, like dark souls, and Inns and Lodges are a gold sink because necessary, it is. We finally are back at the village, and plan ahead for our armor and accessories and such, which will obviously be obtained the same way. And then, of course, once we have all of our gear, or at least most of it, we can start to run the various end-game dungeons for materials and such.
  5. Everything you just described as being enjoyable is basically what Black Desert Online is going to be. a Massive grindfest with many, MANY different ways of reaching the same peak. So my recommendation, rather than "let the door hit you on the way out" (which in a rather expected twist, is more common than these types of threads) is to wait until March and Buy Black Desert. You wanna kill the same mob over and over again to get to max? great, that's what you do in BDO. Pretty sure you can gear yourself by doing things you cannot count on two hands as well. You did mention Tera, and what I will ask you is why you feel that's any different from BnS. Tbh I haven't played BnS in days because honestly the grind is overwhelming and I really just want to wait for Soulstone prices to hit absolute rock bottom so I can just buy everything on the cheap (shameful, I know. f*ck pvp and faction dailies), but really Tera was no different. Last time I played was when Lucid was BiS pve gear. basically you had to spam the same dungeon for two weeks nearly to get all of you mats. It's no different in BnS, spam the same dailies over and over again to either buy all of your soulstones and moonwater stones, or to buy the technique to make the stones, not to mention unless you're a madman of sorts, you definitely would NOT rely on rng to give you your 25 attack power diamond. I'd much rather just pay the 24 gold.
  6. I dropped Tera for this game... technically. I got tired of the rng enchanting system and the content at the time was beyond boring. (This was around October... so that was Timescape and Akeron's Inferno. talk about a snoozefest holy sh*t) This game, to me, does gearing much, much better. The only thing that still kind of irks me is that Soul Shield stats vary, so you can have the best shields in the game, but with the worst stats possible... kinda blows. Also, unlike in Tera, dailies are more lucrative, meaning I don't feel inclined to sell game currency to progress. Short answer is yes, I'm glad I switched, but I may move to Black Desert regardless.
  7. Along with many other people who comment on these overproduced forum threads, I thought I would join in: 1. Tera also has a cash shop, and an optional subscription model. it's been going strong for 4 years. I see no issue. f2p games are not a charity case, that is just you being selfish. It's called free-to-play, not free-to-have-everything 2. Sure, outfit price is a tad overpriced, but considering the detail it's not THAT bad. be glad this isn't Dragon Nest, where costumes come in pieces and cost a grand total of 25 dollars for a PERMANENT version of every piece. (yes, there are limited-time versions of every costume. they will still cost you 10 dollars. Also your assumption that costumes don't require time and effort is hilariously misguided. 3. I will agree that outfits not being account-bound is dumb for the price. I believe NC is looking into giving us a consumable allowing infinite account trading of the costume it is used on (hey, it's something). I will again compare this to Tera, where they do NOT have account-bound costumes and have no plans to do so. it's been 4 years. 4. yes, bots and gold sellers are inexcusable, but by the looks of it NC has taken more action than Trion did for Archeage, so we'll eventually forget that bots and gold sellers were an issue. 5. While 7 days is a bit ridiculous, it's there as a countermeasure against various things: mat farming, bots (though they just make new accounts anyways)
  8. Show off your characters!!

    I have updates: aaand, my in-game profile picture:
  9. so, are all costumes gonna be like this?

    Absolutely this. OP, I can understand where you're coming from, but I guess I just don't really agree because I've always liked sexy costumes on females. I play females in rpgs because were I to play a male, I would be inclined to role play as myself. and why would I do that when I have to do that every day anyways? And, of course, the secondary excuse is that I am a male, and my character is a female, you get the picture. However, in the case of BnS, I chose a Lyn. half because Blade Dancer is extremely fun, and half because the Lyn is just absolutely adorable (most of the time. some people's Lyns have been... eugh.) Anyways, you should check some of the already established websites for bns costumes. you'd be surprised how many we don't have access to. Asd a matter of fact, Bloodshade Harbor (coming on Feb 10th) has a really nice one. Very royal, but also fairly revealing.
  10. you think this game is bad, I'd like to direct you to Tera. where rng is encountered more often than meaningful or rewarding content.
  11. (Just an idea) Faction PvE channels?

    I really don't see anything wrong with that, or any reason why that would be a terrible idea. I'm not big on open-world pvp because I don't gear for it (pve hero) and am at the mercy of my opponent's gear outclassing my own. However, I very seriously doubt this happening unless it is a HIGHLY, highly requested feature. As in, more requested than the chat level requirement. Thankfully, for the most part if you go to one of the higher channels, like 7 or 8, there are very few people, and you can generally do your quests in peace. "generally"
  12. is blade dancer bad or am i bad?

    you have to consider that the reason BD doesn't have these MASSIVE burst numbers is because you can basically spam Flicker and Lightning Flash, IN ADDITION TO triple-cast Lightning Strike if you're spec'd right, which, assuming you crit 30% of the time like I do (not even a joke. 1251 critical = 33% crit chance.) is a LOT of *cricket*ing damage. 2.7k per hit, 3 hits per second, not including Lightning Flash, which is another ~3k. in addition you have rapid Sunder casts, which usually turn into Awakened Sunder (~1.4k crits) which can ALSO allow you to use Rolling Thunder (~2k+ crits) Basically. if you want to see tons of damage, #Phreak, try this build out. Use auto attacks to regain Focus when needed, at full Focus, use your C. when available, spam F and right click+left click until you run out of Focus. When C is on CD, use V, same deal. When both are on CD, use Multislash> Rolling Thunder/ Five Point Strike for filler/ Sunder+Awakened Sunder> Rolling Thunder. No joke you will BASICALLY hold aggro unless the KFM or BM is better geared and/or good. Just manage your focus and try to pay attention to your skills and such to make sure you don't tank a massive hit because you were watching how often your Lightning Flash were up lol. Also, when you get Profane weapon, "Awakened Profane is OP as heck on BD. if you get lucky it's basically infinite Focus to spam Flicker and F EDIT:: of course, wanted to mention that while the build is incredible, you can always create your own for your own tastes when you'vbe gained experience and class knowledge. this is just a starting point
  13. BladeDancer

    ^ It sounds a bit like hitting a semi-solid metal pole with a stick
  14. BladeDancer

    hey there, fellow BD :D If it seems like you're getting hit even while dodging skills, that may be because you've either a. miscalculated the timing of your 3(!) iframes at that level (3 sounds like a lot. at 45 you can easily have 6) b. missed a telegraphed boss attack. Bosses usually begin an attack with a red or orange colored floor pattern that lets you know they're attacking. some may be faster than others. generally basic attacks without any of those floor patterns you can take, but when you see those colors, dodge or simply circle strafe, which you say you do already. Especially the red rings. those are devastating attacks, or something of the sort. I am by NO means a BD expert lol. But I played plenty of BD in the RU servers, and was here for Alpha and all CBTs, so I am... "familiar" c:
  15. Those from TERA, How is Your Experience?

    Similarly, I had been playing Tera for 2 years. it just got stale. Of course, you bring up good points as well. I do wish BnS had BAMs, and combat against dungeon bosses felt less like a button spam fest. In addition to my comments about gearing, I felt I should add that that was formed by personal experience in BnS. I have been 45 for a few days now, and have basically been without a clan. I basically have all of my purple bsc soul shields just by going into bsc24 alone and following the crowd. and, yes, my two clears of bsc6 were both... well, rocky, but we cleared. so in that aspect BnS is much easier to play solo through. world pvp, maybe not so much.