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  1. @Hime With the release of UE4 the use of QoL Addons & Mods to optimise the game have become obsolete. Sure these programs brought a lot of QoL (Faster box opening, ability to rebind keys etc.) to the game but with it also came a lot of XML & Cheats that gave players an unfair advantage. A very clear example of this is the ChallengeMode Leaderboard in Thornwind caverns. It became a cheat gallore where people used anti-gravity, speedhack and jump XML to top the leaderboards and get rankings they normally couldn't achieve. Another example is people selling Thornwind Cavern Dungeons
  2. These 300 pets I talk about in my post where also F5 (Player Auctionhouse) bought. I'm glad to read I am not the only player running into this specific issue where they also removed legitimate pets & pet pods together with the exploited ones. Hopefully NCsoft/NCwest can have a further look at this (as I think this specific issue might've been overlooked) because the main focus was on restoring the outfits that customers paid real money for.
  3. @Hime In my case I bought 300 pets from the F5 playermarket for 10G each. This means I spend roughly 3K gold on pets. Because soulstone prices where insanely high I kept onto my pets in anticipation for soulstone prices to drop so I could upgrade my talisman in the near future. Do I understand you correctly that none of us is getting our pets bought off F5 back? So that means the exploiter gets away with the ingame gold (In my case 3K), while we get punished for buying the pets off F5? And do I understand correctly that on top of not getting our pets back, we're also not receiving t
  4. @Hime I've made a ticket about the loss of my legitmate obtained items: #23597340 Unfortunatly the GM involved with my ticket keeps closing the ticket as "Resolved" If we can't even rely on support to take our issues seriously while you "investigate the matter" then who do we turn too? Please tell support to stop closing our tickets untill there is a proper solution.
  5. @Hime Yasuhiro Yamamoto (IGN), Server: Jinsoyun (EU), Ticket Nr: #23597340
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