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  1. Sadly as many people have said it's not going to be changing and it is working as intended, and in reality there is no issue with this on any other server. The problem for us is gem hammers are ALMOST exclusively available for real money, you CAN get them from daily boxes, but I've been playing from closed beta and have not seen one so far. We can't even purchase them for hongmoon coins that we can earn ingame, other versions get a lot more hammers making this issue basically non existant lol I really don't see this getting fixed if the moderators are actually censoring peoples sil
  2. Yes if you are on the leading faction on your server + have no lag + have people actually do this lol. Plus my main concern is they are using legendary soul shields in that vid, if we had that we could do this too lol. Have you seen anyone running with 2k+ prestige?
  3. Even still, I think allowing players to salvage some of the harder 4-man costume drops for fabric would be a good thing lol
  4. So the fabric situation, is this getting addressed or not? Is NCsoft expecting me to spend thousands of whatever currency on fabric to make guild outfits and such?
  5. Can anyone fking explain to me how exactly the people are doing so much damage and have such high hp lol, no wonder no one does this shit right now as we die in one hit and most classes can't even come close to that damage. Unless that's the chinese p2w server @.@
  6. All I can suggest is you find yourself a guild, if you're playing on EU Starfall Crater, shoot my a PM here on forums.
  7. No reason to even talk about this, as you heard ''some'' things server side are located in NA, even for EU people. They won't change this, they can save money this way, why would they not. Honestly everyone should gtfo and go play TW servers with wtfast, would get same result with more content lol
  8. Hard to prove, I don't record every game I play lol, but as soon as count down was up, and we spawned I was half dead.
  9. I'm aware, but I've had enough of this no naming and shaming, what else can we do? If I report him NOTHING will happen. They want this to be an esport? Please lol
  10. No naming and shaming my ass, if you get matched against him report him.
  11. All I'm saying is it is not working properly, the taunt gets ignored a lot of the time. Completely ignored.
  12. My gf is a summ, if the cat taunts I take aggro off it instantly, this is not working properly.
  13. One skill you can get from the zen bean trader, or the dragon express if you are premium, it's called the royal zen bean you use it and get the skill. Another skill you can get from a quest, the quest item rarely drops from running bloodshade harbor 4-man version last boss.
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