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  1. I have this account for several years now, I have bought ncoins many times before. I returned back to bns few days ago, bought premium which I got instantly and last night I bought ncoins which took like 4h to receive them.. Today I try to buy again its been like half an hour or more and still didn't receive them... If you don't want our money just say it..
  2. Still is not working, do something about it.....
  3. Yea should be fixed with a hot fix not today, but yesterday. In fact, I dont even see how they screwed in game mails.. Just STOP fixing whatever is not broken.
  4. Yea, cause other regions are either p2p or give some more benefits to the VIP's like buffs, gift bags to get for free from cash shop daily , costumes and items which only VIP's can purchuase and so on. Our version isn't like other versions, stop comparing on with the other. I'll vote for f2p players to get wardrobe for free as they have in other versions, if they vote for premiums to get the same benefits as in other versions.
  5. The discount is only on fees not materials. Instead of paying 75g u pay 60g, 15g off. That's not even 1 STS on my server.
  6. So, 80 spots are more than enough, my point.
  7. So a f2p player, who's refusing to spend 11$/€ per month to keep the game alive plus to get his wardrobe up (and few other small benifits a premium member has), will gladly pay 15x2x2= 60€ per month every month aka 4.8k NCoins or if you like 692g per month to buy the outfits from f10 and get the "over 200 outfits" when they can spend almost HALF the amount and get premium with the wardrobe for 3 months..? Cause if the answer is yes, then definitely you shouldn't get the wardrobe for free.
  8. Fail example, try a bit harder next time :D
  9. Then don't bring up a game that's dead already as an example :)
  10. Ok, so, since you wanna have that level of conversation: And you said about a game which was shutted down and was promoted only for the eye-candy :) That right there proves you wrong :) Bigger boobs and eye candies can't hold a game alive :)
  11. Its actually not, it proves that a game which was heavily depended on people taking screenshots of their char's boobs (and I don't even want to think what else they did..) like the people in this thread didn't survived. And to kinda answer you on your previous question as well, yes when you see a char with huge boobs, 95% of the times is a desperate guy behind it that has ages to see boobs in real life. And its ok, I don't judge, some people like to get nasty with real humans some others with a virtual character in a MMO, but do I really have to see even bigger boobs in the game..? Its stupid
  12. Scarlet Blade..? The game which was shutted down..? I guess boobs weren't enough for that game to stay alive, right? :)
  13. If you're playing an mmo for the boobs you seriously need to go out there and meet some people... Or..there're some specific sites on the internet which could help you with your problem.. And If I have to be honest, when I see huge boobs ig, I know its a guy behind it and I seriously pity him..
  14. This topic again..? Ok, wardrobe is a privilege for people who pay subscription. You can always store your outfit in the second tab of your bank. Do you wan't to strip the people who pay sub from all their privileges? Yes, these "privileges" are not so great, but think about it as a "reward" for supporing a game so many people can play as f2p..
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