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  1. Correct me if i am wrong but are we seriously gonna wait almost one year to be able to exchange those *cricket* tokens? is this real? Ncwest made season last longer, so are we seriously gonna wait till 2020 to be able to trade/farm fury tokens again? i mean stop NCwest just stop, stop it..... there should be a limit....i, aswell don't like to work but at least i put a minimum effort, pls stop and provide us a reasonable minimum service, this tokens issue can't be serious.
  2. So how should i call them? because there is no rules they can do whatever they want, it's not their fault ? what kind of adults act like that ? no rules, no limit... this is exactly why im refering to them as kids, i played game where game designer didnt have to put tons of rules, people were mature enough to not abuse/exploit the game... And how many time should i repeat myself i don't care about rewards i care about the game, you know what? they should delete every rewards in arena, i don't know if you were there first few months when game was alive, there were no rewards and people w
  3. You seems to don't understand my point of view, playing multi class is ok but aiming one class and coming with a dozen of alts same class don't help the arena being alive it's the opposite, when you keep fighting the same person and this same person coming with alts...it's still the same person lol, who probably will destroy you if he has Nothing to do in your range... they don't just create one alt, the average number is 4/5+ now, so one for the rank and an other one for derank/ rank up is not enough ? Your talking about the desert rank, but why exactly it's a desert rank? the answer is
  4. We took care of Wintrader & Booster but i think it's time to create new rules about people creating an army of alts to exploit ladder, this new Madness spreads like a virus, since few weeks a bunch of low IQ top ranked players creating as many alts as they can to farm rewards in arena and ruining everyone game experience...We are playing in a game with the worst community, so special rules have to be create when those adults lack of maturity and act like 10 years old kids, there is soo many players who stoped/quited because of that, ping & balance is an issue of course but people beha
  5. No matter what NC west doing ( or not doing tbh ) there will be always people arguing like if everything ok.... 4hours today,11 hours tomorow? not a big deal go out, cheer up? lol Your wasting your time Valiant ncwest sucsessfully matrixed enough players so they can no longer complain or notice that 15hours of maintenance in less than 2days is scandalous, Ncwest didnt even apologizes, no need anymore, people will find them excuses... just look at this : People already coming with argument like servers soo dead that a merge was needed, 24 or even 12man soo hard to find
  6. Are you seriously trying to convince us that nobody left because of servers? servers are not that unplayable and pve who is more close to a 2nd job than relaxing, is what? enjoyable? BT nerf so what? every plebs will be able to do it? no, most of them? no, is new dungeon/content will concern whales & full time b&s job people and will they be able to complete new dungeon cause game is not difficult? yes, why only them? because of agressive patch like previously said, the number of players we lost prove everything, and unfortunately they didnt took the time to try to give us some co
  7. +1 but a decent price please, 90golds for the labyrinth dress suposed to be free and should have been available 1year ago its OUTRAGEOUS !!!
  8. what is the min AP requierement according to you?i want to try hard it with 730AP hm10 asura pizza part, is that possible if i transform into pve lord?
  9. a fix ? when ? hello ? someone working on it ? hello!!! ?
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