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  1. Dude seriously so putting content behind paywall is justified when game is F2P. Only shit companies do this. Theres freaking hundreds of f2p games that does not do this. I've been paying for each month subs time i bought master pack but now i totaly refuse to pay to play content that should be free to play. I gladly pay 40 euros for game or 10-15 euros for month subscription but i never EVER pay is paywalled content like this. Putting content behind paywall like this is extremely retarded. If it was like buy this expansion for game then yeah sure i can support that because then i can
  2. Sry but this is thing that i cannot accept anymore. I was looking forward to have fun challenge in infinite tower and because i've been extremely busy lately i just found out that i've to either sell gold for HM coins or spent real money to do content. This is *cricket*ing ridiculous. No decent game company in west would put content this much behind paywall. Atleast not when there is rankings included..... Seriously i've still kept playing this game and supporting NCsoft after every time they've failed on my but this is final stick and subscriptin is canceled and ill just log in if i
  3. HAHAAHHAAHHA sry but ip block does nothing. Whats the point of IP blocking or HWID blocking if it takes less than 5minutes to go around them? :D
  4. Ill have to watch that but if this is the case thats full of bullshit once again its taken from players. Been waiting to get my hands on this weapon for 5-6 months now pretty much since beta.
  5. So now that we're getting split maze i have really simple question that i want to know. Do we finaly get what we deserved at lvl 45 content which is Legendary and no i dont want to hear ppl saying but legendary is in game already i know that i know there is mainstream legendary but im not interested on that so my question do we actually get new legendary path ? Because next patch should contain new Legendary once again but does NCsoft take it away and make ridiculously retarded excuse?
  6. Look another one who thinks ip banning solves something. No it doesnt. And bout that 1.3k / 8h income he would have to do +4.3k soulstones over that time / +541 soulstones per hour. So yeah im having hard time believing it unless he gets like 1k prestige per channel all the time
  7. "we dont just see it" We're impacted more by maintenance times and that is a FACT. Hard to understand that? Its FACT that every freaking maintenance hits EU prime time and top of that after first big patch was it bloodshade harbor? Ncsoft told us that from this point they would have lower downtime on maintenances. Quess what that was pure bullshit. Maintenance times has kept increasing all the time + few hours extensions for screwing things up top of that theres no point of trusting Ncsoft for doing what is right which is giving EU players their own maintenance times. For few months you g
  8. After this maintenance if followed criterias are not met better move to other games: -If game wont give me 121 fps all times -Ping below 20 -No DC when ever switching from dungeon lobby to world or otherway around. -No skill delay -Better customer support My quess is none of them is accomplished
  9. fixing? Like hell they're.- do you seriously think that ncsoft does anything while servers are down? no they dont
  10. What a bullshit another day i cannot play at all. Thanks ncsoft. Maybe ill just consider buying overwatch and move there. Atleast Blizzard has own maintenance times for EU players
  11. Locating news section is so hard for you so heres favor for you
  12. Yup agree Ncsoft is ignoring EU players and lying to us in everyturn. Personaly im not quiting game because of Ncsoft if i ever quit i just stop supporting Ncsoft and paying them. So far my premium is ending soon and no plans of buying single costume with money till they actualy start showing that they care EU
  13. What a bullshit. Man i wish i did not like game so much so i could chargeback everything i've used to game and quit but meh game is good ncsoft is useless. 3 months ago they promised to us that they would figure out these maintenances to suit Eu players too but nothings been done is it so *cricket*in hard?
  14. Yeah sorry lets see how 90% of eu population is working evening shifts or at school so late oh wait yeah
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