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  1. i was kinda hoping they would be getting it before lyn wardens came out
  2. Can some change the tombstone tab back

    if you ppl don't like my post on the forum please leave or better yet don't even bother posting stuff on stuff I suggest
  3. I am not liking this update and the response I get it this " Thank you for contacting the Blade & Soul Support Team. I’m sorry to hear that you are unsatisfied with the update with the skill of the gunslinger Tombstone. This change was done based on players' collective feedback and from the decisions of our development team. However, if you have any suggestions then I highly encourage you to post your feedback on our forums. This way, other players can discuss the topic with you. Our development team also takes note of these discussions when reviewing feedback on these events. You can join the forums at: If you have any further questions or other concerns, please feel free to contact us again." I am not adding the admin that said this due to reasons but I am not liking the response
  4. can you please bring the gon hair the 2nd to the left bottom of the second row I really like this hair and would love to use it on the jin. the one in the pictures the one I am asking that you add to the jin please...
  5. is this hint that the yun will be able to be warlocks I hope so
  6. Jiwan Thursday at 20:48 this is what i have to face because you took so much and want to say "its the Development teams problem" you dont want to take accountablity for screwing this up and then you want to put the yura hair when i was saving points to get it on the F10 shop i am royaly mad and irriated because a few of my friends feel the same way.. put the old system back tweak it and improve that and bring the forgekeepers system back to get mats to repair hammers... it was easier but no you want to say its the Developement teams issues or want me to post it out on the damn forums you wont do it even if i put it on the forums. Jiwan Thursday at 20:44 i can no longer farm to get forgekeeper hammers to repair my gear and dont you dare say its a DE issue this is an issue because news flash you keep making it even harder because you want a better pay out and money. Jiwan Thursday at 22:04 i enjoy this game i do and i am, sorry for the attitude but i am tired of all these changes and you guys making it harder for someone like me to learn how to do this stuff. I am starting to think these gms dont care or the Development team doesnt read these suggestions GM Eca Yesterday at 19:19Hi there, I sincerely apologize for the delay of response due to the high volume of tickets. I am saddened to hear that you were not happy with the new crafting system. I wish I could sort this out for you directly but I can only ask for your understanding that we do not have the control over this matter. The least thing I can do for you is to communicate this message to the Development Team. Moreover, if you strongly feel that the forgekeeper update needs to be revised, I encourage you to share your suggestions to our forum: I'm sorry if we can only provide a limited solution. I appreciate your understanding. Sincerely, GM Eca NCSOFT Support Team and my response out of anger is Jiwan Today at 14:13 Same damn response ever single time
  7. i hope it comes sooner rather then later
  8. Greetings Admins and Development Admins... I am Clearly mad at your decisions and i am gonna set it on the forums... You guys Clearly dont have a Clue on how to do this.. I dont mean to say this or insult you "admins" and I enjoy this Game but you guys keep taking stuff away from the original game.. i have been in this game since the betas and it was fun but First it was the story then you Deviated From the original story.. Then it was the "New Weapons Path" Which i mind you is a joke.. You Say this Path will help new players of young and old and i hate to break it to you but it didnt just made the game harder to play and everytime i have made a Complaint you admins say to go to the forums for all complaints.. This is not how games are ran.. How will a player know if the admins read these Forums that we make. you take away Soul Burn uniform and then Censoring and you will probably delete out of the outburst i have made on the forum page when you read this and its clear that nothing us players say or do matter because in truth it wont be heard and i will probably get some hater saying i am pathetic but i dont care.. Sincerely Jinseoyuns of the Mushin Server
  9. Show Off your Gunner Preset

    the numbers for it
  10. Show Off your Gunner Preset

    wish tuaniffer made a yura preset
  11. was better when it was the old way instead we get some update and its just like every other game all weapons look alike
  12. still need to have a option for uncensored like a button