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  1. Outfits in f10

    Silversaberfang costume set and illusion weapon chest.
  2. Server Consolidation — May 1

    @Baskerville @Hime Since we are having a server consolidation, I just wanna know if there are any plans to release in-game names (non founders) who are not active for a long time.
  3. Thank you Also, I would like to thank you for posting these outfit screenshots. I didn't know that these outfits exist. I like cute stuff so I'll definitely buy them especially the Sanrio Sets if NCWest decides to release them. Bought another outfit on my wish list. Devotion ( Thanks again @Hime
  4. Naryu tablets

    I think farming peaches in Celestial Basin is one of the best way to farm Naryu Tablets. No RNG involved unlike dungeon boxes. 1 Naryu Tablet = 300 peaches (Check for your reference) or join the Forgekeeper Crafting Guild and just craft Naryu Tablets if you already have some gold and materials you don't mind using for crafting. (
  5. Bought the White Horse Mask Thank you Hime
  6. My Wishlist OUTFITS 01. White Horse Mask 02. Loverboy Sunglasses or Loverboy Outfit Set 03. Devotion 04. Secretkeeper Outfit Set 05. Ascending Cloud Uniform 06. Sacred Cow Set 07. Speakeasy Set 08. Freshman 09. Midnight Raid Set 10. Silver Saberfang Set 11. Lights Out Hair or Lights Out Set 12. Spa Day Set 13. Urban Legend Set 14. Summer School WEAPON SKINS 01. Junghado Illusion Weapon Skin 02. Wild Mirage Illusion Weapon Skin 03. Shock Caller Illusion Weapon Skin 04. Silver Saberfang Illusion Weapon Skin 05. Dreadtide Weapon in Dreadtide Arena or make a Dreadtide Illusion Weapon Skin or if possible just try to put/rotate all outfits, weapon skins, etc. in F10 rotation, daily specials and/or event rewards. Make them appear at least once a year. +1 to this suggestion
  7. The Dead Refused to Die , bugged rewards.

    Same thing happened to me. If you check the description, the mystic badge chest you get from the quest doesn't say that it is exclusive to your class that is why it gives a random badge. Just go to Blade & Soul Support and submit a ticket. Tell them you got the wrong mystic badge and provide some screenshots. They replaced mine with the right badge for my class.
  8. Achivemente

    Defeat the Grand Celestial Emperor at the Nightfall Sanctuary 10 times.
  9. Suggestion Soul cost reduce?

    no permanent cost reduction but you can reduce the cost of upgrading a soul by using a blossom nebula stone, iirc.
  10. Talus dungeon

    if im not mistaken, you can use special weapons there. try searching the corners of the room during boss fight.
  11. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    @Babbletr0n Goodluck Jonathan! Thank you for all the memories, both good and bad and for all the things you've done to help the BnS community. Hoping to see you again here in BnS NA/EU in the future. I'll definitely miss your character inventory during livestreams I WANT A JONATHAN LIEN PET!!! Make one for Jonathan please... @BnSTeam
  12. Spirit Veil

    Thanks for the update regarding Infinite Challenge! I'll farm it again and hope to get lucky this time around Hoping you guys get Spirit Veil soon
  13. Wings

    I'm aware that we can't use wings like silversaberfang wings, urban legend wings, etc. if we dont wear the right outfit for them here in NA/EU Region. Do you guys know if it is the same in KR/TW/JP/CN and other regions or can they wear the said wings using different outfits? TIA for your replies
  14. Spirit Veil

    I don't have a video or a screenshot the moment it popped out to prove it, but I just recently got it, 2 weeks ago more or less. What you are experiencing right now is the same thing I've experienced. I thought its gone/unfarmable since they remove the related quest for it if i'm not mistaken. The time I got it, its only the spirit veil and no healing tonic but same box. Maybe its drop rate is really low. I think the Infinite Challenge is the one that is no longer dropable. Before, when you do dreadtide arena, you get tags and when you kill Naksun there was a high chance to get dreadtide necklace and soulshields iirc, but now Naksun only drops tags.