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  1. I have this account for several years now, I have bought ncoins many times before. I returned back to bns few days ago, bought premium which I got instantly and last night I bought ncoins which took like 4h to receive them.. Today I try to buy again its been like half an hour or more and still didn't receive them... If you don't want our money just say it..
  2. I was always against dps meter, you cant even compare the dps from 2 different classes.. How you compare a FM's dps with a WL..? My FM at 478AP was outdpsing 600+ players (non FM's). What's the point of a dps meter? And if you lag, your dps obviously drops, so its not just if your rotation is good or not, but if your connection that specific time is good, if servers are ok or not, also where each players lives.. There're so many things that matter dps wise, that a dps meter doesnt calculate. The only thing it does, is to put pressure on players, even tho its impossible to compare with each oth
  3. Still is not working, do something about it.....
  4. Yea should be fixed with a hot fix not today, but yesterday. In fact, I dont even see how they screwed in game mails.. Just STOP fixing whatever is not broken.
  5. Guys, kick option is in almost EVERY single game, is it the first time you hear about it..? Yea you might end up with one bad pt that might kick you, but the times you'll get kicked for no reason will be way less from the times you had/will have to carry an a-hole/leecher. Plus, you can always make your own party if you think you're more fair than all the others. The only thing you'll accomplish by posting how and when they COULD kick you, is to give more Ideas to all the a-holes out there of how and when to kick you! :P
  6. Lien said that its easy to find party for them or even go solo them. If you're planning to solo them, fine, we're moving on, no need to fuss more about it. But if you want to find a party, then please tell me, how are you gonna do it if not via Spire? Planning to spam Faction chat for a stupid lvl 25 green dungeon? Sit outside the dungeon and spam say chat till you find people? Dragon Spires have a reason to be in the game, you're placing your message and you continue what you're doing untill you get your party. And even though people never use them here in west (only during the first month ma
  7. Do it with me: ...Breath in.... Breath out... Repeat x2. Now.. Let me find those valeriana pills.. So, since now we're all chilled, I'd also like more ways to get moonstones, its a joke that they added them in F14-15..! You know how many people who need moonstones can't still kill Naksun? What Naksun, they can't even reach F14... Just place them as a drop in dungeons, or reduce the number needed, you're slowly making the game to be for cc warriors and no lifers only.. And yea, I'm not a casual player as well, but with these potato servers you have and all these hackers around, I re
  8. I have to say it.. XD You know we can repair weapons on Dragon Spire, right? XD
  9. For this I agree. If you "merge" the servers, you have to increase the number of channels as well, especially when we're talking about a server that was highly populated either way..
  10. From the above, all I see, is that you complain about faction imbalance, you clearly said "there is even no blue capt and mining" and "there are so many blue changes to red everyday". Excuse me, I just don't see where exactly you spoke about insufficient number of channels.
  11. A) We can still see the names of your pt members, I hope they agree to put their names on the forums B) If by "reported" you mean a proper ticket etc, then what's the point to post this on forum as well? I get it, you're angry, but this post doesn't serve anything but your revenge.. C) Were you in cross server? If yes, let me give you a tip: We never lfp in cross server for 4man. EVER. D) Instead of wasting 30mins fighting with that guy, you could totaly leave pt and make another one.. Just saying.. Vote kick should be added in this game and make it not to be able t
  12. Its up to players to balance things with the factions, what do you expect exactly, the big bad wolf NCWest to open each person head and put some brain inside?
  13. Of course they would add the dps meter, same as they added p2w in the game even though the said they won't (yes yes I know: "omg, its pay to progress not pay to win, learn what p2w means omg, like, I can't even..!!"). Gratz for giving us Aion No2, now I guess next is timed dungeons and the once-per-week entrance for ALL endgame instances..! gg, drive your players away as you did with Aion! :D xoxo
  14. You were just lucky, best I got was a stage 5, everything else fails mostly from stage 1-2. And that was since day 1.
  15. Yea, cause other regions are either p2p or give some more benefits to the VIP's like buffs, gift bags to get for free from cash shop daily , costumes and items which only VIP's can purchuase and so on. Our version isn't like other versions, stop comparing on with the other. I'll vote for f2p players to get wardrobe for free as they have in other versions, if they vote for premiums to get the same benefits as in other versions.
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