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  1. natürlich geht das ohne Bypass. Im EN Forum habe ich das schon öfter empfohlen, bei den Deutschen weiß ich aber nicht wie die Mods drauf sind, Johnathan selbst nutzt das worüber ich rede. Such einfach mal nach deinem BnS "kumpel" (auf englisch) ;)
  2. no it wasnt, the CryEngine 3 was out already, which was the best at that time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CryEngine actually NCSoft already had experiences with the first CryEngine, it was AION: Tower of Eternity. but i agree with your comment that the UE3 was cheaper to buy a license for, since we all know that a CryEngine 3 License was expensive AF.
  3. well i have a similar setup as yours, i7 7700K but OC, delidded with Custom Watercooling and a GTX 1070 whis also is OCd, except that i play with 144HZ and 3D Vision and i also Stream. maybe you wanna turn down the Effects on Monster Attack Effects to 3 instead of 5 and you want to use the command useallcores which is included in BnSBuddy, dont know how the stance of NCWest is to that, but aslong you dont touch anything else than useallcore and no texture streaming you should be good i think. To any Mod, if my point with BnS Buddy isnt allowed, than remove that line please.
  4. I actually came from the Japanese server and was dissapointed to find a Premiumsystem like we have it till Jan 16th. In Japan, F3 (Wardrobe) is FREE for anyone, Premium is a thing of convenience like the Remote Bank and you can buy more stuff for Dragonballs (a additional currency you can collect to buy items IS Cashable and IS a pain to collect normally unlike HM Coins) and also get more of them. I think its just fair as it'll get now, i think the Premiumlevels where obsolete to begin with, im Premium 10 aswell, even was within the first quarter of the game goin online
  5. deswegen immer über amazon oder so machen, nie direkt bei NC die Keys/NCoins kaufen ;)
  6. Press F to pay respect. well this happens, i gambled and i won ^^ 64 * 15 = 960 + 7 Days Premium i cant complain. i bought mine straight at the start. but it still has a bitter aftertaste, since i dont get the gems.
  7. *phew* seeying the aftermath of the Korean decision, im happy i didnt sell my RE, rather i kept them. i mean for realsies, the decision was bad, well at least they coulda told us a week earlier, guys dont go ballistic on Jonathan, he didnt know either, he just told us what he has been told and he isnt even the actual Producer. Jonathan is "only" the right Hand of the Producer: Nico Coutant, dont spam his twitter please, i bet he feels bad aswell, cuz he had to break his "promise".
  8. Leider hast du den ToS zugestimmt und musst es ertragen wenn die Koriander in letzter minute sich überlegen die Ankündigungen über den haufen zu werfen. Ich persönlich finde es auch einen "dickmove" werde jetzt aber damit leben müssen, ich meine wer weiß wie lange BnS überhaupt noch existiert, NCWest hat ja schon die dicken sachen rausgehauen und Star Citizens Alpha 3.0 ist jetzt gerade im Evocati (PTU / PU kommt innerhalb der nächsten 4 wochen) außerdem kommen noch andere gute spiele. Das Management ist halt etwas naja sagen wir mal unvorteilhaft bei NCWest, ich als Ni
  9. if i was a NCWest representative, id just say, screw it we will just give the people the Ncoins/HMCoins they spent for Keys back, screw any rollback, since happy customers are buying customers ;)
  10. wird nie passieren, weil F5 zu wichtig ist.
  11. Hier gibt es keine feste Hauptstadt. Wobei, Zaiwei ist die eigentliche Hauptstadt, Gunwon City ist die Hauptstadt des Kults der Schwarzdrachen (Blackdragon Cult).
  12. weil es die meisten spieler eh nicht juckt. Leider.
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