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  1. Every update is removing lines of "features" that help with performance, wouldn't it be better to block XML and remove GCD which make player to have a bad experience with skill delays? Why dont you put the game into the ability to compute first on my computer, and then my computer send it to the game server? Like other games... @Cyan
  2. Same problem here, im locked on sk after crash 5 times....
  3. @Cyan Gunner buffs coming in this patch?
  4. A Quick Update From Nico

    >2020 KR&CN UE4 >2021 RU UE4 >2022 NA UE4 >2023 EU UE4(same as weekly maintenance) GG boys
  5. Title, just a simple appeal, I don't want to waste my time explaining why this is bad.
  6. you really want to turn this into a total p2w?
  7. I was about to do this test, but I'm having trouble formatting for w7, anyone can tell me about fps, sttuter, etc? Ty.
  8. I found BnS Toilet XD

    I found first xD
  9. Solak accessories?

    bye bye pinacle
  10. Petition for a South American server

    É uma pena, que até hoje, nada... Mesmo com um post bem feito desses kkkk
  11. Integration with Discord

    Could any GM answer me if there is any possibility that you might implement this function together with the discord? https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001557452-Game-Invites-and-Detailed-Status?flash_digest=c7509c2a632b10cf061186e0110c6783c8bc9f6b
  12. Hi, Can anyone tell me why they are no longer being released in beluga lagoon? I've had the padlock for more than a week and I need to play to make the archivement. Ty.
  13. Daily Harvest Crate

    will be available from the 15th november
  14. DO NOT upgrade you items until DEC 6th

    PS: You have more useful information about this update?
  15. game will be sold?

    I do not know anything, but I think it would be even better, things are very slow in the hand of NCSOFT.