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  1. Merchant

    Can anyone help me by telling me the location of merchant sa garyung of valindria I would be very grateful as I cant find him/her
  2. nc coin

    Thank you, ive received it now but its nice to know this information
  3. nc coin

    Anyone else having issues with NC coins? I purchased some and haven't received them
  4. New launcher

    Does anyone know if the new launcher is working yet? im afraid to download it and lose the old launcher if it isnt fixed
  5. Achivemente

    Thank you
  6. Achivemente

    I was wondering what achievement is 'X marks the fought'. Would be much appreciated as I cant find it in U
  7. Daily dash

    Anyone else unable to use daily dash?
  8. Achivement

    Thank you
  9. Achivement

    Does anyone know what i have to do for dungeon and dragon achievement i cant find it
  10. Crashing

    Yes ive tried all that
  11. Crashing

    Yes i get a blue screen or a black screen
  12. Crashing

    3 times in a row just now...
  13. Crashing

    Im getting done with this game crashing my pc. Ive tried everything to stop it but no. No its not my pc crashing its the game crashing my pc because this is the only game that does this to my pc. Has anyone got any clue on how to stop this before i seriously stop playing conpleley.
  14. Lag

    Its no problem now, i figured it out its not laggy anymore i had to reinstall my drivers for the game
  15. Lag