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  1. Actually for me it has helped on other games. When i was playing WoW i was able to lift strain simply just figuring out what macro works :)
  2. If you were talking about me no i've 10 fingers but problem is my wrist that for some reason starts hurting after while playing and pressing f and 4. I already once hurt it while playing this game due that combination just does not suit my wrist. :P Thats why i was wondering if i could relief my burden on it
  3. Question which popped in my mind after watching live stream. You guys say one action per key-press. So if i make macro that has all my buttons but requires each time me to press it again to activate it. so what im interested to know if this is allowed. For example i could put 1 2 3 to one keybind like f and macro would work something like this First keypress (f) performs 1 switches keybind to 2 second keypress (f) performs 2 switches keybind to 3 third keypress (f) performs 3 switches keybind to 1 This would fit
  4. They directly said in last live stream that rebinding keys is allowed with 3rd party softwares. For example Switching S to mouse 4 is fine Making macro like this pressing mouse 4 would send S+S with one press would be not "cool" But truthfully speaking i really doubt they would ban or detect players doing this. One thing that i started wondering is because they said 1 keystroke = one action is fine how about making macro like this When ever i press mouse 4 once it presses F but at the same time it switches mouse 4 to 1 so when i repress mouse
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