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  1. Go in there and play it. If you stay away from it you won't get that EXP, you have to go in. Tell them from the get go you are new, you have never done this before. Saying this is more than enough, they now know what to expect from you. Tell them this infront of the Boss, there is no reason for them to know this before. I'm like you aswel, I learn by doing. A couple runs and I'm good. I do learn from watching others fail when I'm playing with them tho, really strange how that works. I can run a dungeon and if the party fails somehow bcause of a player I know not to do what he
  2. I ran Avalanche Den like 50+ times in the past week. I ran alot of 6man to get my #7 to roll crit+acc with high rolls, to this day I didn't get it... but, I never wipe. Like literally, I Q up for 6man, I don't even bother to search for 90000+ AP players. I HOPE these playerse are on the last Boss. I even queue up, stop, and queue up again if I get into a Lobby just to fish those wipe on the Boss groups to save me clearing the trash. You CC the jumps, tell everyone to take hearts and just DPS through, like it couldn't take less brain to clear it. If they get hit by the I
  3. Warlock got nerfed since that tournament, do your research before you make calls like that. This was also not a small nerf, they literally obliterated the class. As far as Summoners go, I heared from many KR players: there is not a single Summoner in top100. I believe them, you know why? Because our HM Skills are so lackluster, we barely get stronger if at all. Look at the new Skill from asura for Summoners and compare it to the Skills other classes get. We get weaker the more time goes on, simply bcause we don't get as awesome upgrades. Eventually they won't just catch up, th
  4. I'm not sure if all the summoners you face are hacking. Yesterday I got accused of hacking. The KFM thought I was using my Dandelion way too often, I must be hacking and lowering my CDs since apparently there is no way for me to use it that often in his eyes. If I was hacking I wouldn't say this here. He came to /z and was name calling me as a hacker, using cooldown scripts etc.
  5. This is not an even match up, I would rather play against KFM/Dest than play FMs on my Summoner. Saying that means something... I'm at 2000+ Plat and I can't win vs any FM for the life of me. They have: - Massive DPS - Massive Burst - Massive CC - Massive Heal (Yes, have you seen them heal? Like wtf, they aren't lacking in healing at all, they can easily go on par with a Sum.) - Massive Defensives - Mobile as fk - Grab - Massive counter against invis ppl. THE ONLY THING FMs can't do, is have a pet. Besides the pet, FMs have litera
  6. Counterstrike has had hackers for like forever aswel, people accept CS as an eSport? What's so diffrent in BnS? I played the game since 1.3, you always had hackers in any competitive game. You can't get rid of these completely, they simply find new ways to keep hacking. Some of these Coders even make a living selling their hacks, it's crazy, there is a fricking market for hackers. I find it ridic, from ppl to expect 0 hackers. Look at CS:GOs matchmaking, it's full of hackers. You don't even need to play the game, just watch a pro streamer when he decides to play MM. They even
  7. No competition for the next months, true, but then you get Legion as competitor. People have a very strong attachment to WoW, there is also alot of talk about Vanilla Servers. This will create massive competition, Legion doesn't even need to be good, it beeing WoW will draw alot of players. NCSoft not doing anything for BnS isn't exactly true either. I think they try, but I still feel like not logging back into the game if the games playerbase will diminish in a big way. I just need a bigger community so the crazy grind isn't just for myself. Yesterday I started 3v
  8. I would actually love to have a challenge mode where you can do this stuff on your own with proper rewarding ofc. I really enjoy beeing able to solo dungeons :P
  9. Das Buch ging gerade eben raus. Du brauchst das Buch ned... Kannst 50 werden, den Content raiden und easy gold machen... du kriegst mehrere Gold, wenn du Glück hast und genau sowas wie ich jetzt verkauft habe dropped musst du es nedma gewinnen. Du kriegst gutes Gold weil die anderen in der Gruppe drauf bieten. Es ist nun echt nicht so hart Gold zu erspielen, und viel Zeit musst du auch nicht aufwenden. Die top3 dungeons in der 4man version zu laufen bringt immer Gold.
  10. Hi Wie im Titel erwähnt will ich das Skillbuch aus dem 4er Necro verkaufen. The Lost Hongmoon Secret Technique - Volume 2. Chapter 2 Im AH ist es gerade um die 489g ich würds für 400g verkaufen. Falls jemand bock hat kann ers auch flippen, ich will gerne nicht aufs AH warten und würds schneller los werden :P Buch ist raus, danke für das Interesse.
  11. Rank7 right here in gearscore for my class, sorry bro, I just wasn't good enough, maybe next time we get you in the grp. And why can't you judge it based on that? Most ppl will use the auto queue and not the manual one, if the auto queue drops to 8mins like that there must be a drop in players.
  12. I do agree on the playerbase... yesterday I waited like 5-8minuts to get a 4man necro over cross server. Yeah, I could have searched for players manually, but you have to get the message here. Through the automated system, I had to wait ages to even get a group. This is a very, very bad sign. If you have to wait 8minuts to get 4 ppl together over the dungeon finder for the current content it's time to be worried. The game is simply dieing, I don't like it.
  13. I want to play Alts, I really do. I see so many cool characters when I play 3v3 or when I just play PvE. The games design is so alt unfriendly it's insane. HM Levels - Having more points is a big advantage, specially in PvP. HM Pellet - Guild Craft for 3 Days BsH Skill Book Necro/Yeti Skill Book 300 Lost something something items for another skill - 3 Months of work literally I understand, changing the skills part might not be something they would accept, but how about atleast the boring part? The EXP GRIND. How would you
  14. mihwK

    Doom & Bloom

    GJ, you have the utility to heal your party but decide to not use it. You are a great player, every group is lucky to have you. It's like a Warlock coming in here and be like: "I don't spec Soulburn, everyone in the party has enough gear except for this one guy. I honestly don't spec into Soulburn, unless the party as a whole sucks and does no damage"
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