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  1. Bottom line is NS is just too hard for most people to complete now. I tried to run it with a full HM 20+ party AND a lvl 30 player as the tank (only time I've seen lvl 30 tbh). Surprisingly the result was epic failure. And that was just the first boss! I categorize it as "impossible'.
  2. Now all of you know what it's like being a Warlock. 😆
  3. Personally I think people like the OP are just trying to make problems. They love to post exaggerations in hopes of discouraging players. I guess that's the lame kind of world we live in now.
  4. I'm sure NC Soft has plenty of good reasons why they run this game the way they do. All the complainers and quitters seem to think they have better games to occupy their time. If you really do have better games that are run the way you think is right, then go for it. Personally I enjoy this game and I trust the people that run it. No doubt they have to deal with problems that are far beyond my understanding. They are the professionals after all so I leave it to them. Sure, it's easy to criticize them and think you know better but, as players we see a much narrower view of what it actually take
  5. I'm feeling like I have been ripped off. I put a lot of time, money, and effort into getting all my gems to triangular gilded level. Especially money. Now they are giving them away for free? Not cool! Upgrading to square gilded is not worth the cost or the effort. I also don't like how all the people that exploited the Bamboo Village merchant now have massive amounts of power and the honest people that didn't exploit get nothing to even things out. This game is supposed to reward effort not laziness and/or dishonesty.
  6. I didn't "blame" my ISP to feel better as you suggest. They had to replace 400 feet of badly damaged co-ax cable. I know this sounds crazy but what was actually causing the unpredictable sporadic performance was due to many years of squirrels, rats, or who knows what chewing the insulation off of the cable exposing the internal wires. Apparently these types of critters tend to urinate as they move. The random urination was shorting out the signal to the woven sheath that supplies ground. Then it would evaporate and return to normal. This was only obvious after looking at the old cable after th
  7. I would be totally OK with that!
  8. It's hard to believe how many people exploited this situation. Some of us did the right thing. Some of us resisted the temptation. In my opinion anyone that took advantage of this, and then lost legitimately gained items, kinda deserves it.
  9. The first thing I did was check all that stuff. I haven't changed anything on my char for at least 4 months (when I hit HM 21). Just wanted to verify. Thanks.
  10. Did anybody else loose AP after the latest patch? I lost 17 points.
  11. I don't know about anybody else but I live on the west coast and I haven't noticed any difference while playing. I wasn't even aware that they moved the server until reading about it here. I don't use BnS Buddy either, never have needed to. Hard thing to figure out because it all makes no sense. On the subject of whales: From what I have read on this forum, I would think whales leaving is good, right?
  12. Ok, maybe I am lucky. Maybe I also spent 1 year complaining to my service provider until they actually sent someone to fix it. I just keep wondering if it bothers you that much then why don't you play one of the "decent" games? Personally I think Blade and Soul is pretty good game. I tend to trust that the people that created it have good reasons for everything they do(or don't do). They must be doing something right because I'm still playing it. Even if they make things harder to achieve I don't mind because when I finally do reach that goal I get a bigger sense of accomplishment.
  13. I think people complain way too much. If you don't like the game as much as you say then go play a different game. The problem is most of the other games out there are comparably horrible and/or boring (or charge a monthly fee). It may not be perfect but Blade and Soul is still a great game that in my opinion is the most fun to play for free. Every time I read these forums I see so many problems that I have not experienced for a long time. Been playing the NA server since the first day it opened and 90% of the time my game has run perfectly. The 10% it didn't was caused by a problem at my end.
  14. Just give every player 1000 each of the exploited items and 100k gold. That will equalize things again.
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