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  1. Forum topic and notification page text says April 24th. Twitter post title, page title, page url says May 1st. FFS is there only one dev left on the integration team? Did you fire all but one front end dev? Please just read over what you write once before publishing.
  2. Did you just ninja edit your post, What a slap to the face. Instead of addressing the issue and admitting you made a mistake you go back and pretend like you did nothing wrong? Sorry we have screenshots and people remember what they read. At least say something about your "mistake" https://imgur.com/a/rCAEnm0
  3. Patch notes say stage 3 of the solo event dungeon gives 2 Legendary orbs. Game gives 1. edit: Also you refreshed all cooldowns on stage completion but forgot to refresh talisman.
  4. Thoughts: Why bother raiding now, bns is effectively another idle game. Hold rmb until you get enough gold to hold rmb in a higher tier "dungeon". or pay to skip the wait and go straight to the highest tier to hold rmb with more flashy lights.
  5. They made a point to differentiate between pig and golden pig so it's probably rng
  6. This finally got implemented, I just wanted to bump to say thanks to whoever passed this message along.
  7. "Reaching the Brilliant Fleeting Legacy Soul will require 26 Blossom Orbs along with gold for each evolution" Disregarding the stupid counting mistake. I do hope it's 26 Orbs for a crit soul but that wording is super confusing.
  8. Could we get some QA testing on event notes before they go live? Instead of changing them without any sort of announcements? The first time the event notes came out: 1) gems weren't even listed in the rewards 2) FAS and SJF rewards went from 2->3 3) cost of soul went from easily obtainable to not even possible* Currently the event page lists the cost of the crit soul to be 26 per stage and at five stages that's 130 Blossom Orbs. Event lasts 28days (4weeks) 3 Blossom Orbs a day for a possible 84 orbs 8 Blossom Orbs a week for a po
  9. I feel like this kind of attitude is exactly why we never get updates. I've scrolled by the forum a few times and practically every suggestion or feedback thread has you as the first responder things are fine the way they are, and there's no need to change anything. Then an admin comes along and just sees that one person posted a suggestion however an other users have said it's fine. Sometimes a lot of people want a QoL change but then again the most vocal minority tends to drown out all constructive feedback.
  10. Literally just tested this, had a box drop in the first hallway. Went to every room and sat there letting them all spawn in and hit me, then cleared the whole dungeon and went back. First box was still there. Did this on 3 chars.
  11. Please correct me if I'm wrong here but from what I've gathered, the blocklist is stored on our local machines, and is character based. In terms of file size I don't see an issue giving with a blocklist taking up a bit more space, it takes up kbs at the momet. Is there a specific reason I can't block the 51st "GM1" spammer? or block that annoying 51st F8 person that curses and can't spell? For the same reason, If I've blocked said spammer or asshat, I really don't want to see their stuff on another character. IMO blocking one "person" should let me bloc
  12. There's always supposed to be an imbalance between premium and non-premium; otherwise no one would buy premium. If the argument is that faster chi res gave an unfair imbalance; there is absolutely no content where someone suffers from the shorter rez timer, everyone benefitted. PvP: you press 4 when you die so it doesn't impact 6v6. 1v1 is one death. Tags you stay dead either way. Open world faction - pfft. PvE: less people needed to revive you means you're more likely to get revived and come back to contribute dps/mechs.
  13. Been a long time since they took this away but it was a nice QoL thing and someone said we're the only region that has a longer res timer? Will we ever get it back?
  14. Not sure if it's just my experience but there's no confirmation when an account signs up for the gift pack. The only way you know is a small loading circle and then if you click again it says you already signed up for the pack. I would suggest to add a small popup window to let people know they've signed up or redirect to a confirmation page.
  15. So we finally got the option to salvage whole tokens for fragments during the event; which was was something that people asked for about a week or two ago. Also noticed that any feedback we give tends to take a week or so (at least a patch cycle) to finally get through and implemented. Kind of makes the first week of any patch not worth the time, energy, or money to invest in as we're basically providing the testing and QA control feedback. My question is if NA has any power to implement changes directly or do they have to send everything back to KR for a
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