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  1. I've already sent an email to support over this which is being forward to the development team as this is indeed a bug, however I was encouraged to post here also. Is anyone else having the same issue? I was simply wanting to reseal my Stage 10 Divinity bracelet. I was able to seal it on another character, send it over, and open it perfectly fine. However now I am no longer able to seal it again.
  2. You have HONGMOON gems that are up-gradable. They gave away FREE ****Y MOON REFUGE gems. Really don't understand why you're crying over this. You can get exactly the same thing by farming Moon Refuge yourself.
  3. It's more than just Asia. There are those of us in Australia and New Zealand with the exact same issue.
  4. That's what I've seen some raids do, yes. It's just frustrating when you want to be able to do it properly, yet can't.
  5. What's your role at boss 3? I have well over 300MS (usually 340-360 in raid) since the server move and can not cross the last wall. I have a more than capable PC and use NoPing/Exitlag (whichever is more stable on the day). We've had to accommodate for that and have me do a different role. As someone who had 260-300ms prior to the server move to well over 300 after the server move, I can tell you there is a BIG difference in that 50ms increase.
  6. Yes is the short answer. Whether or not they'll bring back the outfit YOU want, that's a 50/50. They usually end up in either Trove or RNG outfit boxes.
  7. Us 'Westerners' also have this issue. I live in Australia. We play on NA. This is also impacting us.
  8. If this doesn't get changed to in some way to make the game playable again for those of us with high latency, myself and many others will be leaving. This isn't an ultimatum. This is because we can't play the game.
  9. Leaving Blade and Soul after over two years of playing. 300MS. Can't play for $hit now. Goodbye, Blade and Soul.
  10. "To provide more transparency"?? Is this a joke? You decide to not follow the own rules that YOU POSTED and then be all "wE oNLy HaVe 5 oUt 11 FoR yOu GuYs To cHoOsE fRoM" This makes NO sense whatsoever. How can anyone possibly see that you would only be giving us 5 to choose from when you told us "There would be 11 Finalists"?? You know what's really sad, however? I'm actually not surprised this has happened.
  11. This is such a slap in the face. 15 keys to compensate trying for something and using 600 keys to do so? Yet you give the same compensation to those who paid for 49 NCoin/HMCoin for one key, as those who spent hundreds of dollars in trying to receive something that you promised? How is that okay? You could've at least made this percentage based, ie 5 keys for one key purchased, 20 keys for 50 keys purchased, 50 keys for 100 keys purchased etc, for those who paid quite a substantial amount of money for something you made an 'oopsy' over.
  12. I’m sorry but I don’t think this is okay. When people have bought hundreds and up into the thousands of keys, spent thousands of gold and you try and compensate them with 15 keys, the same as someone who bought one key?! How is that okay?! Compensation, absolutely. But make it percentage based.
  13. Was doing trove. Kicked me off. Is it just Yura or is it all servers? Edit: Am back on. NCSoft needs to stop scaring us like this.
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