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  1. Tower of Memory lockout

    Thanks for the explanation. Understanding it now, it is pretty bad come to think about it. Back to my topic, even better idea: Remove the daily quest entirely, and add its rewards to the Dynamic quest. Problem solved.
  2. Tower of Memory lockout

    First of all, what does this have to do with gold sellers? Second: Gold sellers (?), never came to this term, i guess you mean ppl who sell gold on F9? And if yes, whats so wrong about it? How you expect me to get the time-limited outfits? To bet on RNG 0.01% chance on venture tokens to drop or what? Third: It only gives 20k exp (Dynamic quest that is). This 20k could be simply added to the daily quest and this "problem" would be solved.
  3. I hoped this would not happen again, but yet, here we are. Like the last time this boring dungeon was available, it also included most features that are now also present. Such as the completely unnecessary one day dungeon lockout. What are devs afraid of? That people would keep replaying this dungeon to farm Fortune Potions and few thousand exp? I have forgot to take the quest (no wonder, there is no NPC for the quest at entrance, easy to forget it), and doing this with alts, its easy to forget. Im not the first one, nor the last one, i bet this happened to lots of ppl doing this dungeon multiple times / day on their alts, and i say, this is a bad "feature" that should be removed/altered. Proposal: make the dungeon replayable (no lockouts) Tower of memory, lmao, that's the hidden sarcastic meaning of that you must remember to take the quest or suffer.
  4. Incredible stutters during combat

    Easiest solution is to not play, and wait until the Unreal Engine 4 conversion is released. And about 32bit crashing...its because of the 4GB ram limitation, which is being eaten in a few seconds after logging in a crowded area lmao.
  5. Optimize the game ...

    As others previously mentioned, the fix for this issue is quite simple, disabling the context reflex guide or whatever that thing is called will kind of help. And dont worry, you are not alone. Speaking from my personal experience: i have in fights such as MSP average fps of 7 or so. The funny thing about it is, its that low, no matter what i do. Lowering the visual settings to absolutely zero, or highest possible, with or without characters hidden, nothing helps. Its the engine. Just wait and hope for the best from the so promised conversion to Unreal Engine 4. That is the last thing that can save this game.
  6. I don't know if this was posted yet, i looked up the forums and couldn't find it, so, in any case. I personally hate pvp in this game. Not just because of the game itself is terribly optimized . hence fps issues, and the heavy cc, but while i am "forced" to play "pvp", i mean "fake pvp", by that i mean Trial Arena. Wanna get those materials, but as if after the patch was warlock already not bad enough, this issue just helps to make it even worse. (ie Quell is absolute trash now) The previously spec-able ability for thrall, called "Void Slash" was able to work properly in this fake pvp (Trial Arena, perhaps even Tower of Infinity), but now it is not anymore. Plain and simple. Once target was under one of the major cc (kd, stun, daze), thrall would use the ability and uplift the target into air, giving warlock very slim window for doing some damage. Now it is not possible and the amount of cancer, salt and toxicity the trial arena gave me (especially KFMs), made me come here and "complain".
  7. I share your pain...partially. I had 14 or so Demon Spirit Stones, and was hoping that after patch, this ingredient for oil will simply turned out to be replaced by nearly something same, yet you need 10x more of it and exchanging the DSS's gave only copper so... Overall, yeah, its a d**k move, but welp, nothing we can do.
  8. Hello. So basically i have noticed, that post-patch certain outfits / adornments had their description changed, and it is really confusing, since i could not find anywhere any information regarding this. Simply put, outfits from dungeons like Starstone Mines, Hollow's Heart, Drowning Deeps, Sandstorm Temple had their description changed, to not mention hard-mode anymore. (The outfits that had their descriptions updated, at least of which i have noticed are: White Wolf Hat, Wildwood/Head, Aurora, Shadow Captain/Head, Demon Slayer) For example, the Wolf hat from SSM had description of acquisition "Starstone Mines-Hard" and now it only reads "Starstone Mines" . I personally am after the outfit Aurora from Sandstorm Temple, but i do not really want to re-run it a hundred times on normal mode until i realize that it indeed is just a bug and i was doing it for nothing. Can someone from staff please provide an official confirmation? Or alternatively, if anyone has seen an outfit drop from one of the mentioned normal-difficulty dungeons? Thanks in advance.
  9. Heyo. Just a thought has came through my mind, as i have noticed that there is not a chance to get the part of the Love Doctor/Heart Surgeon outfit, the face adornment "Pink Tinted Glasses", while not wanting to brag or anything, i mean, we can finally get the main outfit (and way more) without the need of premium currency, which is nice, BUT ...still, id like to see re-appearance of this item in F10 (or thru event?). I have also noticed that this item along with the "Bunny Ears" were not initially listed in the event notes, despite that the glasses are part of the set...(Bunny Ears can, and always could have been bought from F10, which means there is a way to complete the set, but the Love Doctor/Heart Surgeon...kinda can't, for those who don't have them) Especially since the last boxes gave out pink-themed outfits, which would totally benefit from this face adornment... Please, is there any chance of seeing it in F10 or in event reward tab?
  10. White Angel finally arrives?

    Thank. You. So ...much.
  11. White Angel finally arrives?

    Thank you for the least i know the official answer and don't have to speculate about it. (I shouldn't have sold all my gold in F9, welp) Also thanks for telling about it to the NC, it is nice to not loose hope YET, i guess.
  12. White Angel finally arrives?

    I want to be realistic, but-why would they use something unavailable/nonexistent* in a promo-image? From all the other promo-related images, none includes any content that would not be inaccessible. Just...sayin... just my theory though. *nonexistent on NC B&S
  13. I have just noticed, but on the promo image for the upcoming "event", the Blade & Soul’s 3rd Anniversary Festival Begins January 16, 2019, is a part of a quite old content of the game that was actually never available on these servers, as far as i know, that is...the outfit White Angel (which is basically a White version of the 1199NC/HC costume "Dark Angel", or the male version "My Angel") This has caught my attention and i just need to ask: "Is this outfit finally going to be available on these servers?" It would be pretty cool to have an alternative to the regular Dark Angel tbh.
  14. Yes and no at the same time. No outfit grants any stats (other than some specific faction costumes triggers pvp against opposite player faction), but they do have one specific effect, and that is: As long you do NOT have any outfit equipped, all your soul shields have no effect. As long you do wear any outfit, soul shield effect is active.
  15. First of all, hello. So to begin with-there is this thing that kept bothering me ever since (especially since my main char is Warlock) and i have always hated it (beside their terrible mobility) : Sheathes Warlock's Razors (& Assassin's Daggers) coexist of 2 parts, which is the razor/dagger itself and sheathe. There are multiple problems with it and recent event just triggered me to act already. (the act was: Spellbinder Illusion razor was just a simple magic wand that looked so great, i bought the costume, overkill 30€ btw, and then the illusion box. It had NO SHEATHE and looked absolutely perfect, and it was one of very few logically fitting outfits for warlock, same for the razor, a perfect combo. Came after maint...and noticed that it now has sheathe. Totally ruined everything) Core issue is: Warlocks & Sins are the only classes that have sheathes. What is the good reason to have them? Why cant we disable them? Why don't they even not show up in preview function? We only get to see the weapon, which might attract us, but then disappoint with its huge and super-ugly sheathe. Most of these sheathes totally destroys many possible outfits just because they exist. I say, if any other class can have magically levitating weapon behind their back without sheathe, why cant we? Now before we jump into any conclusions, i am not saying that i want these sheathes totally removed from game (some are good, some are bad), instead, just a simple button that will enable or disable visibility of sheathe for Warlock and Assassin class. I am not asking for much, and i guess lots of WLs & Sins would agree to get rid of the sheathes. (also, being able to see sheathes in preview would be PRETTY COOL, almost 2019, time to fix dat) Thanks for reading folks.