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  1. In other games I've been able to paste them in, but in B&S I had to actually use the alt code (hold down alt and type the code).
  2. I hope that's the case...and that the original version will be available at some point. I myself wouldn't buy the altered one, especially knowing it was altered. Very true. But...on the launch stream on Twitch, they asked the Art Director from Korea about bringing the game to other regions. His response was translated as: "For U.S., a lot of people wanted some sexual, um, they didn't like any sexual discrimination on the costumes, or, like, what they look like, so he had to work on the artwork for that." (That's at about 02:05:30 in the twitch stream.) M
  3. Good point. And the other thing is: it's not like the current lip syncing for english is that great to begin with. To me they seem un-synced enough that originally, I assumed we had the Korean mouth movements with english audio. (Which gave it a bit of an authentic dubbed martial arts movie feel, but...I'd rather have the original voices.) So I was really surprised when she said that.
  4. Julianne answered that in a fairly recent stream. She said it was doubtful they would ever add the original voices because the lip sync wasn't set up for them, and without that it wouldn't meet their standards of quality. Which I don't really get, since the lip sync must be set up in the Korean version, so I would think just bring that over too, and use whichever one goes with the language people select.
  5. Also on the Naryu Labyrinth livestream the other week, they took this question (would the wig be added to the store) and they said they wouldn't rule it out.
  6. Oh, nice. I just came to ask about that, since I didn't see the head pieces in the adornment section. The fact that they're bundled isn't too obvious in the store itself, at least to me.
  7. More over in the BladeAndSoulDojo 'Share your THICK characters!' thread!
  8. It's extremely good to know that this will eventually be available in a non-gambling box fashion. I don't mind the gambling boxes as long as there's another way to get the stuff from them. (Though I think a better alternative would be to make them tradeable so they could be sold/bought on the AH...but this is better than nothing.) Aside from that: for me, the bright side is that I don't want this costume anyway. The non-bright side is that with the precedent of the padded coat, I was hoping gambling box outfits would be restricted to the non-lore ones, which never interest me...
  9. I'd definitely buy it from the store. Ever since I saw it on a youtube video from one of the other regions before launch, that became THE defining haistyle for my Destroyer...back then I didn't even know it was a dungeon drop. That...does sound really bad. I mean, I don't mind running a dungeon multiple times to get it, but if it becomes ridiculous...interest will be lost. But since they put the gangplank wig in the store, no real reason not to add this one.
  10. Yeah, I really wish we could use ANY weapon for glamour. I even really like the look of some of the starting/training weapons.
  11. Yeah, it would really be nice if all weapons could be used to reskin. Even the starting ones.
  12. They're not in the wardrobe, so that's suspicious. I'd pay cash for it in a heartbeat too. However, I believe the version that drops also matches to your hair color - for example, on the stream, Julianne had the blue wig, but put it on a blonde character and it was blonde.
  13. Characters under 10 can use emwotes again! Nice.
  14. Yeah, I'd really like Warlock to be open to yun. I was planning on making a yun warlock the whole time...until I found out they couldn't be warlocks.
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