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  1. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    @Babbletr0n Goodluck Jonathan! Thank you for all the memories, both good and bad and for all the things you've done to help the BnS community. Hoping to see you again here in BnS NA/EU in the future. I'll definitely miss your character inventory during livestreams I WANT A JONATHAN LIEN PET!!! Make one for Jonathan please... @BnSTeam
  2. Spirit Veil

    Thanks for the update regarding Infinite Challenge! I'll farm it again and hope to get lucky this time around Hoping you guys get Spirit Veil soon
  3. Wings

    I'm aware that we can't use wings like silversaberfang wings, urban legend wings, etc. if we dont wear the right outfit for them here in NA/EU Region. Do you guys know if it is the same in KR/TW/JP/CN and other regions or can they wear the said wings using different outfits? TIA for your replies
  4. Spirit Veil

    I don't have a video or a screenshot the moment it popped out to prove it, but I just recently got it, 2 weeks ago more or less. What you are experiencing right now is the same thing I've experienced. I thought its gone/unfarmable since they remove the related quest for it if i'm not mistaken. The time I got it, its only the spirit veil and no healing tonic but same box. Maybe its drop rate is really low. I think the Infinite Challenge is the one that is no longer dropable. Before, when you do dreadtide arena, you get tags and when you kill Naksun there was a high chance to get dreadtide necklace and soulshields iirc, but now Naksun only drops tags.