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  1. Yes if you are on the leading faction on your server + have no lag + have people actually do this lol. Plus my main concern is they are using legendary soul shields in that vid, if we had that we could do this too lol. Have you seen anyone running with 2k+ prestige?
  2. Can anyone fking explain to me how exactly the people are doing so much damage and have such high hp lol, no wonder no one does this shit right now as we die in one hit and most classes can't even come close to that damage. Unless that's the chinese p2w server @.@
  3. You do know I meant that account bound costumes would mean much more likely rng box costumes lol. If they added account bound costumes, there would be no need to sell them in the cash shop, as with the black padded coat there are tons of people spending tons of money on a char bound outfit. This is not going to change, nor does it really need to. It's not affecting you at all as it is just a cosmetic. Would you rather they sell something else and put account costumes in rng boxes?
  4. The only thing I see in this thread is whining, if you are willing to collect every costume in the game, including cash shop ones which would cost you quite a penny, then you are insane if you can't accept that this is something that is not needed to enjoy the game. If you want to spend tons of $ to buy costumes, shell out a bit more for a premium. If you are one of the people complaining about faction outfits then you are silly as well. The only faction outfits you should really care about are the crimson and cerulean ones, which you only need one of. This is not to say if you're
  5. Are you actually stupid lol? The outfits remain in the wardrobe after your premium expires, you can't add new ones, only remove the ones you have in there already. Before calling other people brain dead make sure you aren't yourself. The amount of dragon pouches needed to expand the secondary storage is minuscule compared to the inventory expansion cost. If you want space do that. And you saying 'just based on those statements...' is just showing how childish you are acting. No one complained then, it was introduced and everyone was happy. You should be happy you get to
  6. I don't even know what to say. When premium expires you do not lose any outfits and you are free to take them out. And you are paying for a bunch of benefits ingame PLUS WARDROBE! It's a CONVENIENCE that is NOT NEEDED. DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THAT? You sub and you get things, you lose sub and you lose those things. If you DO NOT WANT WARDROBE DON'T PAY FOR IT. What's so hard to understand that it is not a mandatory feature in the game to have? You understand that the wardrobe did not exist at all when the game first launched. They planned it to be premium only here, and t
  7. Again you're one of the whiners, do you understand what CONVENIENCE means? You DO NOT NEED the feature so stop asking for free stuff when you already have the WHOLE game for free.
  8. Every single person in this thread saying that 'white knights' are defending ncsoft, that this game is pay to play, or anything of sorts. You need to get your heads out of your *cricket*. Have you EVER played any other MMO? Having a separate bank tab that is designed for costumes is in no way making the game any less fun for anyone that has half a brain. If you're running out of space already then you need to rethink on what's important to keep. You want every single costume in the game? Then *cricket* get premium.
  9. A costume inventory locked behind a subscription does not make the game pay to play, and if your premium expires then the outfits stay in there. Unless you take them out, you don't need to use up any space. My argument still stands, this is a convenience feature and it should stay locked to people who pay for the convenience.
  10. I still find it funny how this is such a huge issue for free players, if you've ever played any other f2p mmo's did you demand full inventory or bank slots for free? The wardrobe feature is purely convenience and is not a necessity to have. If you can't afford to pay a small amount of money for quite a few benefits, how can you afford buying a costume? If you really want to, buy premium once, put everything in and there you have it, you got your wardrobe.
  11. While I think they would make more with account bound costumes, they would for sure cost more than they do now. And like you said, we have to wait til hype dies, and see how many people lose premium cause there are no queues.
  12. That's true that most of the costumes aren't used, the reason for that is we have barely any in the shop lol This will change in the future and people will pay more for outfits. I really doubt they will make costumes account bound. They need the income unless you want the game to become pay to win.
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