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  1. Can you look into your messages, and like come back into the forums???
  2. I can see those opinions in this thread aswel, don't need google for that. I also saw this: The problem is that there is no agreed-upon definition of pay-to-win. "Convenience" items are a good case in point. Some folks don't mind them, while others point out that they can make your character more powerful in less time, depending on the system. They think they are right, why shouldn't I, it's not like they gave any proove at all. You can see how I asked for links, nothing came, just some 10IQ kids who are really bad at trolling. As long as none of them could be aske
  3. exactly this^ In their world this isnt true, it's not p2w if you can grind it for 100 years, it's only p2w if you can't get the item without money. I understood the exact same thing you wrote, they say no, I google, first link all I see is I'm right. But hey, I challenged them to show proove several times, not a single one has managed to show 1 link which states what they say. They *cricket* about my link, hell, go get a better one then. We are on page 8, and I'm still waiting to actually see if one of them managed to get a better link than mine, since mine is so bad, it
  4. Yeah because this is all about, how likely it is, this thread is not about the fact that it's possible. No, not that you CAN buy it for money, it's about how likely it is to face someone who has it, obvsly you are smart.
  5. I shouldnt have to compete with anyone who spends money on this game in arena. Arena should be fair and square, or they have to stop saying it's an esport and there is no p2w. If I'm right about the meaning of the word, I am right in this thread. They either market this thing what it really is, or people will complain about them not following their word.
  6. I don't even understand the sentence: a 400 dollar book is over 300 dollars
  7. I'm still waiting for the proove. I will get my only link again, I won't look for another one because none of you actually force me to. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=pay-to-win Games that let you buy better gear or allow you to make better items then everyone else at a faster rate and then makes the game largely unbalanced even for people who have skill in the game without paying. or Pay To Win AKA P2W. when you are paying for advantage which normal players don't have access to unless they either pay too or will have to grin
  8. The p2w aspect is EXACTLY why these book aren't dropping in price. These people who don't have to put in the work to get that gold don't care. As long as they exist, the prices will remain. Most ppl will never drop 400g+ for those things because it's quite a bit of work to get it ingame.
  9. You fail to realize that I want this book to be obtained in diffrent ways. I couldn't care less if he was more powerful. I'm trying to raise attention to this book with legit arguments so I don't have to spend weeks of ingame time to buy that shit. I have the money for it, there is no way I will buy that thing, it's so insanely overpriced. But do you understand the problem now? Even tho I won't buy it, all these people who wave their credit cards will. They don't care about the time investment, because they don't do it. They simply buy the power. This book is necce
  10. See this is not the discussion this thread is aiming at tho. I'm not saying the game couldn't need the money, or if it's absolutely out of reason. I'm simply saying this is pay to win because they say it isn't. Because, guess what? It is pay to win! I'm not fussing about the reasons why, just saying it is, and in a 6 page long game with bad trolls, I've yet to see 1 guy link me a source where I'm going to be wrong. I linked them what I found over google, and I didn't need the google link to understand it. I understand pay to win the exact way that link describes it
  11. You work less for the same amount than I do if we compare it that way, since you will always get more by rL means. Farming something for 2 weeks while others buy it in 1 second is bs. (Or let's say in a couple hours of real work, should net you enough easily)
  12. They also want this to be an esport, they can't offer power for money like this.
  13. Well that is my wrong then, I didn't play WoW for a while, and arena gear was ALWAYS bought with honor or the arena points, NOTHING in the AH, your blue crafted gear is worth nothing, the best gear was obtained by playing not by buying. Also I'm pretty sure you are talking about the inferior gear, but just in case WoW got even more casual I will give you this one. Here in BnS you can get a SKILL for money, forget the gear since arena everyone is the same except for skills and skillpoints. The best gear was always honor or arena, so you had to play to get it and not $$$
  14. You can make money with the skins. They are already trying to make money with inventory space, etc. But that book is offering massive power to those 3 classes, and getting it is alot of work. In a game which is marketed as "esports" you can't force people to farm PvE/PvP for weeks and offer others to buy these powers for money and simply skipping all the hard work. They can make money in other ways, why the hell do they have to sell gold?! If a Diamond BM with book plays a Diamond BM without book, and we simply assume he bought the book with $$$, it's not fair at a
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