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  1. used to be playable for me too albeit never good, i was managing with the 120-150ms ping i had. but as the above, the thing isn't getting better and i finally called it quits today after enjoying a week of 400+ms at any given time of the day coupled with random disconnects (mostly in x-server) and other bullshit issues such as being unable to login half of the day because the login server is a potato, or the fact that i can only use martketplace after spamming the button for 20 minutes to get rid of the "marketplace is currently unavailable" message which couples with the error on system chat channel saying "external links are not allowed". i love this game, i really do, and i will come back if they ever [MODERATOR EDIT] address the server issues correctly (free tip NCWest: upgrade the servers.)
  2. random disconnects

    i dont generally get arsed to complain too much or too easily but this whole ping/dc issue is really getting out of hand now. ever since a week or so ago i get a random +100ms ping per day, now enjoying a stable 450-500ms at any given time which is borderline unplayable for any form of content. coupled with random dc's and the fact that i cant even log in now since login server is unresponsive, you really shoudl start getting your shit together NCsoft. if the servers indeed are in frankfurt like you claim them to be, my ping to tera which also has servers in frankfurt is 50-70ms and to your potato server it's 500-700. you really dont want people to play this game do you ? *cricket* the stability updates and update your servers!
  3. you do need to complete a certain archievement to be able to buy the second item though (atleast for the BM quest this was required) othervise the game will just greet you with a message saying "you must complete blah blah" to be able to make a purchase. The message itself was a little ambiguous so it took me a while to realize it refers to an archievement. Iirc it is listed under character -> skills on archievement menu.
  4. Summoners now get Dogs.

    such potential and no doge pet ? KNC i am dissappoint :(
  5. Harvest times for EU players

    ummmm.... how much do you actually know about this particular matter ? i'll tell you how it works. there is a configuration file in the server backend software that controls shit like events. changing the time when the event occurs takes literally a windows pc, notepad, and 4 seconds of your time. configuring a server has nothing to do with programming it. Im full well aware that NCSoft technicians are about the most incompetent pc-related peopel i've ever had the pleasure to deal with, but even they are fully capable of doing this if they so wish. the reason the times are how they are is propably because they just configure the server software for NA and then copypaste it over to EU instead of managing 2 different setup configurations and allow potential f*ckups while updating them.
  6. Harvest times for EU players

    yeah, because it's not like.... that eu has it's own servers and adjusting them separate of the NA servers is impossible. Lol that was propably about the worst excuse anyone could give for that really. Assuming that NCSoft didnt lie to us and EU actually does have servers in germany, they have literally nothing to do with the NA servers aside teh fact that the login server is shared. that said, for me the first harvest happens at 8pm at my local time, so im quite fine with it. it's early enough for me to participate on it with no issues if i wish to torture my pc with the lag it generates.
  7. well, if your gear hasnt changed, things like your critrate do take a hit. at every level, the required crit to gain certain crit % increases, so like with my main, my critrate went from 58% to 46% simply by leveling from 45 to 50. that's how it goes. sure you gain some more AP but the difference isn't much. it's worth a note that while your ap goes up with levels, your crit damage for example drops (again, assuming no gear changes has been made) All in all, when you level up without gear updates, your performance should overall stay close to what it was when doing the old 45 content.
  8. Naryu Silver..

    you can buy them from dragon express with 20 naryu coins a piece, or spin the wheel at nightshade harbor entrance to get dark sliver chests (yes, sliver, dunno if it's a typo or not.) the chest gives 1 or 2 naryu silvers when opened. the rate for the chests is more or less the same than just buying the coins from dragon express directly. in short term, you might get a few more silvers than you would by buying them, but i actually tested this by spinning the wheel 1000 times the other day (2000 naryu coins) and got 89 naryu silvers from it along with other stuff, so the rate is kinda so-so. aside that, nightshade harbor also drops them just like e.fleet does (the reward chests.)
  9. Twilight Cavern entrance

    had this happen too but it only happened once, i logged out and logged back in to get to out and returned to the entrance, then just went in again and it worked.

    i just wanted to hop in and remind you that i've yet to ever see a ping less than 150ms on your servers :P
  11. Clothing/Costumes/Outfits.

    this is actually entirely possible from the technical point of view. not only some of the npc's already wear costumes that are available for players, such as fight fire with fire and dark sandstorm, but a mod was actually made on a private server i tested back in the day that added some of the npc costumes to the game as usable ones. they could be just made into costume items with little to no effort from the development side. but i guess it's up to them whether to do that or not. personally, there's a few cool ones i'd like to see appear as usable costumes, but i dont really think it's gonna happen.
  12. Disconnected from server. (1000)(132,10054)

    i havent even been able to log in for more than 5 seconds whole day -.- error (1000)(132,10054) or 10060 i think, it's irrelevant anyway, iirc that number is just a port noumber of the failed connection, and changes based on variosu things. at any rate, just dont do the same mistake i did and try to reinstall the game to fix this, you cant donwload the game since their servers just suck too much for that.
  13. KFM - a dying species

    i'd play one if not for the potato servers this game has. 200++ ms ping makes playing a kfm impossible. i'ts hard enough on other classes, and im not even starting with pvp :P
  14. potato servers

    just an update for those battling with the same issue and getting support to blame your connection from it. i figured i'll do a full client reinstall since my launcher was still from the technical alpha and the client itself was generally a mess anyway, so i uninstalled and deleted everything, and redownloaded the lite installer and so on... here's a breakdown of how it went: 1) cant download installer, the download failed 16 times, everytime downloading 20Mb or so, and then just failing. 2) cannot update game; "cant update game, error wah wah yadda yadda" 3) launcher opens error window and ask to send the error log to NCSoft ----> cant send it, "error, file send failed" support articles all say 3rd party programs or whatnot instabilities cause the 1000 disconnected fro mserver error etc. anyway, since i was unable to install the game due to the launcher not downloading it, i asked a friend to make a torrent of his install folder ----> downloaded at stable 2mb/s. still unable to play, error 1000, disconnected from server roughly 5 seconds after logging in. TL;DR: NCSoft, fix your shit like right now plz. edit: also getting "server not found" when trying to log into the forum half of the time, and the forum itself takes a forever to load any page. seriously.... -.-
  15. well, if they sold it to a vendor you could have just used the "buy back" option on the vendor (the last tab on any vendor that sells all the items back to you you have sold to them) instead of farming a new one.