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  1. i just informed you, that posting a screenshot with characternames visible can be counted as namecalling and NC decided that way in the past often enough. It's just a friendly hint as i dont want you to receive any sanction.
  2. I could link you a thread where also just a screenshot was taken and it was locked for that reason - but i did it 2 days ago and received a 24h ban.
  3. other player thought so too - And logic also tells that this should be allowed. But if you paid attention what for topics NC locked or even deleted(ok, this one is harder to see) - They actually cover these guys and also botarmies. It's like NC actually want BnS to die.
  4. be careful what pictures you link - it's more likely that you get a temp ban for namecalling than NC banning the cheaters...
  5. There are many possibilities - if one is truly willing to fight the bots, But as lots of bots don't even get banned weeks after they got reported i'm kinda suspicious.
  6. I cant wait for the first real raid dungeons when raidgroups form. Have fun to get into a progress oriented group if you haven't cashed your gear to max. hint:
  7. Isn't this generally the same? :o
  8. So PvE can't have p2w? Wenn, just wait until the truw raidcontent get released... "You look for a new raidgclan? - Well but we demand at least 800 Attack! Oh and upgrade your gems - those standard gems are simply not enough. Once you've done that we'll invite you for a trialraid - there you will be compared to our current member: cashdudes #1-20." Have fun to find a progressoriented raidgroup without massive cashing... Oh, and be aware, that the upcoming 6-men PvP Arena and the later coming PvP-Event in the desert will also be completly dominated by walletwa
  9. It finally transformed into CashgrabandSoul - It's not even the 1st step into p2w. Nearly every real p2w game suggest at least the theoretical chance to reach the same lvl as the common casher does. But ist either a ridiculous low chance or demands an insane grind. And actually, this event does exactly this. As NC implemented the winter frenzy chests - the 1st people told them that this is the wrong way. As NC introduced the currency exchange - people were aware, but well, many just accepted, that some guys will always by gold and we thought NC would really care about the farmbots
  10. actually i dont understand the meaning of this limitation. Nearly every HMCoin got generated via the currency exchange, so Ncoins were bought any way. As NCSoft cuts a bit of every transaction, it is safe to say, that they get even more money through the currency exchange.
  11. That's why i say "kinda deleting" It's still a bonus, just that here is no DD to use it. instead they starting an funktion on which premium give you no bonus and state at the same time, that there will be no DD while the RNG-Box event is happening.
  12. I have kind of a problem with that. I pay premium which gives me 3 instead 2 DD rolls - this event is kinda deleting this paid and promised bonus.
  13. Echt jetzt @Bronn, Das ist die Stellungnahme dazu? Ihr braucht echt ein SocialMediaTeam... Jedem sollte klar sein, dass lapidare Aussagen wie diese hier zusätzlich Öl ins Feuer gießen.
  14. something tells me, that they have no idea of how far everybody was at, as they dash was taken down.
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