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  1. NC, the world is just unfair as i didn't got my rare drop within the first 1,000 attempts! Just accept that RNGesus hates you and live on. Make sure you've learned the lesson: If you one of those who generally get his ass whooped by RNG - dont spend even more money for additional attempts. Just use the ones you receive by doing the daylies and one sunny day RNGesus, who always altered your jackpots into blanks, might be distracted for a moment by a cute busty Gon-Girl and you get your Outfit.
  2. The lyn doesn't even reach up to his knees :D btw, tell your "homie" that he still owes me the BM-Skill... 30 runs so far and not even any skill-scroll.
  3. @Magicfox The profile looks good - may sharing a frontal view of her face? :)
  4. Oh i love this outfit! Totally worth the time leveling a Warlock-Twink. (The shimapantsu is one of the best parts!)
  5. @Jaite grmpf - i've got the outfits so far but neither the hair and even more frustrating i've seen not a single skillbook and mine (Blademaster ) is insanly overexpensive...
  6. Were you really this lucky and got the hairstyle dropped*enviousglare* or is it modded?
  7. O_O I need this outfit in my life - NC bring it to the west! (cherryblossoms? looks like springspecial! what a great coincidence, that spring is near!)
  8. @CoolGirl Windshock Sword from Naryu Labyrinth
  9. Lucky me - finally got this beautiful new outfit. :)
  10. Due to many pictures i just dump this album here: Pirotess has many clothes - but still not enough!
  11. The weapon sizes cales with the size of the hands - So if you want an even bigger Axe, you need those giantpaws.
  12. It's not yet available, therefore it's either a different region or modded
  13. I know, it's kinda blasphemic - but i think she would look even better with a bit smaller lovebags :)
  14. You can just use the currency exchange to get Hongoon Coins
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