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  1. @Hime Can we please remove the character limit of 2 from the Thornwind Accessory Chests like we previously had. It makes no sense to have a limit especially when there is THREE accessories in the chest. My guess is it's an oversight and could we please get it fixed 😄
  2. KR can still use XMLs and they have been for the longest time. Don't just say things when you don't know what you're talking about.
  3. Do you have anything to actually add or are you just speaking to speak? I've played this game since 50 days, XML/client editing has been a thing throughout both Anti cheats, anti cheats don't stop those things and won't stop those things. XMLs are still being used in KR and they actually care about cheaters. They ban people and reset ladders if someone has cheated a ranking. I have proof of all of this, do you have proof of me being wrong on anything? If not, then stop blindly just thinking an anti cheat, that again will be bypassed in a couple days after it has been released, will actually do
  4. People really expect for an anti cheat to magically fix all these problems. Auto casting skills, botting, GCD, and client/XML editing will all still exist even with an anti-cheat. The only thing that wouldn't be able to be used would be cheat engine, but then again there's an extremely high chance that a bypass will publicly be available in the first couple of days. For any fellow 6s players that believe that an anti-cheat will somehow fix auto casting, you're wrong. KR which has an anti-cheat with a heartbeat is still able to use XMLs including auto cast. An anti-cheat would, like
  5. No no, it's wintrading, games don't pop until 7-8 PST usually, these games are 100% wintrades
  6. It's not working though. Sure in the short term there's some money coming in, but there is always money coming in. These upgrade paths will kill the game faster than it's already dying. As well as make people who were willing to spend a little here and there not want to spend because the upgrades are now RNG. They are going to lose more than they gain.
  7. Um how about no? The Unity level was just raised and there are plenty of people still in the mid to high 100. There is zero reason to up the unity level.
  8. I can understand how you can think like this, but let me explain why you're not 100% right. Lets say I spent the 20k that I said I could have spent, that's about $11 a day over 5 years. Is that a lot, I would say yes but also depends on who you talk to, some people spend way more than that a day on things daily but that's neither here nor there. I was also spending this much money because I enjoyed the game and wanted to support the company while also helping myself gear faster. I liked how our upgrade system worked and the fact it wasn't RNG like KR and how the game was going. I'm upset now t
  9. As a whale, who has easily spent somewhere between $10-20k over the years (Yes it's a big gap because I'm really not sure), can all this RNG upgrade and getting closer and closer to P2W stuff stop for the love of god? I don't know if it's KR that's tell you guys to do this because obviously they have the most power or if you guys are trying to kill off NA/EU more than it's already dying but this stuff has to stop if you guys want to keep a lively and happy player base. It's getting ridiculous at this point, and the game is already dying. This is going to kill your game faster, no you're not go
  10. Be careful when troving sometimes the 40/40 won't crit and you get screwed out of a crit @Hime
  11. There's one thing everyone is forgetting. NCSoft balances the game based on the Korean meta, NA/EU doesn't have their own balance team and they can't do much but follow what Korea says. We're not getting anything changed that will really fix our regions probably ever.
  12. Oh the changes I'm talking about were on September 1st and September 9th in KR. So that means they are in there just not on the patch list. That's great to hear honestly. Thank you for such a speedy reply!
  13. So I'm confused. In the patch notes KFM is missing a couple things that changed way before most of the Destroyer changes and yet they aren't there. Why is our Comet strike getting nerfed after it was reverted the next week in KR, where are the Fire KFM soulshield buffs, where are the wind PvP modifier buffs (this one I don't really care about cause who plays wind in PvP anymore), the searing dragon buff etc. If it's there and just not listed on the patch notes that's fine, but our comet strike nerf is there when it shouldn't be. Hopefully it's just some miscommunication
  14. You have no idea on what you're talking about. BM/Warden/Destroyer have been buffed to an insane degree due to nerfs with the 25% damage reduction nerf. BMs have insane defensive capability as well as can still one shot, Warden being one of the best classes to stall with pre nerf can now stall even better due to damage nerfs and 25% damage reduction giving people little chance to attempt to kill them, and Destros are pre patch were great at stalling and holding their own to begin with, not as strong as Wardens, but definitely up there. Now they can do that to even a bigger degree especially be
  15. It's like you didn't even read the original post. There's a 25% damage reduction debuff AS WELL as the PvP nerfs that came from the patch. We, as in NA/EU, got this debuff a while ago to try to help out 6v6 mode, now it's hurting a lot of classes because with the nerf and the damage reduction debuff, some classes are unkillable while others don't do any damage. Hope you actually understand it now.
  16. It really needs to be done. It's making 6v6 awful and the amount of damage some classes do compared to others is even worse than before.
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