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  1. don't have anything in EU server... sorry
  2. I don't care about how much damage other people do or what others got to say about my DPS. Only thing I'm worried about is me missing iframe, cc, block and all that cus I'll be looking at DPS meter rather than what going around me.
  3. sending friends request to both google and support
  4. I support DPS meter but just like you said, BnS should fix the lag issue first. I personally don't think I have much lag since most of the time I'm getting around 200 ping. But for those who have high ping will always end up at the bottom of the DPS meter and get blamed for low DPS. There is no skill that can over come high ping.
  5. This might have nothing to do with the topic, but I've seen so many LBD, Destros picking up mob/boss at wrong time or by moving them resulting in overall lost of DPS. This just shows how some people need BnS system to tell them that they are doing something wrong.
  6. I used to hate when older people say "things are way they are and you have to accept this as is" with out giving me a good reason but now I see why.
  7. when you gear up, you might want to consider other states as life drain, defense, evade, block and so on. no one talks about that kind of stuff because those elite players can iframe everything but for noobs like us, we need everything we can get.
  8. My friend who plays HM7 BM runs this place all the time and when I see him play, there are people who still doesn't understand the boss jumps to farthest person. I've seen so many so call experts, swearing at aggro holder when things goes wrong. My friend tries not to pull aggro by not using any aggro build skills and sometime even tries to drop aggro by using nothing but normal LMB. once I've seen him un equip his weapon to drop aggro. Thank you very much for posting good instruction. Hope more people read this so we can have less fails/rage.
  9. Change "rage" to "chance to rage" for 6 man. 50/50 chance to rage when first timer expire. another 50% chance to rage every min there on. give some chance to those with low AP/high ping.
  10. why would you need someone else to give you a reason to play a game? You're investing your own time to play. You should be the one who's calling the shots.
  11. I'm having the same issue... Sorry to break it to you but from my experience in other games with this kind of issue, as useless as it is to contact NC support, it is useless to post that here. I don't know, MAYBE NC soft is better then others... riiiiiite...
  12. My fault on how I said solo content should be for over geared people. It is for everyone. What I wanted to say is that when you get your self to point where you are over geared for group instance, there are solo contents like ToI available for you to challenge your self.
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