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  1. I can't find any info on the new HM skills that came with the silver mountain patch, so if it's out there somewhere, my apologies and feel free to link the post. What new skills came out with the silvermountain patch for summoners? rosethorn, seedshroud, rumblebee available via achievement looks like? How do you get them? Like what's a "special elixir" for rosethorn?
  2. paid or free... anything out there? really sick of them.
  3. made an alt, leveled to 35, tried some arena, 30-0 to plat, then proceeded to get destroyed by real players because all those 30 games were against bots and I got no practice what so ever. I don't belong in this bracket yet I'm match with real players that actually know how to play. I just wanted to try some new stuff and figure out some builds and strategy with semi-noobs in the same league, but it's just dest bots bots and more bots... they just ruined it for me
  4. I don't see why exchanging skype ID would make someone a hacker. When I played WoW back in the days, Skype was a MUST for arena and I didn't get hacked. The people I played with were legitimate players and we became friends through playing together. I still talk to a lot of them today... They can't hack you as long as you don't share account or receive virus they send. Just no way...
  5. I've been running BSH since day 1 and I JUST discovered how to prevent dying from the aoe. At first I asked around and nobody appeared to know even though a lot them magically survived , so I assume they knew but just didn't want to tell me, or they accidentally washed off the egg. For a while, I thought it was just the 3 piece bonus of BSH soul shield, but some people claimed it didn't work for them, and I never bothered testing. Then someone told me to "wash egg", which I had no idea what he meant, and he didn't explain further. I just kept dying for about 20 runs until I finally accidentall
  6. wow i can't believe the hardest boss currently in game drops nothing. I thought it was just a bug. I don't really understand the game-design philosophy here. I mean PVE is already easy enough, and now players don't even get rewarded for something challenging, so what's the point of getting gear? people sell 35AP gems for hundreds of gold, but what's the point? mushin gives nothing and everything else is just a cakewalk. I just don't understand...
  7. Two days on a roll I got NOTHING from mushin's darkness except the costume "traitor" Does this boss not drop anything?
  8. I cant log in the game right now but I can log in the forum. Anyone else having issues? I just played an hour ago.
  9. played for 3 hours already not a single spam was seen.
  10. maybe they will find a way, but I'll enjoy while it lasts.
  11. there isn't such thing as "too high to get into a game". People just want a valid excuse.
  12. That's not Blizzard's response to this behavior though - they took it very seriously and banned those who lost games purposely in order to maintain the arena the way it was meant to be played and create consistent, fair match-ups. BUT wow arena was also a little different in the sense that top players were rewarded with the gladiator title and a mount, creating a stronger incentive and consequences for people to exploit the ladder system, so it kinda puts this behavior of BnS in a grey area, which is why I'm curious about NCSoft's attitude towards it. I personally, of course wish a robust ladd
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