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  1. i wanted to capture a few pics of some sick dragonpulse jumps but the only thing i got were pictures worthy of the caption, "please help, i have fallen and i cannot get up!" :u outfit still nice tho :>
  2. combined my two jin faces together (or rather, i used my new jin face to fix my old one!) :>
  3. kept the face, but changed the hair and eye color now i want to lvl assassin to 45... this is not helping my alt addiction u_u
  4. but she needs dinner >:D i made a phone wallpaper out of her face w/ my phone's silly effects so now she can stare at me whenever i turn it on (and yes i know, i can see the line of messed up text and the button at the bottom u_u) eww it looks better on my phone than on the pc...
  5. you can find her again, she's atop the hill/mountain/cliff where you had climb up with Windwalk & light the signal fire to talk to her for the first time (at Lilystalk? outpost, where Lycan the Mighty's wheel is at)
  6. having some fun while i wait for mushin to convert me to the dark side
  7. can't decide which variant i want for my lynbean :v
  8. didn't know the fuzzy cuffs & tail were even part of the outfit until it was mailed to me... pretty cute c:
  9. was dancing while waiting for bf he got a better angle tho :>
  10. your characters are such adorable qtps
  11. never realized how top-light my char was until now... qq
  12. he looks like a qtp with that flower in his hair
  13. you're right, it's impossible to get a good moneyshot :C
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